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Homefront Walkthrough (PC)

Mission 1 – Why We Fight
1. After you hear a knock at the door, go an
answer it. Following the intense bus ride,
follow Connor’s orders and press X to pick up
the nearby handgun. Walk to the end of the
bus and press X to crouch and climb out.
2. Follow Connor and Rianna into the nearby
building. Once back outside, take cover
behind the trash bin to the right and take
out the two guards across the way.
3. Walk over to the guards and pick up the
assault rifle. Follow Connor into the next
building. Before making the turn into the
next room, crouch to take cover behind the
fallen bookshelf.
4. Wait for the attacking guards to top up, then
take them out. Pick up any spare ammo,
then head through the door and back
outside. Take cover next to Connor and
shoot the guards by the bus.
5. Hop over the short brick wall, and make a
right into the building. After you make your
next right into the room, take cover behind
the gray ventilation unit. Take out the
guards inside, then shoot the ones outside
and to the left.
6. Stay inside the room and pick up any frag
grenades that you see laying around. Stay
hidden behind some cover and take out the
next two groups of transports that arrive
outside. Keep in mind that most of the
soldiers will stay hidden behind the two
barricades of to the sides.
7. After the huge explosion, follow Connor and
Rianna out and to the left. Press B to crawl
and follow Connor in through the hole in the
house. Wait for the tank to pass, then when
Connor gives you the okay, sprint across the
street and up over the fallen gate.
8. Head straight down the path (past the Do
Not Enter sign) and in through the open
doorway. Move through the house and back
outside. Climb up the treehouse to the left.
9. When Connor starts shooting, give him
covering fire from your elevated position.
After you get hit by an RPG, stay low and
crawl over to the nearby wall for cover. Peek
over and take out the guards to the north on
the platform first.
10. Clear that section as best as you can, but
make sure you keep up with Connor and
Rianna when they advance (make sure you
pick up ammo along the way). Kill the
guards in the fuselage, then take cover to
the left.
11. Take out the guard with the machine gun on
the second floor window. Clear out the rest
of the guards around the house, then move
across the area. Climb up the red ladder, kill
the guard that comes through the window,
then head inside.
12. Grab the C4 inside the green case to the left.
Look out the window to your right and hit LB
to throw it at the tank. Press RT to detonate
it, then hit the tank with another block of C4
to destroy it.
13. Hop out the window and follow Connor to the
civilian neighborhood. Once the tank shows
up and starts shooting civilians, turn around
and follow Boone and the gang in the house
on the right.
14. Move to the left of the windows to take fire
away from the mom and her baby. Once the
tear gas gets thrown in, follow Boone
through the door in the garage. Give Rianna
and Connor covering fire as they escape,
then follow Boone down the path.
15. Follow Rianna through the door to meet up
with Hopper. Press X to pick up the Goliath
Targeter in the bag nearby Hopper. Equip
yourself with Targeter and look out the
window. Wait for the target to lock on one of
the tanks, then press RT to fire.
16. Follow the truck that pulls over to the left.
Quickly step outside and lock on with
Targeter to destroy it. Walk further outside
and destroy the next big tuck to the left
using the Targeter.
17. ACHIEVEMENT: Stay behind the stack of
tires and when you see the tank up across
the way, use the Targeter again to have the
tank destroyed. Lock on to any other
vehicles where the“Target” indicator is
showing to have them destroyed and
complete the mission.
Mission 2 – Freedom
1. ACHIEVEMENT: After Boone wakes you up,
follow him outside. After he tells you to
check out your new home, you can walk
around and talk to people. Talk at least once
to each inhabitant of Oasis to earn the
“Welcome To Freedom” Achievement.
2. Once you meet back up with Boone, pick up
your weapon and ammo nearby, then follow
him through the trap door. Head through
the underground tunnel and up the ladder.
3. Stay close to Hopper and Boone as you make
your way down the street. Once you cross
through the house, follow Boone’s lead and
sprint to the nearby van without getting it
by fire.
4. Move up with Boone when he advances.
Move over to the right and hop over the rail.
From there, make a had dash for the Sentry
Tower. Move around to the left and use a
grenade to shoot the white tank.
5. Turn right and follow Boone through the
next house. When you get the okay, take out
the guard on the roof. Take out the rest of
the guards in the yard, then head through
the house.
6. Kill the one guard that comes flying around
the corner to finish off the last of them.
Follow Boone and Connor into the next
building to meet up with Rianna.
7. Once you split up, follow Hopper and Connor
down the school’s hallway. Take your pick of
a weapon on the wall, then meet back up
with the guys outside. Follow them across
the playground and through the house.
8. After Connor gives the countdown, take out
the unsuspecting guards. Peek around to
the left and kill the lone guard up in the
tower. Move around to the left and kill any
remaining guards.
9. You’ll need to flank the the sentry gun, so
run over to the right and move past the van.
Take out the guard on the second floor
window after you make the turn, then follow
the guys down the alley up on the left.
10. Kill the two guards and continue down the
alley. Throw a grenade to kill the group of
unsuspecting guards to the right. Advance
on the left and kill the guards in the house to
the right.
11. Head upstairs and get near the window.
Chuck a grenade near near the sentry gun
to watch it go boom! Head back downstairs,
hop over the rail and follow Connor to the
Labor Camp.
12. After you ditch your rifles, head to the back
of the area and up the steps. Walk down the
next set of stairs and move past the guys
looking to fight Hopper. Walk around to the
left and follow the guys into the building.
13. After you meet up with Arnie, follow him to
the depot. It turns out that punk Arnie will
rat you out. Once you break free from his
hold, the game will slow down. Use your
handgun to take out the two guards to the
14. Quickly head up the stairs to the left. Take
out the nearby guard and grab his assault
rifle. Use the rifle to take out the guards
across the way. Head halfway back down the
steps and take out the two gunners in
opposite windows on the first floor.
15. Head back up the steps and take out any
remaining guards as you make your way
across. Head into the house and walk
downstairs to join back up with Connor and
16. Turn right into the next room and pick up
the beacons on the table. Follow Connor out
of the building as you head toward the
baseball field.
17. Once you arrive and Connor loses it, turn
right to avoid sentry gun fire. Head around
the back of the bleachers to flank the sentry
guns. After you walk past the backstop,
don’t shoot the first guy you see (that’s
Hopper), shoot the lone guard who will take
cover behind the white sand bags just up
18. Take cover behind the wall to the left of the
bags. Peek around and take out the guards.
Continue down this path and kill all enemy
fighters along the way.
19. Once you get to the bus, kill the guard inside
and continue on to the right. (Be careful! the
sentry gun will be able to see you here!)
20. Stay close to the stacked freighters as you
walk alongside of them. Move in-between the
crates and quickly throw a grenade under
the sentry gun to destroy it. Continue
around to the right and kill the oncoming
21. ACHIEVEMENT: Continue around to the
next sentry gun and when you get close
enough, throw a grenade to destroy it. Meet
back up with the guys. Once the helicopters
fly by, press X when prompted to and jump
into the pile of bodies.
Mission 3 – Fire Sale
1. Follow Rianna and head down the hallway of
the building. After you head up the stairs
and Rianna takes out the guard, head
2. ACHIEVEMENT: After Hopper unleashes that
crazy phosphorus missile, take out all
enemies below using your sniper. Kill five
enemies while they are on fire to earn the
“Mercy” Achievement.
3. After you get hit by a misfired rocket, follow
Rianna through the fiery inferno. Head up
the steps to join Connor on top of the tower.
After the tower falls and you get back up,
use your sniper to take out the EMP soldier
on the roof of the supermarket.
4. Head up the tiny nearby ramp and shoot the
attacking guards. Keep an eye out because
another EMP soldier will show up on the left
side of the supermarket’s roof. After you take
him out, look for another on the right again.
5. When you see the target icon on your
screen, switch to the Goliath Targeter and
use it to lock onto the humvee that pulls up
in front of the store. Kill the remaining
guards and regroup in front of the store.
6. After you get hit, turn to your right and use
the Targeter again to lock onto and destroy
the helicopter. Follow Goliath and head up
the tower to the left. Use your sniper to take
out the sniper in the building to the
7. When the humvee pulls down the street, use
the Targeter again to have it destroyed. After
you destroy yet another humvee, head
downstairs and join the group at the
entrance to the left.
8. Follow Rianna and crawl under the crawl
space. Head inside the building and follow
Connor. Use the surrounding area as cover
as you take out ...

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