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Note: Hello everyone, Miguel Sanchez here. It's been several months
since I posted The Pilot II so here is a short list of the main
characters of the story.

Buck Taylor – now retired, Buck was a helicopter pilot with the US
Forrest Service and then joined Metro Dade Fire Rescue. He rescued
and then later adopted Shane in CA then sold his home and moved to
Miami with Shane.

Shane Taylor – now an adult, Shane was rescued by Buck and later
adopted was Buck's lover.

Robert Wright – now an adult, Robert and his sister were found
playing in a construction site behind Buck's house in Miami. Robert
went into foster care and fostered by Buck.

John Phillips – now an adult, John met Shane and Buck in their hotel
when they arrived in Miami and befriended Shane. John and his
parents new home was being built 2 streets over from where Buck and
Shane lived.

Billy Thomas – now an adult, his parents were killed in an auto
accident and he ended up with a broken leg. Billy was fostered by
John's parents and soon became John's boyfriend and lover.

Linda Eggleston – she was their social worker in Miami and is now
the Director of DCFS.

Now that memories have been refreshed, on with the story.

Chapter 1

Robert and I were sitting at home with our father as we watched the
evening news. "Damn Babe," I said as he cuddled on my lap. "This
storm is going to be a bad one."

"Yeah," Robert said as he turned onto his back looking up at me. "I
guess we better start getting things ready.

Buck looked up from his chair and said, "We still have just about
everything from last time because we didn't lose power that long.
The only think I think you'll need to do is check the generator's
fuel level."

Robert got up and said, "I'll do that now Dad. That was the best
thing we ever got. It's nice to have electricity in the whole house
while everyone else is in the dark."

Robert got off the couch quickly kissing me as I took a quick grope.
I was now following in my Dad's footsteps completely as I decided to
learn to fly helicopters and become a paramedic. I had always been
amazed at how he saved my lover's life and got Billy out of that car
and to the hospital.

I'd been a pilot with the department for just over two years and a
paramedic for just over one. During the last storm that hit, I was
assigned to one of the stations but basically did nothing as they
had a full crew on. Robert came back in and said, "We'll need to
arrange a fuel delivery Dad. The generator only has about a quarter
of a tank."

The generator was designed to run the whole house and it ran on
diesel fuel. One full tank could last us a week depending on how
much electricity we used. Robert was about to sit down when the
phone rang. It was Billy and he wanted to know if they could ride
the storm out with us as their parents didn't have a generator.
Robert looked at Dad then said, "Sure Billy, you guys can come here.
Where are your parents?"

Billy said, "They took off to visit some friends in California. When
they heard about the storm, they decided to stay there until it

"Just make sure everything is moved inside and you put your shutters
down," Robert said like a mother hen.

"Yes Daddy," Billy said like a little boy.

Robert hung the phone up and asked, "Where will you be this time

I knew the helos wouldn't be flying so I decided to call in and take
a couple of day's vacation time. I talked to the duty officer and he
took the information down and said he would pass it on.

The next day the chief called me and said, "Shane, the only thing I
can do is put you in for a week off. Is that alright?"

I thought about it for a few minutes then said, "That's ok chief.
When will is start?"

He looked at the schedule then said, "Well, you have tomorrow and
the next day off. So you won't have to be back to work until the end
of next week."

"Thanks Chief," I said. "If you have an emergency give me a call,
I'll come in."

Dad looked at me and said, "Isn't it nicer being a pilot now?"

"Yeah it is," I said. "The schedule is more flexible and the pay
certainly is better.

The afternoon news was on and the hurricane was heading towards the
Yucatan Peninsula and was expected to hit Cancun and then turn and
head towards Florida. Everyone had just finished lunch when there
was a knock on the door. Dad went over to see who it was when a
little imp jumped into his arms and said, "Hi Grandpa."

"Hi tiger," he said as John and Billy came into the house carrying

The two hugged him and John said, "Thanks Pop for letting us stay
with you."

I came out of the kitchen and had a guided boy heading right for my
arms. "Hi Joey, how's my favorite nephew?"

"Fine Uncle Shane," he said. "Where's Uncle Robert?"

"Right here squirt," a voice said standing in the kitchen doorway.

I passed Joey over to Robert and asked, "Has the adoption been final

"Yeah," John said. "It took almost six months and close to
$50,000.00 but it was worth it. If Ms. Eggleston hadn't agreed to
transfer Joey's case to Vermont, this never would have happened. It
sucked that I couldn't spend more time with them when they were
there but Joey understood."

Joey was a cute child who had been physically abused by both of his
parents and was left with some physical problems. Because of this,
no one wanted to foster him until John heard about him. Both he and
Billy went through the classes and background checks and were
finally approved. After six months, they wanted to adopt the boy but
under Florida law, they were prohibited.

With the help of a gay network they learned that adoption to gay
couples was legal in Vermont. Billy and John thought about it and
decided for Billy to set up residence there and see about having him
go on a summer vacation to New England with them. Once Billy had
established residence there, he contacted Social Services to see
about getting Joey's case transferred there. They thought that since
Ms. Eggleston knew John and Billy she would agree.

She took the mater to her superiors and after taking over a month to
decide, they finally agreed. Once Joey's case was there, Billy
applied to legally adopt the boy. The adoption process turned out to
be easier than getting his case transferred. It took another thirty
days but when the case was finally heard, Billy was the proud father
to a bouncing 10 year old boy.

John and Billy got their things unpacked and everyone settled down
to watch a movie. Joey was upstairs playing video games when Billy
leaned over and passionately started kissing John. They had been at
it for several minutes when a voice said, "Aw come on Daddy, will
you two get a room?"

John reached back and grabbed the boy and pulled him over the back
of the love seat and started tickling him. "Hehe," he giggled. "Stop
Daddy John hehe or I'll hehe pee hehe."

Billy looked down at him and said, "Should I get you some pampers?"

"Nooo," Joey wailed laughing. "Help Uncle Shane, Uncle Robert I'm
being molested."

Shane looked at Robert then said, "Do you hear something?"

"I didn't hear anything," Robert said giggling.

Billy finally stopped tickling Joey and held him as he caught his
breath. "Thanks you guys," Joey said in a mock frown. "All this time
I thought you loved me."

"We do Joey but you got yourself into that," I said smiling at him.

Joey hopped down and went over to Dad and said, "Well Grandpa will
protect me."

Just about that time he wrapped his arms around Joey and tickled his
ribs. Joey squirmed and leaned back into his arms.

Billy and Robert got up and started fixing dinner. Joey got up and
headed for the stairs and the playstation when John said, "I think
you can get your bath before dinner son."

"Aww Daddy, do I have to?" he whined.

"Yes you do," John said.

He got up and took Joey to the bathroom and started the water
running. While the tub was filling John got him out his
nightclothes. He went back into the bathroom and Joey was sitting in
the tub playing with the water. John kneeled down beside him and got
his hair wet so he could shampoo it. After he rinsed it he
said, "There you go son, you can do the rest."

John left Joey to his bath and returned to the living room. I looked
at him and said, "Being a Dad really agrees with you."

"Yeah it does," John said. "What surprises me is that you don't have
any, how come?"

"Well it's not that we don't want kids," I said. "Robert and I
became foster parents but all they offered us were young children
that weren't in school and that just wasn't possible. If it was in
the summer, it might have been but school was going and Robert was

"But your Dad was here," John said. "He could have watched the

"That didn't matter," I said. "They wanted one of us to be here. It
was because a younger child requires more attention from the foster
parent. If they had a teen we would have jumped at it."

Billy came in from the kitchen and said that dinner would be ready
in about ten minutes. Just then Joey came out in his all together
and said, "Can I go like this Daddy?"

I looked at the precocious child and said, "Now that sight brings
back memories."

John laughed and said, "Yeah son, it's ok."

Dad was in the office checking email and reading when Joey came in
and asked, "What are you doing Grandpa?"

He turned around and saw Joey naked and said, "Just checking a few
things. I see you're taking after your Daddies."

"I like going naked," he said smiling.

I went past the office and said, "Dinner's on guys."

Robert and Billy fixed a wonderful ...

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