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Chapter 4

Later that evening after helping the cook and my duty of serving the
Captain, Mr. Smith and Mr. London, I went up to the main ship deck
and was watching the men as they practice their boxing skills. I saw
the Captain was up on the bridge watching so I went over to stand
next to him.

"You like boxing, Cory?" he asked me.

"Yes sir, but I don't know anything about it and I'm not a very good
fighter," I told him.

"We may just have to change that one day. Men on my ship need to
know how to protect themselves and their property."

"Yes, sir!"

"Now come along down stairs it's time to start your studies with me."

"Yes sir" I said as I followed him below deck to his cabin.

I didn't know what he had in mind but I'm sure at one point it was
going to involve me sucking him and hopefully him fucking my ass

Once we entered his cabin he went right over to a shelf that held
many books. I noticed it before and was going to ask him if one day
I could maybe read a few. He picked out one and handed it to me
saying, "let's start with this one".

I opened the book and started to read from the first page to myself,
discovering the book was about navigating on the open sea. I sank to
the floor and was reading to myself having a very hard time
understanding many of the words. My reading skills were very limited
having never gone to school just having my mother teach me a little
when I was younger.

Then the Captain said "I think it's best if you read aloud, then I
can help you with any of the words."

After a few pages of reading aloud the captain would show me what
they were talking about and he had brought down all his equipment
and explained it more in detail. I learned all about maps, stars and
even the sexton. After a few hours he would test me on what I had
learned and I felt proud that I was able not only to understand, but
also remember stuff from earlier in the lesson.

After a few hours he said "that's it for tonight. It's time I reward
you for doing a good job."

With that he stood up and started to drop his pants. As his pants
lowered, I saw his piece of man meat was already half hard and when
he brought it to my willing mouth I took the whole cock deep in my
mouth. As my mouth began to move up and down on his hardening cock
I heard him moan with pleasure. His hand rested on the back of my
head forcing my mouth further down his cock. Hell, he didn't have to
force me to suck his cock; I loved the feelings and the taste of his
cock in my mouth. When after a little while his cock began to leak a
steady stream of his pre-cum juice I truly in heaven.

I felt my own cock begin to grow and harden in my tight pants and
wondered if he would mind if I removed them while I sucked his cock.
There was only one way to find out so without taking his cock out of
my mouth I moved about and untied the rope that was holding my pants
up. My own cock sprang free and I slowly stroke my hard cock. I have
to tell you that it felt so right sucking on the Captains cock while
stoking myself.

After a few minutes I felt the Captains hands reach under my armpits
bringing me up. He looked right into my eyes as he told me "I want
to fuck the tight hole of yours."

He pointed me towards the bed and followed behind me playing with my
white ass. I lay on the bed with my butt pointed up in the air and I
quickly felt the Captains hands spreading my cheeks apart looking
for my boy hole. He wasted no time in finding my hole and lined up
his throbbing cock. He gently started to apply some pressure to my
hole as his cock sank deeper and deeper inside me. I loved the
feeling of his hard cock in my boy hole, sure at first it hurt a
little but that was rapidly replaced by a great feeling. When he
started to pump his hard cock in and out of me I never wanted the
feeling to end. He was taking his time, fucking my ass nice and
slow. My own cock was getting harder and harder
with every stroke of his cock in me. He moved me on my side and
cuddled behind me, never taking his cock out of my hole. His arm was
around me with my head resting on his chest. I felt his lips
nuzzling my neck and it sent chills up and down my spine.

"Ah Cory, that's a good boy, take my cock deep in you" he cried out
as his cock began to fuck my hole faster and faster.

I reached down to stroke my own cock and was matching the speed of
his cock pumping into me, my strokes matching his. It felt so
wonderful that words alone couldn't describe the feeling. Soon I
felt my own juice begin to build up in my balls wanted release.

I think the Captain also knew this because he said "that's it Cory,
shoot your load for me. Show me that you love having my cock deep in
you boy hole."

That's all it took and my body tensed up and my juice began to shoot
from my hard cock. Load after load of my juice sprang from my boy
cock as the captain continued to pound his cock into my ass. I felt
my ass muscle wrapping tight around his hard cock with every load of
my juice.

"That's it Cory! That's a good boy!"

My hand was covered in my white juice and then I felt his cock begin
to thicken even more than before. Soon he was pumping in and out of
me working up a sweat. I felt the wetness of his chest on the back
of my head as he continued to fuck my boy hole with long powerful

"Here it comes, Cory. Feel my cum deep in your hole."

And I did. I felt his juice coat the inside of my stomach as he
rammed his cock deep in me and let loose a blast of cum. I felt it
deep in my hole and as his cock pumped a couple of more times he
stopped again deep in me releasing another load once more coating my
insides. After 4 or 5 loads of his cum deposited in me he stopped
and rested. He laid besides me running his hands over my body, never
touching any private areas, but it still felt so good and relaxing.
His cock was still inside me but had softened; I never wanted it to
leave my body. Soon my eyes closed my body was just exhausted from
all the days activities and the next thing I knew was waking up in
the morning and starting all over again.

Over the next few weeks of our voyage to England before picking up a
load of slaves I learn so much that I could never come close to
thanking everyone that helped me. First off Mr. London and the crew
taught me so much about being a seaman. I learn not only how to
climb the ropes with just my arms but how to rig a sail. My body had
become golden tan from all the sun and the only part of me that
wasn't tan was from my knees up to my waist. I worked all day
without a shirt on and the sun had colored my skin a golden brown.
My hair also had changed color a little, from a blond to almost a
straw color. The crew had also given me a haircut so I no longer
looked like a girl.

I learned from Mr. Smith how the ship's money was handled. He told
me about the families. All three of them were married, at first I
was surprised to learn the Captain was but it only made sense, a
good looking man like him. Even though he had been married for 14
years he had no children. While both Mr. Smith and Mr. London had
two children each. From the time Mr. Smith talked about his 9 yr
old son I knew that one day soon he was going to be fucking his
son's ass. He told me about the company; well the company was
really only two men, the captain and his older brother. His brother
was married and had three children; a boy Jake about my age and two
little girls from his second wife. The two of them owned the entire
company and all it's parts. They had 22 ships with this one the only
dealing in the slave trade. They also owned many plantations and
farms. They owned the docks where we had left America and the
warehouses on the docks. They also owned many warehouses in England
and store's in America that their ships kept well stocked. They were
truly very wealthy men.

They had come from a very large family with many cousins and
relatives many of whom worked for the company in one way or the
other. The important positions where held by cousins that were very
loyal to the brothers and the company. They were brought up not to
display their wealth and to show it off or put others down because
they weren't as prosperous. They had shared much of their wealth
with their loyal employee, as on this ship 50% of the profit was
shared with the people that made it possible.

He told me that depending upon the market value of the slaves when
we came back that 1 share was going to be worth between 2 and 3
thousand dollars. That was unheard of kind of money in those days
when the average man would only make between 2 and 3 hundred dollars
a year. Many of the crew that sailed with the captain for years had
themselves considerable wealth.

I also learned from Mr. Smith about making my partner happy in
sexual ways. He loved having me eat his hole and put my fingers deep
in him while I suck on his hard cock. When he learned that I could
bend forward and suck on my own cock he would have me sucking my
cock with my ass in the air while he fucked my hole. He taught me
all different kinds of positions and places. He loved to fuck tight
boy holes he told me often.

What can I say about the Captain? Here was a man I would lay down my
life for. I have no idea if I loved him or even what love was, but I
felt so close to him I would do what ever he said without a
question. I tried my best to make him happy not only when it came to
sex but in my new duties as a junior officer. I think he was
impressed with how fast I learned everything he taught; he started
to call me "sponge" because I just soaked up the knowledge.

Every morning I would start the day off with getting him off. He
would wake up with me sucking his hard cock and playing with his
balls. He would just lay there with his legs spread wide giving me
the change to just about do anything I would like, except play with
his hole. He didn't like that at all and the first time I tried to
lick him down there he told me not to in the certain voice that
means NO. So never again would I venture down there not at all like
his cousin Mr. Smith who loved to have me eat his ass.

I would be rewarded with ...

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