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Call Of Duty - World At War (Walkthrough)

1. While the credits roll, various images and
black-and-white media from the WWII-era
flash across the screen. Factory workers
building missiles, new recruits swear in, etc.
2. Cutscene: You are going on a rescue mission.
The captors are killed, and you gain control
of the player, holding a Type 100 gun.
Call of Duty: World at War Video
Walkthrough - Opening Cutscenes
Mission 01
1. Follow Roebuck. You will come to some huts
up ahead. Take cover to the right, behind
them, and eliminate the enemies behind the
barrels straight ahead.
2. WARNING: Be careful of grenades in this first
encounter. The enemies behind the boxes
throw them with reckless abandon.
3. When they're down, crouch behind the
barrels to the right of the boxes. From here,
you can make your way left, around the
corner of the burned building. There are
enemies right around the corner, so do so
cautiously. Again, be weary of grenades.
4. Head to the right inside a small cabin/hut. To
the right, around the corner, is an excellent
opportunity to use a grenade on a cluster of
three enemies up ahead. Do so for an easy
cluster kill.
5. Move forward, up a small wooden ramp.
6. Achievement: Here, you will unlock the
achievement Saved Private Ryan.
7. Stay crouched, and pick off the few enemies
across the water ahead in a grass hut. You
will reach a checkpoint here.
8. Head left, around the bend and up the ramp
into the grass hut.
9. Once inside, lead left. Go inside the center of
the hut, to the right. You'll find some rifle
ammunition. When ready, head back out, to
the left. There is a new clearing here. Use
grenades liberally on the enemies behind
sandbags in the yard. They are perfectly
placed for grenade kills.
10. Crouch behind the low fence, just like the
soldier in front of you has done. From here,
you should be able to mop up the remaining
enemies from the safety of your hidden
11. When ready, head down into the yard. Scan
the area for items. Follow Sullivan and
Roebuck straight ahead down the wooded
path, away from the village.
12. Checkpoint reached.
13. Head straight ahead, following your
comrades through the path. You'll pass a
torch on your right.
14. Head up over a small hill, down into a valley
leading to the river. There is extremely heavy
enemy resistance here. Stay back, and use
grenades to lower their numbers. You have
the high ground, after all.
15. There is a rather threatening patch of them
down and to the left. Focus on your fire on
them first, staying crouched behind the
rocks there.
16. When ready, move with your comrades
down and to the left, past where you killed
the group of enemies in the bunker.
17. You will move into the river. Follow your pals.
18. Checkpoint reached.
19. You will then be ambushed. In order to
survive, fire immediately and consistently.
Do not cease fire at the enemies. They are
extremely close to you and need to be killed
quickly if you are to survive. They are too
close for grenades, so focus on simple,
carefully aimed gun fire. There is a
Thompson Machine Guns on the ground,
retrieve it if need be.
20. Head straight down the path. Enemies will
run down the path towards you. Head into
the shelter to the left, taking cover there and
firing from safety.
21. Alternate Strategy: Once the ambush
begins, immediately take cover inside the
small shelter to the left. From there, you can
wage a more cautious offensive. It may take
you longer, but it is also safer.
22. Move ahead down the path slowly. There are
little clusters of enemies perched at various
points all along the sides of the path. Stop as
soon as one cluster comes into view, take
them out with consistent gun fire, and then
move forward.
23. Once you make it past a few groups of them,
you'll come to a few big rocks, where your
comrades remain pinned down. Stay hidden
behind the rocks and pick off the few
enemies straight ahead.
24. Checkpoint reached.
25. Go up to the truck straight ahead, and press
X. This will push the truck down the road
ahead. Move forward after it does to the left,
and immediately crouch behind a wooden
bench. Out in the yard ahead, there are
many enemies. Pick them off from the
26. Be careful at this section, as you may be
flanked from the left by enemies near the
downward leading ramp/weapons supply
storehouse. Head inside, and press X to plant
a bomb on the missiles. After you've planted
it, head back up on into the yard.
27. To the left, the enemies will have greatly
increased since you planted the bomb.
Proceed in this manner: head out of the
weapons store straight ahead. Follow your
fellow soldiers straight ahead into the boat,
which will trigger a cut-scene and end the
first mission.
28. Achievement Unlocked: Carlson's Raiders
Call of Duty: World at War Video
Walkthrough - Mission 1: Semper Fi
Mission 02
1. Watch the cut-scene as your boat heads
closer and closer to shore. You will be
launched into the water. When you wash up
on shore, you'll be able to control the
2. Your first goal is to call in rocket strikes. Push
- on the D-pad, aim at the desired location
(straight ahead, the big cluster of enemies),
and push RT to fire.
3. Move forward with your fellow soldiers until
they crouch down in a small pit. From here,
right up and to the left. Up ahead, you can
push X to bayonet an injured enemy. Do so,
if you like.
4. When you come up to a clearing, with a
bunker to the right, call in an airstrike to
take it out.
5. After doing so, stay crouched behind the
nearest barricade, as enemies will flood out
into the battlefield. Use airstrike again,
aiming it into the deepest cluster of enemies
in the battlefield.
6. Proceed to mop up the remaining enemies in
the battlefield. Once the coast is clear,
cautiously move forward. You will encounter
more resistance, but in fewer numbers.
Bayonet anyone who gets too close for
comfort, pushing X to do so.
7. Strategy: Remember, if a grenade is thrown
your way, quickly press RB to throw it right
8. Head to the left of the battlefield. Go slowly.
There is a tank straight ahead. Head straight
through the trench.
9. Strategy: When you come to a long corridor
in the trench, you'll notice some barrels that
look suspiciously flammable near the
enemies up ahead. Shoot the barrels for
some easy, explosive kills.
10. Stay behind the first set of crates while
finishing off any remaining enemies, then
proceed through the trench.
11. Be ready for an ambush coming from the
right side. It's just one soldier. No problem.
12. Checkpoint Reached
13. Roebuck will tell you to watch the tree in
front of you. Shoot the soldier who is
climbing up.
14. Achievement: If you jump and look just to
the right of the tree base, you can see a
camouflaged soldier hiding. Lay down some
gunfire in his direction until you kill him,
obtaining "Snake in the Grass."
15. Achievement: Another soldier is waiting in
the grass to the left. Approach him, and if he
knocks you down, fend him off by pressing
RS to secure "Close Shave."
16. Another cluster of soldiers await in the grass.
Backpedal while shooting to take them out
with little fuss. Continue through the path
until you reach a clearing.
17. Checkpoint reached.
18. Your next objective is to attack the Japanese
bunker to your left. Instead of fighting head
on, move straight through the clearing in
the same direction from which you
approached to an underground passage
across the way.
19. Shoot the few soldiers inside the passage
and follow the tunnel all the way through.
20. You should have a clear shot at most of the
enemies attacking your men. Take them out,
and then turn right so you are looking at the
21. Strategy: Use the tree between you and the
bunker as cover from machine gun fire.
When you reach the bunker, turn around
and shoot any remaining enemies in the
22. Death Card: Go back to the tree and look on
the side away from the bunker entrance.
You'll see the "Four of Clubs." Move inside
the bunker.
23. Checkpoint reached.
24. Climb the ladder, then turn so you're facing
the same side of the bunker where you
entered. With any luck, the enemies
manning each machine gun won't notice
you, allowing for a couple of easy revenge
25. Head through the doorway to your left and
walk straight to the wall, where you have a
clear view of the mortar pit below. Roebuck
will tell you to call in a rocket strike on two
enemy tanks.
26. Achievement: Press -> on the D-Pad to set
up the strike, but instead of focusing on the
tanks, aim at the patch of enemies toward
the front left section of the mortar pit. Press
RT to call the strike on them, earning
"Weapons of Mass Destruction."
27. The first tank is located directly behind the
soldiers you just blew up. Call a strike on that
one first. The second tank is located to the
right of the mortar pit, and further back. Call
the second strike and watch the fireworks.
28. Turn left and head through the doorway to
where your buddies are waiting. An enemy
soldier will burst through the door in front of
you and stab Sullivan. Get revenge and
watch the chapter end as Roebuck tries to
tend to your fallen comrade.
Mission 03
1. Follow your team through the swamp as
Roebuck consoles the younger soldiers.
2. Checkpoint reached.
3. Take cover behind the stones on the left side
of the pathway while your team examines
the downed airplane ahead. It's the makings
of an ambush, so why not be prepared?
4. When the plane explodes, shoot the three
soldiers that appear in front of it, then go
after any remaining enemies. Watch out for
any who rush towards you.
5. Another ambush is ahead by the big tree
running through your path. Start by
shooting the well-camouflaged soldier to the
left and move to his position for cover. Take
down the remaining soldiers and move
forward to meet some more ...

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