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sex story: the mother of an exciting Raharjo

Bu Harjono age is not really young anymore. Perhaps 50 years ahead. Because her husband, Mr. Chairman Harjono the RT in my village, soon to retire. I know that because of my relationship with my family Harjono close enough. Understandably as I am younger staff Harjono often asked to assist the various matters relating to the activities of RT.

But unlike her husband who often sickly, the figure of his wife childless woman who is now living outside Java, following her husband's job, much the opposite. Although he was almost into the head of five, Mrs. Har (so often I and other residents called) as a woman has not lost its allure. Indeed some of the wrinkles begin to appear on his face. But her breasts, hips and buttocks, it was still inviting charm. I can say this because the latter involved a long affair with a big tall woman was.

The story begins when a sudden Harjono serious illness. He was hospitalized in a coma and even days to be in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of a government hospital in my town. Because he has no other family members while his only daughter were outside Java, I asked Mrs. Har to help with her during her husband was in hospital undergoing treatment. And I could not refuse because it is still unemployed after graduating high school a year ago.

"Our fathers in the neighborhood Rido RT memita Mas family would fully support the current Harjono calamity strikes. Especially to assist and accompany Mrs. Har during in hospital. Would Mas Rido, "So said some members of the fathers social gathering to me when looking to the hospital. Even Mr. Nandang, a philanthropist known citizen secretly slipped money USD 100 thousand in my pocket that he said to buy cigarettes in order not to trouble Mrs. Har. And I could not refuse because it was Mrs. Har himself has asked me to accompany him.

The first days of Mrs. Har accompanying her husband in the hospital caring for me were kept busy. Pacing should redeem or buy a variety of drugs other purposes required. even saw the woman did not get a shower and very tired. Perhaps because her husband never strain recovered from her coma conditions. According to the examining physician, the condition is worsening Harjono allegedly due to acute inflammatory disease that affects the stomach. So due to complications with the disease who diabetis long diidapnya, body resistance becomes weaker.

Recognizing these illnesses, the doctor said the healing process may take a long time, many times I asked Mrs. Har to be patient. "Now mother, mother to go home to shower or rest. It's been two days I did not get to see mom shower. Let me here waiting Mr. Har, "I said soothingly.

My suggestion apparently hit and received. So that afternoon, when a group of friends from his teaching at a junior visiting (oh yes ma'am Har profession as a teacher was Mr. Har employee of a governmental agency), he asked the pembesuk to stay with her husband. "I want to go home briefly to shower boy Rido delivered. For two days I did not get a shower, "he told his colleagues.

With a motorcycle that belonged to Mr. Har deliberately taken to facilitate me everywhere when asked for help by the family, I give a lift home Mrs. Har. But the trip had rustled my chest. Because of the motor braked because almost hit kukendarai pedicab, a woman's body rejected kubonceng forward. Consequently in addition to my thighs clutched the hands of Mrs. Har terkaget result of unforeseen events that, my back was crushed soft objects. Caught sight of her breasts which I believe is quite large in size.

Ah, thought so from wild nakalku. While concentrating on a motorcycle who kukendarai, my mind wandering and imagining mengkira about how much a woman's breasts are memboncengku. Dirty thoughts should not arise since her husband was a man respected as the Chairman of RT in the village. Nyeleneh thoughts that arise, perhaps because I was already not a virgin anymore. I had sex with a WTS though only one time. This was done with some high school friends while after the announcement of the EBTANAS.

After seeing Mrs. Har to his house which is about 100 meters from my house, I took leave home to take gloves and clothes to change. "Do not be long Rido son, just a minute mother bathrobe. Anyway sorry for my friends mother who waited at the hospital, "he said.

And as he had ordered, I immediately returned to the house of Mr. Har after taking gloves and clothes. Straight into the room in the house Sir Har. Apparently, at the dinner table has available a glass of hot coffee and a few pieces of cake on a small plate. And knowing I was coming, Mrs. Har voice told me to enjoy the food provided. "Sorry son Rido, the mother was bathing. Completed soon, "her voice sounded from the bathroom in the back.

Not too long to wait, he came out of the bathroom and went straight to his room past the dining room where I drink coffee and eat cake. At that time he just wrapped a size not too big to cover his body wet. Could not help, though cursory, I got treated to a thrilling sight. Imagine, for bath towels not big enough and wide, it is not perfect enough to be able to cover her nakedness.

Ah .. right as expected, Mrs. Har breasts are large. Even looks almost rebelling out of the towels that melilitnya. Mrs. Har sekuatnya entanglement seems to bind the dikenakanannya towel right in the chest. While at the bottom, because the towels are only able to close just below the groin, her long legs to the base could pull my face. Even when he was about to go into her room, visible from the back of his ass peek fruit. Big ass rocked and very inviting as he walked. And ah, .. is not less exciting, he was not wearing panties.

Talk the size of her breasts, may be necessary to wrap bra size 38 or more. As a woman who has aged, her waist is not as thin as a teenage girl. But the growing hip to butt dimple looks charming and unsightly. Moreover, the grasshopper legs with her smooth white thighs that, it still had magnets. Then my heart became increasingly tight encouraged to see beautiful parts of Mrs. Har. Unfortunately only briefly, so I thought.

But it was not. Opportunity back again. Have not lost my heart throb, he came back out of the room and still have not replaced the towel with clothing. I regardless of who was sat in, he walked over to a cupboard near where I sat. There he took some of the items needed. Even the few times he had to bow because of the difficulty of the search items (like he did this intentionally).

Could not help, again I was treated to a spectacle that is not less exciting. In a short distance away, as he bent, a pair of smooth apparent Bu Har thigh to the base. Perfect thighs, smooth white and looks still firm. And when he bent down for a long, big butt face to my target. Privates also looks a little peered groin. My feelings became karuan and my body felt hot and cold made.

Is Mrs. Har think I'm still young inexperienced? Until he does not feel awkward in front of me dressed seronok? Or he thought he was too old to think that his body parts are no longer invited passion of a man let alone a young man like me? Or even that he deliberately flaunt my passion provoked? The questions seemed raging in my heart. Continues even when we returned to the hospital berboncengan.

And certainly, since then my attention to Mrs. Har changed. I became used surreptitiously view to scrutinize her body parts which I presume is still fantastic. Especially after a bath and change clothes, I noticed he was wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts tight as if to print the body. Become increasingly burning passion though remains deeply kupendam. And other changes, I am often invited to talk about anything besides work was always spry he needed any help. Until we become closer relations from time to time.

Until one night, entered the fifth day we were at the hospital, when it rains continued flushed from the late afternoon. So the people who stay with patients treated in the ICU, since the evening has mengkapling-lot outside the building terrace ICU. Understandably, the night watchman could not enter the inside of the ICU. And patients usually utilize existing porch to lie down or sit down to chat. And that night, because of the pouring rain, the land narrows to sleep so because in some parts of tempias by rain. While I and Mrs. Har new look for lots after dinner in the cafeteria, a missed spot.

After a long search, I finally proposed to hold the mats and carpet near the morgue building. I suggested it because it is still quite close to the ICU and that was the only place that allows for the shade is quite dark though because there are no lights there. Mrs. Har initially refused, because of its position near the morgue. But he finally gave up after learning there was no place else, and I expressed readiness to guard all night.

"Promise Rid (after Mrs. Har familiar enough not add a detail call girl in front of my nickname), you have to wake the mother if you want to pee or buy cigarettes. Because the mother was afraid to be left alone, "he said.
"Well, my cigarette supply more than enough kok bu. So do not need anywhere else, "I replied.
Convenient plot also was occupied by the morgue. Get rid of people coming and going to rest until cool enough. And despite the dark without light, could be free from rain splash because where we spread the mat and carpet protected by a wall about two feet tall. As I lie a little closer because of the limited space available, Mrs. Har me talk about many things. From about longing to Goddess, her son could come home only once a year during Lebaran up to about illness Harjono. According to Mrs. Har diabetis disease since her husband had suffered eight years ago. And because the disease is inflammatory disease of the stomach that comes later became difficult to cure.

"He said diabetes can make male impotence so yes ma'am?"
"Says who, Rid?"
"Uh, .. anu, says an article in a newspaper, "I said somewhat haltingly.
I feel bad comments against such illnesses husband Mrs. Har.
"Apparently you like to read it. Really it was, so diabetes in addition to the virus tortured husband who was also influential in his wife. Lucky old mother, "she said softly.
Feel uncomfortable conversation topic that can evoke sadness Mrs. Har, finally I chose silence. And I was lying in a supine position, after a discarded cigarette kuhisap, changing sleeping position back to the woman. Because touch despite very pleased with the woman's body, I do not want to be rude. Because I do not know exactly the way the mind actually Mrs. Har. But recently I changed my sleeping position, Mrs. Har hand feels pinch my waist.

"Did you do back then. Facing here, the mother was afraid, "he said softly.
I went back to its original position, sleeping on his back. But since Mrs. Har sleeping position too close, then when turning the position of my arm accidentally brushed against her breasts. It has not touched directly because he was wearing a robe and blanket covering her body. Unfortunately, Mrs. Har rather than away or relaxes the body, but even more pressed herself against me. Like a frightened child during sleep and looking at his mother's sense of security.

Finally, with courage that forced - because I'm sure when it was Mrs. Har soundly asleep yet - I started to experiment. As he wanted, I changed back to side sleeping position to deal with. Be a part of my body ...
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