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Accidently sex with my aunty

I am Shrinath from bangalore.after reading others experince i want to share mine with u happened when i was 16 years and was studying 10th class. It so happened that once my aunt ; fathers sister sheela had come to our house because her hubby had gone for 3 months sap training to delhi .as thair industry had bought sap system . They were transferred to near by place to b’lore .in uncle absence my scary aunt wanted to spend days with us .we had our own flat which was purchased by my father in beginning of his career the land was not that costly. But he had built to his bkh house.but for us it was no problem because parents slept in bedroom and i occupied a small store room which could accommodate one cot table and couple of chairs.and little more place to move between cot and table. When aunt came to us there was no problem of accomodation as she occupied in hall. It was winter and climate was very cold but she could manage in the hall in night but afternoon nap she used my room as it was unoccupied at that hour .but the problem started when the climate worstened due to sudden cyclone the temperature fell drastically and mother advised her to sleep with me .the point was we never got along well as she was too disciplined and i was very lazy.i never kept room tidy which she never tollerated .but the situation was thus that it was impossible to avoid her neither i nor she cud sleep in the hall as it was too cold there.not only i was forced to share my room i had to even bed.i was not at all happy,but inevitably i had to accept and i did. It was not new to share my bed i had done it with my favorite aunts i ;s my moms sisters and elder sister of father as bed was of king size, and they used to love me as a kid but with sheela aunty it was different as we didn’t like each other at least i felt that way.first night she came and slept while i was studying by the time i was ready to bed she was asleep,next day by the time i completed studies and ready for bed she too came to room after watching cereals and slept when i was lying my elbow touched her , she looked at me , i felt as if she is glaring me and ready to shout at me . I simply slid to the side of the cot.aunty did not utter a word,and slept. Couple of nights passed un eventually, one night it was Saturday and no cereals she had gone to bed early , by the time i went to bed she had sprawled over the bed occupying most of the bed i had very lttle space left , some how i adjusted my self in the edge ,and slept. In the night in deep sleep i fell down from cot while changing the side with loud noise.
As i got up from the ground aunty opened her eyes and without saying anything she made some space and slept now i had some more space ,though i was angry and there was pain in my back and legs i had no choice but to lie down and i did same . Next night when i reached bed she was awake and slid little more to make some more room for me to sleep and now she spoke , yesterday i think u fell down from the cot do u roll much , i said yes and i had hardly any place left as u had sprawled over covering most of it. U should have told me to slide i would have done, i said u were asleep ,then u cud have rolled me as i did other day , i snarled for that i had to touch u which u don’t like , who said it see we are aunt and nephew not outsiders, i have been observing u don’t speek to me am i taking your privacy or u don’t want to share ur bed with others. No its not the case i have shared bed with all others perticularly vimala aunty she always prefers to sleep with me [ eldest sis of my mom] and they all love me , vimala aunty loves me so much she hugs me and some times she even sings lory also,she never even scolds me where as u beat me for hardly any reason , so when u don’t like me its defenitely embrassing for me to sleep with u. I let the volcano exit which i was waiting for an opportunity . She did not get angry and instead smiled and said u have mistaken me i never hated u but i was teaching mannerisms and discipline when ur hand touched me other night u only slid i had not said anything ,now be a good child And u can come near to me , i too have habbit of rolling in sleep even my hubby complains of pushing him or throwing arms or legs over him ,now be a sweet child and tollerate me and she pinched my cheek as she used to, now i felt affection, usually i took it for punishment , do u want me to sing lory for the good kid, she enquired with a smile . Now i was happy to learn that she does not hate me and i had mistaken her and i said not needed and slid towards her and while she had put a hand over my chest and touching my face with her long and slender fingers and i hesitantly put my hand over her tummy as i used to put on vimala aunty. Now while her one hand was over me and her another hand was holding my hand which was over her stomach she asked me beta r u ok now ,now i smiled at her she bid good night to me by kissing my forehead .now after almost a week i was comfortable and slept happily . The nights went fine without any problems. After this incident suddenly relation between us changed. Now i started liking her and she started to clean my room now my room was so nice that anyone cud like it.whenever i had problems with studies i took guidance from her and within a weeks time she became tutor and guie for allsorts of things .now whenever we were on cot till we caught sleep we used to speek on various matters from study to politics and sports , she was a brilliant person having done her p.g. With gold medals. She should be serving but for her hubbys top post as manager finance she had given up her job as lecturer. Now while lyeing on bed she usually put her hand on me and caressing my face and occasionally kissed my forehead or cheek and some times i used to kiss her cheek as gratitude of her help and guidence. Now vimala aunty had been my sore and on her way back she visited us.on forcing by all members she decided to stay back for couple of days.she had to share the same bed ,now the real thing started vimala aunty was ashtonished to see that sheela aunty had started liking me and showing lot of love and concern about me,vimala was jealous as she knew that peeviosly my shelf and sheela had no understanding.
Now both sisters took each side and hug me and talk more and more . When both were talking to each other they both turned to centre . Till now i had no bad feelings about any of my family members . Ofcourse i had no sex feelings at all though i knew about bees and birds and incest was out of question. But when they were speaking to each other keeping me in middle ther body was adhered to me almost compleatly and two pairs of boobs were pressing to my body , vimala was more careless about her dress in home but outside she was well dressed and well behaved ,but in house particularly in room she was totally negligiant as usual and was not new to me to see her cleavage .but now my age or pressing by both, some how the feeling started. Whenever both ladies balls were pressing me i had different feeling.vimala aunty found no difference in me she felt me still baby and innocently she hugged me and gave peck on cheek many times .now i felt her extra big and soft balls on my chest. When vimala returned, the previous life resumed but whenever i put my hand over sheela’s chest to caress her face which she never had any objection but she loved me as she had no issues. But my mind some time compared both sisters texture and softness of that tits.sheelas titties were more firm and much smaller than vimala,s . Even now i never had any intention of missusing the situation for the purpose of sex . Once it so happened that in middle of night i got up i had urge of pissing and when i returned i saw that aunt had taken most of space from my side , so i decided to pull her this side a little so that i can make some place the other side ,so i pulled her by holding her hand and shoulder , i was succesful to move her but one thing happened that while pulling her nighty’s buttons and little nighty also was torn off as it was old and worn out cotton nigty. I cud cross her to sleep while lying down i noticed her torn cloth Through which her milky color flesh was visible , now i slept . Again after some time my sleep was disturbed . When i opened my eyes i noticed that we were sleeping with our legs entangled aunty was perpedicular to me . The position was like scissor our waist was connected and she had raised her legs and my legs were under her legs .so many times we had slept that way but today when my eyes reached her bust the torn nighty was ajar and i cud see most part of one boob. I think at this point it is essential to describe my aunt. She is highly intellectual; height 5.5’ super white in color structure is 34b-29-36 ten years older than me. Really beautiful long fingers always nicely dressed mostly in sarees perfectly covering her body not at all exhibiting any of her parts , so on seeing her no one wudn’t lust at her but would respect her . She was talkative and would mingle with like minded people . Her milk jugs were perfect not sagging bit hard as i had compared hers with vimala aunty. She had no issues as she had some blockage in her fallopian tubes which i had learnt while mom was speaking to some aunt. I had never seen anybodys naked breast when i had glimpse of the boob i was curious to see more so i slightly lifted thewhatever part was covered .it felt nice to watch i wanted to sleep but my curiocity did stop me again i watched it some more time but it didn’t stop there i felt like touching it, but my second mind was telling not to do but first one won and i slowly put my hand on naked boob and there was no fear of getting caught as she is deep sleeping person small pushing and pulling wud never awake her like me. So i started feeling her tit squeezed a little and i wanted to see the other again i parted the cloth now i cud see both the parrots they were protruded from her chest though she was sleeping on her back 100% unaware of what i was doing i massaged both of them without putting more pressure on them . Then i felt that my raja had fully awaken and was standing like a machine gun and was straining in my undy when the pain of arresting was more i decided to free him to avoid pain and i did it.i cud feel the cool breeze on it and i it was bit comfortable when again my attention went to her milk jugs i again felt like touching both of them at once so i slowly rolled towards her and hold both of them and enjoing the bliss of touching the most wonderful thing in the now, now the most unexpected thing happened my lund was dashing wiry bush when i concentrated where it was touching o my god she is not wearing panty like she is not wearing bra . I had never thought i will be in such a situation once, but it felt nice . A slowly lined up my cock to her paradise involuntarily and i was playing with her beauties and her face neck while doing so coincidentally my rod was fitted to her entrance of the other world . Now i laid motionless thinking what to do now . But my evil part won decided to put some pressure ...

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