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My Grandfather

I am Swapna. I enjoy reading sex, but am not that good at writing, not even ever thought either. In fact, I have very exciting sex experiences since long. Seeing this sex story forum, where people writing their sex experiences, am also tempted to write my sex experiences and now am trying to write my very first sex with my grand father. Really surprising is n’t it ?… but it is true … I can never forget that first fuck with his huge monster cock, it was that memorable. But how it all happened ……….. ?

In my college days, once I happened to see the practical sex of my relative with their maiden, I could see their naked body but not the real gentles as they laid down in direct sex pose. Since then my mind stated thinking towards sex. One my close friend, Anitha, used to talk sex with me, although in the beginning I avoided, but after seeing that practical sex I showed some interest in talking sex with her, she felt very happy with that change me. We used to share whatever we see, listen related to sex, also, we used to stare at sexy bodies of both men and women and have fun with the sizes of their sensitive parts like boobs, buttocks etc, which gets reflected in tightly weared dress.

Slowly, we started enjoying our sexual parts by pressing and licking each other’s - we moved our sex fantasy further in different ways : enjoying sex pics, watching blue films, exposing our necked to each other in different poses, licking our pussies in 69, and inserting banana and brinjal, carrot in our pussies. Anitha said her elder brother and his wife (sister-in-law) watch sex pics and blue films at night, and she manages to show me also all that stuff when we were alone. This way my body stared responding to my sexual desires, and badly wanting for practical sex with a male.

During long vacation we all family members go to our hometown, it is a village, where my grandfather and his wife stays there. My grandfather loves me very much, as u know the grand parents loves kids, it was that sort. My this present context is when I grown up… You know, in villages men usually take bath at wells (kuvan, bhaavi). After having exposed to sex, as I said above, I used to watch their sexual parts, which get exposed upon wet, my sexual desire might be the reason for it. The elders always take that kind of bath easily and never bother if anyone is watching them, and they think that we all are kids. I even enjoy watching ladies sexual parts, as I stay very close to them. First time I really got very much excited when I say my grand father’s manly body (a good physique) while he is taking bath at well, his wide waist, wide chest with full of hair... At that time I felt guilty watching directly standing in front of him, so I stood behind the nearby door, not noticeable to anyone. After his bath he started drying his wet body with a towel and I could see all his sexual parts. My god, so thick and long cock with very big and tightly rounded balls… as he dressed up I just pushed off from there, but I could not forget his thick and long hanging manly rod. At that time I felt like taking in my mouth (as I saw in blue films) and rub over my cunt and insert in it. At the end of vacation we came back to our working place.

My grandfather and his wife came to our house to attend a function, after the function day, they stayed for few more days and his wife left to village. Whenever I look at my grandfather, his bathing scene and his gentles come to my mind and I feel embraced and started hiding myself from him.

One day, after my parents left for their job in the morning, I locked my room and watching sex pics. Grand father was still sleeping. After sometime I listened the knock on the door, and I opened it throwing the sex book in hurray. My grandfather came to my room and started chit chat… He asked me to prepare coffee for him. When I came back with coffee, I saw the sex book in his hands. I felt like fainted, I was trembling…I did not look at him, I put the cup on the table and said I have to go to vegetable market and came out of the room as if I did not notice the book in his hand.

When I came out of my room my grandfather rushed to me and asked me to come inside the room. He showed me the sex book and asked me if it was mine with some seriousness. As I felt helpless to my guilty, I pleaded him not to tell this matter to my parents, and said that I will throw it away and I will not see such books again. But surprisingly I saw a smile on his face. He sat on my bed and pulled me close to him and said, see I also use to enjoy these sex pics and stories, and also some other sex activities in my days, and I can understand all these your activities so don’t worry. After hearing his words a felt relaxed from my hyper tension and expressed my happiness for his action.

He embarrassed me and started feeling all my body touching all my parts. Since I was at guilt at that time, I kept quite, also I felt he is doing it as elders do to express their love to kids. Holding me close to him with one hand, he took the sex book on the table and watching the sex pics he started commenting the pics : see how sexy r these boobs, these thighs …etc… But hesitantly I tried to come out of his grip, but I failed the way he was holding me. I could not believe the way he was enjoying the pics. He is not at all feeling anything to show me the pics, and I noticed he is talking very freely as if he is my friend of my age group. Why you like to go away ? feeling shy or afraid of me ? … don’t worry common, after a long time am seeing these pics, let me enjoy for some time, he said.

As I told you, I liked his manly body and moreover his long thick cock picture is in my mind I am getting excited with his sexy touch, and also felt to be in touch with his body, and just kept quite, but really feeling very shy. I felt some strong rod like thing touching my thigh. I noticed his cock is getting erected. To my surprise, even at his age he is having that sexual will and power, and it made clear to me that he is so sexy and surely he enjoyed sex like anything at his times.

With sexy looks he asked me which of these pics is the best ?.. I felt very shy I had to tell something so I showed one pic in the book. He appreciated my choice and said sexily that see you are also having this kind of sexy figure. I really felt very shy and tried to ran away thinking that something might happen. But he did not allow me to go, and to be honest I even was not keen to go as I was feeling very sexy with his touch and I have some sexy feeling for him as said above.

Very sexily he pulled me towards him, embraced me and said see no one is here, why don’t we enjoy for some time ?. My body was getting hot with his sexy looks and words, but also feeling some kind of fear. My conscious did not allow me to say that I am feeling sexy and want to do something. But I turned back and asked him with a fear that what kind of enjoyment ? I want to see your nude, so just get nude and show off your nude in different poses. I sit far off from you and I promise I will not touch you, he said. I really felt very bad for sometime for what he is asking, but I know I like it very much, and I like to do it for him watching his naked again, as I thought for some opportunity seeing his naked again.

Of course, my self and my friend Anita enjoy exposing our nude to each other, I know I like it and I enjoy it, but here the case is different. My hot body urging for that kind of enjoyment, but my conscious is pulling me back, I was not able to make up my mind. Felling shy ? he said, see we both have seen the sex pics, you liked it, that means I can say that you like all these enjoyments, but I can understand your feelings to show off your nude. Why are you suppressing your sexy feelings ? you can be free and talk openly with your grandfather, you need not think any thing because as I told you am open to all such enjoyments. If you like, I will also do same for you, he said with a smile. To be honest, I really felt thrilled listening his words, as I also like to see his manly body and thick massive cock again. I thought a while, he is not asking for sex, he is just asking to show my nude which I also like anyway – so finally I had to listen to my body and my grandfathers words and I simply nodded and gave my consent to show off my nude for him as I also have sexy feelings for him.

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