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Chapter 9

I don't know how long I had fallen asleep since the last thing I
remembered was laying stretched out in the tub enjoy the hot water
surrounding my body. I was slowly stroking my hard cock, peeling the
foreskin back and letting the water surround my cock head. Boy did
that feel great. I woke up with a start not knowing where I was for
a few seconds till my mind kicked in again.

The nice warm water had turned cold and I thought I was freezing. I
Jumped up out of the cold water and looked down at my prune skin.
All my skin had these deep wrinkles from being in the water. When I
reached down I felt for my cock but it had become so small, pulled
back inside my body, along with my balls. I slowly looked around the
room and thought I must have been really out of things after the

Yes, I did remember the fight and that I had saved Jackson. I also
remembered coming to the hotel and meeting up with the Captain and
Jackson's father, and they called for a doctor. After that
everything was kind of in a fog, I didn't really remember getting
naked and into this tub or for that matter even this room. As I
looked around, I noticed the entire room was painted white except
for the floor tiles and the mirrors that seemed to be everywhere. I
noticed a bunch of fresh towels lying on a counter top, so I just
helped myself. As I stood their naked drying myself I looked in the
mirror, almost didn't recognize myself. I had changed so much over
the last few weeks since becoming a cabin boy. The skinny
underdeveloped kid was now filling out. My chest had expanded and my
shoulders were broader. No, I didn't have a chest like the Captain
or Mr. London but in time I would. My blond hair against my bronze
skin looked so hot in my opinion, no wonder why Jackson kissed me.

"Oh shit!" I thought, here I go again, thinking about the kiss and
my cock was growing. "I need to think about something else!" I
thought. I reached around to dry off my back and sides almost
letting out a cry of pain. Looking in the mirror closer I discovered
a number of deep purple spots from where I must have been kicked. I
then discovered that my left eye was almost complete closed from a
punch I must have taken. Damn if I'm in this bad of shape I wonder
what the other guy must be liked.

Standing in front of the mirror I started to examine my body more
closely. My nose had stopped bleeding and wasn't broken, thank god,
nor where my lips cut or anything like that. The only things were a
swollen eye and some minor cuts. While looking closer, I noticed
that my face was becoming covered with some faint blond hair,
meaning that soon I would need to start shaving.

Stepping back to get a better look at my chest I noticed there was a
fine layer of hair spurting in the little valley between my breasts.
They led down to my belly button and then a darker column of hair
lead down to my hard cock. At the line of where my pants ended my
skin was white as a babies butt till just above the knee and then it
turned back into a nice bronze color from the sun.

It seemed to me that over the last few weeks that not only had my
cock become much larger but my balls where now large, hanging away
from my body, and covered in blond hair. Wrapping my hand around my
hard cock I did remember the day that my hand more than cover the
entire length now it would take almost two of my hands to cover it
completely. While not as large as the Captain's, I thought it still
was impressive and wondered now what other boys' cocks where like,
especially Jackson's.

As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror stroking my hard
cock I noticed that it didn't really point outwards but more at the
sky. No it didn't lay flat against my flat stomach but was pointed a
little outwards. Thinking about Jackson and earlier today as I
stroked myself, I wondered if you ever ran out of cum since I've
been getting off 3 or 4 times a day and even sometimes more! Hmmm,
would my balls run out? Not knowing the answer for sure, I decided
to stop for now and go explore the rest of the area while looking
for my clothes.

I slowly opened a door not knowing what to expect and looked into a
very large room. I saw windows over by the far wall. A large bed in
the middle of the room, some couches and a table pilled high with
all kinds of clothes. I walked naked over to the clothes hoping that
maybe one of them would fit me. I discovered all of them were my
size. There must have been at least 6 pairs of pants and a dozen or
more shirts. I had no problem walking around naked but I had no idea
of who else was around so I put on a pair of the pants.

Just then I heard a knocking at the door. Thinking nothing about
answering the door with no shirt on I opened it to find Jackson
standing there with his mouth open. He quickly recovered but his
eyes didn't leave my naked chest. I thought I even saw him licking
his lips as he starred at my chest.

"Hi, I just stopped by to once again thank you for saving my life,"
he told me.

"I didn't save your life and even if I did it's done and over with.
no need to thank me anymore. You want to come in? I was just looking
at these clothes that someone left me."

"Oh, I'm glad they came. I know my father sent word to bring them
around to replace yours that got wrecked in the fight. I still feel
so bad that you took a beating instead of me."

"I told you to forget about it, it wasn't all that bad."
"I also want to apologize to you."

"What for?" I asked.

Jackson had gone over to the pile of clothes sitting on the table. I
could tell he was very nervous because he started to talk very fast
and it seemed like he was rambling on about nothing. He kept on
picking up various pieces of clothing saying something about how
nice they were.

I could take no more and said, "So it seems to me your stalling
about wanting to say something."

"Well it's just that I've never had to apologize to anyone before
and I'm nervous."

"As I said, you don't have to apologize to me for anything."

"Oh yes I do and I'm so sorry that I took the liberty of kissing you
yesterday. It wasn't right of me and I don't know what came over me.
It will never happen again."

"Oh I bet you say that to all the boys!"

That's when all hell broke loose and he really started to ramble, I
have no idea what he was saying because he was using words that I've
never heard before. He sounded like a preacher or a politician to
me. I did get that he never kissed a boy before or for that matter
anyone before he kissed me.

I walk up behind him and turned him around. I looked into his eyes
that seemed to be tearing up a little. He had the look of a frighten
deer in his eyes, but the mouth never stopped talking. I just had
enough and leaned over planting my lips to his.

"Oh God!" I thought, "He tasted as good as yesterday" as I ran my
tongue across his lips. I slowly forced more and more of my tongue
into his mouth. At first I met a little resistance but that was soon
replaced with Jackson yielding to my wishes. I heard him begin to
moan and he too was forcing his tongue into my mouth. We finally
broke apart and I looked him in the eyes.

"See I enjoyed it as much as you."

"Oh no, that's no possible," he said as our lips met again, only
this time my hand was behind his head forcing his mouth against
mine. I could feel his hands begin to explore my body as they ran up
and down my naked back. I could feel that his cock was as hard as
mine because our midsections were press together.

His cock seemed to be of decent size but it was hard to really tell
when he still had it in his pants. I broke our kiss and started to
run my tongue up and down his neck sending chills up and down his
spine. My hands were busy now, exploring his body and slowly trying
to work his shirt out of his pants. I wanted him naked and knew that
soon I would. As my hands started to rub and grind at his butt he
started to moan all the more. I once again planted my lips to his
and got my hands down between his pants and naked skin. Oh he felt
so soft and tender, I couldn't wait to get my mouth on his naked

I reached around the front of him and started to unbutton his shirt.
His soft skin was white and covered with freckles. His hard nipples
were rather large and I brought my mouth down and licked them a few
times. By his reaction I knew he loved the attention that I was
giving them so I took the right one in my mouth sucking and twisting
it about.

His head was thrown back with his chest puffed out as his hands held
my head over his nipples. I slowly worked our way over to the bed
and gently laid him down before going back to work on his body. I
was alternating between kissing and sucking his nipples and then
moving back up to kiss his lips again. He was offering no resistance
at all.

Ever time that I moved back down to his chest I would move farther
down on his stomach. I noticed that he also had treasure trail on
fine red hair leading from the cutest belly button down to my prize,
his hard cock. My hands were busy exploring the outside of his pants
that covered his hard cock. The material was already becoming moist
from the fluid that I'm sure was coming from his hard cock. Every
time my hand would rub his cock he would let out another moan of
pleasure. His hard cock didn't seem to be all that thick but he did
seem to be about as long as mine.

I guess turn about is fair play because somehow he had rolled me
over on my back and started to do the things to me that I did to
him. He was licking and sucking my nipples like I had done to him.
Oh did that feel good; no one had ever done that to me before and I
didn't want him to stop. I guess he was trying to imitate what I did
to him because he would one minute be kissing my lips and the next
he would be kissing and sucking my torso.

He did go one step further then I and started to suck on my cock
through my pants. I started to reach down to undo my pants when we
heard a knocking on the door. Oh shit I thought just when things
were getting good, my first blowjob. We looked at each other asking
who that could be when he heard his sister voice.


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