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Sleeping Cousin

The story began when Rosy came to our place for her vacations after her 10th exams. She was 2 years younger to me. At the age of 15 she had a perfect figure of 20 years o0ld women with 30 size firm boobs and a huge rounded ass which was the main asset of her beauty. At first I did not have any sexual intention towards her till that night which changed the relation between us. From then she has turned into a whore for me whom I used to fuck in regular interval. We have a two bedroom flat. My parents share one and the other one for me. So Rosy had to share the room with me. We were very friendly and used to gossip and watch television and visit together as my intermediate exam was over. We used to sleep on one bed side by side.

One night when I got up in the midnight for toilet I saw Rosy was sleeping deeply with her legs apart. She was snoring unware of the thing that her Scott had come up above her waist exposing her beautiful milky thighs. Suddenly a current circulated through my body after watching this erotic scene. I had watched many porn movies and read a lot porn books but never had seen the private organs of a matured girl. Devil started roaming in my mind and I could not resist. Decided to take advantage of the situation I put my hands on her thighs and started crawling them slowly. They were so soft that I started kissing them and bite them slowly so that Rosy did not wake up. She had a black panty put on her triangular area which I could see comfortably in the bed light.

Now I collected some more courage to insert my fingers inside her panty by lifting it from one side. I was touching her bushy pubic hairs and finally I reached the partition .without wasting any time I started rubbing that portion with my fingers. Still I did not get any response from Rosy which enhanced my thoughts. Now I dare to remove her panty so I put one hand below her hips and lifted a little and dragged her panty slowly. I succeed to remove her panty from her most private portion. I started smelling the vagina. Oh what an aroma was coming from that organ which can not be described in words if u have never smelt that. Now inserted one finger into her urinal hole and another into her birth hole and started to and fro motion. I could not know how Rosy did not respond or enjoying the action. My pre cums were started oozing from my erected cock which I hold in one hand and masturbating synchronously with my fingers.

After 2 minutes I cum fully and my semen were ejaculated onto her vagina. I took a deep breath removing my fingers which were already lubricated by the liquid of the vagina. I tasted them with great pleasure. Now I bent forward to watch weather Rosy was awake or not. When I put my face in front of her I could feel that she was breathing heavily with her boobs moving up and down. I put my hands above her boobs and started pressing them slowly. Now she moved a little from her position .so I removed my hands and moved a little away from her. And pretended to be sleeping. but I was shocked when she slides towards me and whispered in my ears that she liked what I did with her and asked me to continue with putting her hands on my bare chest and moved them randomly. I could not believe my luck and suddenly asked her to remove her top. She asked me to get her naked by my own hands and started untieing my towel.

I put on the lights to see her beauty and started removing her top and spagetti.she asked to switch off the light as she feel shy to be naked in front of me. But I told her to hide her face for sometime so that she would not feel shy and I also can watch the beauty clearly. She agreed. After getting her naked I started sucking her boobs madly. Her tits stood erect by the biting of my teeth. She started moaning with sounds like umh..ahh..Which aroused me.Her tits were really big with brown areola.boobs were so beautiful that I continued sucking them for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I asked her to open her eyes and look into mine. Then I kissed her face and then we locked our lips and exchanged deep kisses and stood and asked her to hold my tool and told her to shake it and take it into her mouth. she denied to swallow it saying u do pee so she is feeling nasty.

But I convinced her that it will taste like choc-bar and inserted in her mouth. I instructed her to suck it. But as she was doing it first time she bite my tool with her teeth which gave me pain as well as joy. Now I hold her head steadily and move my tool in and out. Now my tool was fully erect and ready for the final kill. I asked her to lie and put a cushion under her hips and made her legs apart exposing her reddish hole. I asked her to prepare herself to take my tool but she denied fearing of being pregnant. I convinced her to give her some abortion pills after the intercourse. Then I finger fucked her vagina for some more few moments. Her moaning was getting louder and she was shaking her hips also which indicated that she was Cuming.

So without wasting any time I tried pushing my tool which I felt a little harder as she was a pure virgin and her opening was too small. so only I could insert my glanspenis.she started crying with pain so I locked her lips with kisses and asked her to stay calm otherwise we will be caught. But she did not stop crying so I asked her to put a cloth inside her mouth to prevent the sound. She was in such a pain that pleading me not to fuck her. I was in no mood to leave so at last I gave a hard jerk and put my whole length inside her pussy. Tears were flowing from her eyes with each of my strokes. Then I stayed quite with my tool inside her hole and lied over her kissing her breasts. She hugged me tightly and biting my back with her nails whispering in my ears that she loves me very much.

Now I started again moving my dick. Now she was enjoying and asked to fuck hard. I increased my speed and getting excited with her moaning. Finally I cummed and loaded my semen inside her pussy and with a deep breath fall above her .she hugged me tightly kissing all over my face. Then she told me that she had seen my tool before and wanted to be fucked by me but never dare to tell me. So when today I started all this she asked to continue. We laughed and slept like that before morning. Then I dressed her in the morning and in the evening took her for dinner. This continued there after as long Rosy stayed at our place.

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