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Assassins Creed 2 Walkthrough (PC)

Set in 2012, the player controls Desmond Miles who has escaped
from Abstergo Industries with fellow employee, Lucy Stillman.
Desmond was initially forced to enter "the Animus," a machine
that helps him to relive the genetic memories of his ancestor
Altaïr ibn La-Ahad. After escaping, Desmond enters a more
advanced version of the machine to relive additional memories
of another ancestor, the nobleman Ezio Auditore da Firenze,
who lived during the Renaissance period of late fifteenth century
During the reliving of Desmond's genetic memories, the player
controls Ezio, who becomes an Assassin after his father and
brothers are murdered by a traitor to the Auditore family. While
controlling Ezio, the player is able to explore game renditions of
Italian cities, regions and landmarks in open world gameplay.
Additional skills available in this release are the ability to swim
and eagle vision, which allows the player to identify landmarks
and specific people. Leonardo da Vinci is an aquaintance of Ezio
and assists him by creating new weapons from codex pages
that Altair left for future assassins. The player also has the
opportunity to play with Leonardo's flying machine, based on
the original plans designed by da Vinci.
Assassin's Creed 2 Walkthrough Introduction
1. Follow Lucy to the Animus.
2. Have a seat inside to trigger a cutscene.
3. Press the buttons as directed to make Ezio kick and
4. Wait for Lucy to pull you out and direct you to chase her.
5. Hold the run button and follow Lucy through the
6. Let Lucy take care of the enemies.
7. Keep running until you get to the room with the narrow
cubicle walkways.
8. Continue to follow closely behind Lucy.
9. Stop as soon as Lucy stops.
10. Use your eagle vision to get through the locked door.
11. Find yourself in a garage full of guards.
12. Press the punch button to take out the guards one at a
13. Clear the area to trigger a cutscene that leads you to
Lucy's secret hideout.
14. Follow Lucy upstairs to a room.
15. Speak with each of the characters in the room.
16. Explore the remainder of the compound slowly.
17. When you are finished, walk up to the Animus and sit
down to begin the first mission.

Mission 1: Boys Will Be Boys
1. As enemies approach, lock onto them to put up your
guard and block attacks.
2. To counter attack, hold up your guard and press the
attack button.
3. Take care of the first group to trigger the arrival of the
4. Continue to use the same strategy until a cutscene
5. Loot the unconscious bodies for money.
6. Once you have collected 200 florins, the mission ends.
Mission 2: You Should See the Other Guy
1. Talk to Federico.
2. Lock onto him while holding the two free-run buttons to
chase him to the doctor.
3. Approach the doctor wearing the odd mask.
4. Give him the 200 florins to patch you up.
Mission 3: Sibling Rivalry
1. Accept Federico's challenge to a race to the top of the
2. Run up the face of the building.
3. Get to the white wisp finish line before Federico to end the
Mission 4: Nightcap
1. Walk to the glowing view point at the top of the tower.
2. Synchronize it to complete part of the map.
3. Take a leap of faith from the tower into the haystack to
trigger a cutscene.
4. Jump from the pile of hay.
5. Follow the target on your map to Cristina's window.
6. Watch for guards indicated by red dots on the radar and
red arrows in the game.
7. Avoid them.
8. Proceed to the base of Cristina's window.
9. Climb up to trigger a cutscene.
10. Run from the guards until the radar stops glowing red.
11. Locate a hiding spot indicated in blue on your radar to
end the mission.
Mission 5: Paperboy
1. Find the exclamation point on your map to locate Ezio's
father, Giovanni.
2. Agree to deliver the letter for him to trigger the
appearance of a new radar target.
3. Run towards the target.
4. Keep an eye on the ever watchful guards.
5. TIP: Traveling on the rooftops will eliminate the need to
worry about the guards.
6. Keep following the target to the man on street level.
7. Approach the man indicated to trigger a cutscene.
8. Follow your new order to return to GIovanni once the
cutscene is finished.
9. Run back along the rooftops to avoid being detected.
10. Return to Giovanni's residence.
11. Find the door highlighted in white.
12. Open the door to end the mission.
Mission 6: Beat A Cheat
1. Locate Claudia.
2. Speak with her for your next assignment: Claudia wants
you to teach a lesson to her unfaithful boyfriend Duccio,
the cheat, and provides you with his location.
3. Proceed across town.
4. Approach Duccio's location to trigger a short cutscene.
5. To take him out quickly, grab Duccio and throw him to
the ground.
6. Begin kicking while he is on the ground.
7. After he has been beaten for a while, Duccio will run
away and end the mission.
Mission 7: Petruccio's Secret
1. Locate Petruccio and talk to him to get this next mission:
to gather three feathers for him.
2. NOTE: Each of the three feather locations is indicated on
your map.
3. TIP: There is a limited amount of time allowed to
complete this mission successfully.
4. Locate the nearest feather map marker.
5. TIP: All three feathers are located on rooftops.
6. Climb up to the nearest rooftop.
7. Run to the first feather across the rooftops.
8. Once you have gathered the first feather, collect the
second and third in the same fashion.
9. After you have picked up the third feather, the timer
10. Make your way to Petruccio's door, indicated on the map
as soon as you have gathered the third feather.
11. Knock on the door to end the mission.
Mission 8: Friend of a Friend
1. Locate Maria, Ezio's mother.
2. Follow her for an errand.
3. NOTE: Be patient. Maria moves slowly. Lock on to her so
that you do not lose her in the crowd.
4. Once she arrives at Leonardo Da Vinci's location, a
cutscene is triggered.
5. As soon as the cutscene ends, pick up the small chest on
the ground.
6. Lead Leonardo and Maria to the target that is now
displaying on your map.
7. Once you reach the target, drop the chest in the swirling
light to end the mission.
Mission 9: Special Delivery
1. Locate Giovanni for your next few missions.
2. First accept a series of letter deliveries.
3. Locate the locations of the two deliveries on the map.
4. Run to each location.
5. Enter the light wisps to deliver each letter.
6. Each delivery will trigger a story line cutscene.
7. NOTE: The final task in the mission involves collecting a
carrier pigeon for Giovanni.
8. Once the letters are delivered, the rooftop location of the
carrier pigeon co-op will display on the map.
9. Climb to the rooftops.
10. Make your way to the carrier pigeon co-op.
11. Enter the light to complette the task and end the mission.
Mission 10: Jailbird
1. Return to Giovanni's residence.
2. Knock on the door to trigger a cutscene.
3. NOTE: Through the cutscene you learn that Giovanni has
been incarcerated. Ezio decides to visit his father in jail.
4. Proceed towards the indicated map marker.
5. TIP: Be wary as you approach the jail. Guards are
plentiful in the area and are on the lookout for you.
6. Approach the jail from the rooftops to its south.
7. Take out any archers by throwing them from the top of
the jail.
8. Continue to climb to the highest tower, Giovanni's
9. Make your way to the white wisp of light to trigger a
10. Talk to Giovanni.
11. Fall into the hay pile to end the mission.
Mission 11: Family Heirloom
1. Return to Giovanni's cell.
2. Use eagle vision to locate the hidden door.
3. Open the door.
4. Walk into the secret room.
5. Open the chest to obtain a sword and new costume.
6. Exit the room.
7. Lock onto the two guards drawing their swords and
draw your own.
8. Wait for each opponent to attack.
9. Press the block button and counter attack to take each
10. Once both guards are dead, a target displays on your
11. Proceed to the new target via the city rooftops.
12. Knock on the wispy white door to end the mission.
Mission 12: Last Man Standing
1. Trigger the final mission in the sequence.
2. Walk around the corner to the map marker to trigger a
3. Quickly climb a building once the guards begin chasing
4. Continue to race across the rooftops to lose the guards.
5. Once the guards have been lost, the mission ends.
Mission 13: Fitting In
1. Proceed to the arcade to trigger a cutscene.
2. Learn about the gameplay mechanics. They will cover:
Blending: Walk into the midst of a group of women.
The white webbing on the ground indicates you have
successfully blended. Follow Paola from the building
and practice the blending skill as she makes her way
past the guards in the area. Continue to keep her
within your sight and follow her as she circles back
around to the harem.
Stealing: Once you've arrived back at the harem,
practice pickpocketing amongst the group. After you
feel comfortable within the group, head out to try
your new skill on some city inhabitants. Pick the
pockets of five passersby and walk away. Once you
have successfully lifted change from five people, the
mission is ended.
Mission 14: Ace Up My Sleeve
1. Speak to Paola to be introduced to a new weapon.
2. Take the weapon across town to Leonardo to get it to
3. Knock on his door to trigger a cutscene.
4. Leonardo provides you with the hidden blade before
being interrupted by a guard at the door.
5. Equip the blade when the guard begins to beat Leonard.
6. Step up behind the guard.
7. Press the attack button to assassinate the guard.
8. Pick up the guard's body.
9. Carry it to Leonardo's workshop.
10. Drop the body into the white light to end the mission.
Mission 15: Judge, Jury, Executioner
1. Return to Paola for your instructions to assassinate
2. Proceed to the rooftop ...

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