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Ninja Blade (Mission 5) Walkthrough (PC)

1. Prior to starting the mission,
upgrade the Stonerender
2. The level begins with a fight
against the Blast Mite. Stand in
the corner and get ready to
3. As soon as it starts moving
towards you, jump and dash
forward to the front right side
of the room, then keep circling
around the room until it stops
4. Get out your Stonerender and
hack away at the Blast Mite.
You'll see its armor chipping
5. When the enemy starts
bouncing again, run away, and
dash in a circle around the
outside edges of the room to
avoid it.
6. When it stops moving, attack
with the Stonerender. You'll
have to dodge the rolling
attack again, then you should
be able to defeat it during your
next round of attacks.
7. During the Quick Time Event,
press X, Y to attack the Blast
Mite. When it rolls up and
turns red, press Down, A and
8. You're now falling down the
building. Avoid the planks by
moving left and right.
9. Arm your blade. As you meet
each enemy in the air, press X
a few times to defeat them. Try
to fight as many as you can to
get health boosts.
10. When you reach the Quick
Time Event at the bottom,
press A to use your wire and A
to land.
11. HEALTH PIECE: Immediately
to your right, there's a set of
metal crates. Use the
Stonerender to break them and
you'll find the Health Piece on
the right side.
12. Arm your Cyclone Shuriken
before moving forward.
13. Now, head towards the other
end of the room and go to the
cracked wall on the right side.
As soon as you see the crates
shatter, tap B. This will instantly
kill the invisible flying carriers
that would have otherwise
created a nuisance.
14. Break the wall and go into the
next room.
15. To get across, toss a flame
shuriken at the ledge across
the way or knock the mini
mites off the edge in that
direction to reveal a grapple
16. Quickly, use Ninja Vision to
spot the giant plant and hit it
with a Flame Shuriken.
17. Defeat the two carriers with
your Stonerender, then break
the wall on the left side of the
18. At the next cliff wall, use Flame
Shuriken to reveal a grapple
point, then switch to your twin
blades. Before swinging over,
stun the enemies on the other
side with Lightning Shuriken.
Finish them off once you're
safely across.
19. Try to get past the
pandemonium in the next
room. Wait until the pools
ahead aren't electrified, then
run forward and grapple to the
next ledge.
20. Kill the enemies up here with
the Stonerender, then keep
21. The eggs ahead have health
inside. Take what you need, but
don't waste much time.
22. You'll see a big shadow on the
ground in the middle of the
next room. This is the first Blast
Mite. Hit it with the
Stonerender to make it appear.
23. Use the same strategy to kill
this enemy as you did the last
Blast Mite. Don't worry about
the flames; just attack it until
its energy is depleted.
24. Press A to start the Todome,
then press X, X, Y, X and Y.
25. Head through the opening that
the enemy created. Arm your
blade along the way.
26. The enemy ahead has some
brutal claws. Hold LT to block
his attack, then counter. If you
get caught on its claw, jiggle
the left thumbstick to escape.
27. Go into the next hallway and
arm your Thunder Shuriken.
Stun the enemies on the other
side of the gap, then wallrun
across. Use your sword to clear
out the carriers here.
28. Wallrun across the next gap,
jumping partway to the other
side. Take out the enemies with
your blade, then wallrun up to
the next level.
29. Defeat the two enemies here
with your blade. Go around the
corner and swing on the poles
to the next platform.
30. Before jumping down to the
next level, note where the
enemies are located, then
stand back where they can't hit
you. Arc a Flame Shuriken over
the edge to kill them, then use
the pole to drop down.
31. CHI PIECE: On your right,
there's a cracked wall. Before
breaking it, arm your Cyclone
Shuriken and tap B to knock
the invisible flying creatures
out of the sky. Kill them, then
break the wall. The piece is in
one of the eggs on your right.
32. Wallrun from the right wall, to
the left, then back to the right
again. Head along the path
until you drop down to the
next level.
33. Ahead, use Ninja Vision to spot
the giant plant and kill it with
Flame Shuriken.
34. Now, use your Stonerender to
defeat the two Mini Mites; hit
each one twice, then retreat to
avoid the explosion.
35. HEALTH PIECE: When you're
facing the side of the room
that has the broken subway car
on the right, look to the left
corner. A stack of barrels
contains the health piece.
36. Go into the passageway
formed by the broken train car
and use your twin knives to kill
the bats.
37. At the end of the path, use
Flame Shuriken to kill the giant
plant, then grapple across.
38. Go through the next rain car
and torch the plant in the next
clearing. Kill the two Mini Mites
with your Stonerender before
moving on.
39. There are more bats in the next
car. Kill them with the mini
knives, then keep moving until
you reach the rocky tunnel.
40. CHI PIECE: In the next room,
turn right instead of facing the
leaking steam. Break the crates,
then torch the ledge ahead to
reveal a grapple. Swing to the
third platform and break the
barrels there for the Chi Piece.
41. Use the pole to drop to the
next platform, but don't turn
right into the caves just yet.
42. Instead, turn left and jump to
the first pole, and leap to the
next one just as the steam
43. Around the corner, you'll face
two carriers with shields. Use
your Stonerender.
44. Further ahead, two enemies
with claws will come from the
crates on your right. Use the
Stonerender to kill them, but
beware of invisible creatures in
the sky. Use your Cyclone
Shuriken to knock them down,
then finish them off.
45. OUTFIT: Where the clawed
enemies came from, break the
rest of the crates to reveal a
cracked wall on your right.
Break through here and use
the twin blades to kill the bats
and open the eggs. Towards
the back, the left side, there's a
second breakable wall that you
can spot with Ninja Vision.
Break it open and crack the
egg to get the "Camouflage"
46. SHINOBI MOJI: Exit the room
and turn right. Go to the edge
and hold RT as you jump
across the gap. Break the
barrels here to get the Moji.
47. Keep moving in this direction
and climb the wall ahead. Turn
around to face the side wall
that goes back the you came.
Start running just after the
steam appears from the wall.
Keep going back the way you
came to the cave you passed
48. EMBLEM: When you reach the
next room, go to the far right
corner. There's a barrel hidden
in the dark that you can see
with Ninja Vision. Break it open
to get the Stonerender Sword
49. Now, move ahead and Grapple
to the next platform. Use a
Cyclone Shuriken to knock
down the Blast Mite above.
50. Use the same strategy that
worked against previous Blast
Mites. Dash around the area to
avoid its attacks, then dash in
and use the Stonerender.
51. Once its energy is depleted,
press A to start a Todome,
then press X, Y, X, X, Y.
52. A train will appear in the next
cutscene. Press Up to dodge,
then Right, A and Y.
53. Knock one of the exploding
carriers across the way to
reveal a grapple point, or use
Flame Shuriken. Swing across
and kill the enemies with your
54. Move up the path on your left.
Break through the wall.
55. Watch out for the Mini Mites in
the first and third cocoons as
you move through the curved
hallway. Hit them with the
Stonerender, then run when
they start to glow to avoid their
56. In the big tunnel, use your
Ninja Vision to spot the enemy,
then strike it. Press Up, then A
during the Quick Time Event.
57. You now have to defeat the
Stalker Larva. Get behind the
small, exploding mites and use
unaimed Cyclone Shuriken to
knock them back at the Larva.
58. When the Larva lays its head
on the ground, approach it and
strike directly from the front,
between its pincers, with your
59. When the tornado of rocks
appears, run to either side to
avoid the stones that fly out.
Then, knock more exploding
carriers at the Larva -- if you
can hit them slightly to the side
of the tornado, they'll roll into
the boss and cause more
60. Next, you'll have to fight a trio
of Mini Mites. Hit them twice
each with the Stonerender,
then retreat to avoid their
explosions. Do this quickly to
continue the boss's attack
61. Keep dodging attacks and
knocking exploding carriers at
the larva. If flames appear, tap
B with Cyclone Shuriken
equipped to douse them.
62. When the enemy's energy is
depleted, approach it and press
A to start the Todome,
launching a fairly lengthy Quick
Time Event.
63. Press Y, X, Up, A, A and B.
64. Then, press B, Left, A, A, Up,
A, Up and Y.
65. It's not over yet. You need to
drive the Stalker Larva into the
corner of the room before time
runs out.
66. Dash towards the boss. When it
spits flaming rocks, jump at the
very last moment to get over
them -- they tend to appear
closer than they actual are.
67. Get up close and use the
Stonerender to hit the Larva
several times. This will knock it

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