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Robert took a quick shower and shaved and came back out so we could
hold the twins on our lap for a little but before sending them off
to bed.

I could never imagine why Dad liked to hold us until I had Jeremy
sit on my lap. Holding my son is something I never imagined I would
ever do but I'm so glad they have come into our lives.

Robert's alarm woke me again so I got up and joined the others as
they got ready for work and school. I went down to see if the twins
were awake and was greeted by their bare asses as they both were
bending over to put on their underwear. "Morning boys," I said as
they stood back up.

"Hi Dad," they said in unison.

"Do you always sleep naked?" I asked.

"Yeah," Aaron said. "We love the feel of the sheets against our
skin. What about you two?"

"I think you already know the answer to that," I said.

They laughed and came over and gave me my morning hug and kiss. "Did
you enjoy the view?" Jeremy asked.

I returned their kisses and said, "Of course. You both have very
nice butts."

Aaron said, "And I'd like to feel your dick in it too."

I looked at both boys and said, "That is something we're going to
need to talk about."

The boys looked solemn after I said that but just nodded their head.
I went out to the kitchen as they finished dressing. Dad was
standing fixing his coffee as I wrapped my arms around him and
said, "Morning Dad."

He leaned back and kissed me saying "Hi son."

The twins came out and fixed a bowl of cereal then sat at the
kitchen table and started to eat. Robert joined us at the table as
Aaron asked, "Alright Dads, why do we need to talk about us wanting
you to make love to us?"

Dad was surprised at that question all of a sudden when I
said, "Remember we talked about us adopting you, right?"

"Sure," Aaron said. "We want that more than anything."

"Alright," I said. "It's not that we don't want to make love to you
but one of the things you two will need to have is a medical exam."

"So," Jeremy said. "We've been to the doctors before."

"Please let me finish boys," I said sipping my coffee. "As you both
know, I was adopted too and I had to have an exam. When children are
adopted, doctors examine children very closely and one of the things
they look for are signs of sexual abuse. Now I know what you're
going to say. You're not being abused but if they see stretching or
bruising around your rectums, they are going to want to know why.
When Dad decided to adopt me, he couldn't make love to me any more
until it was final. Now do you understand why we can't do that just

Aaron swallowed his mouthful then said, "I think so but it's stupid.

"One more thing," Dad said. "We need you boys to stop having anal

"Aw man why?" Jeremy moaned.

"Same reason son," Dad replied. "There just can't be any signs of
you guys having sex or the doctor will say you're being abused and
the adoption won't go through. I know you don't totally understand
it but I think we can work something out that you will like."

"And what might that be?" Jeremy said leering at me.

"How about I don't tell you and make that a surprise?" I said
kissing him on his nose.

Jeremy kissed me back and said, "Well then I'll just have to come up
with a few of my own."

I had to laugh when he said that. I looked at the clock and it was
getting late so I said, "I can hardly wait, now scoot and get your
teeth brushed."

Robert was snickering as the twins went down the hall. "What's so
funny," I asked.

"Doesn't all that sound so familiar?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Didn't you tell me you didn't like it when Dad had to stop screwing
you?" he said. "You told me you were constantly fingering your ass
when you jacked off in the shower."

I turned red when Robert reminded me of that. I'd forgotten just how
much I loved having Dad's dick in me so I finally saw what the twins
were going to have to go through. "I guess I had forgotten about
that," I admitted. "I don't think a finger hitting their prostate
would do any damage. We'll have to look at them and see if they're
showing signs of being stretched."

The twins came bounding back into the kitchen so Dad and I took
turns giving them and Robert hugs and kisses good bye. The twins
looked at me before they walked out the door and said, "Bye Dad, bye
Granddad. We love you."

I was really moved and said, "Bye guys, I love you too."

We sat back down to the table as Dad said, "Looks like you have a
couple of sex machines on your hands."

"I guess," I said. "I'd really forgotten just how horny teens can
be. I know I still do very frequently and want to jump Robert's

"I remember the times you four would be by the pool having a suck
fest," Dad said.

I looked at the clock and it was now almost 9:30 and Christine was
going to be here soon. I was about to say something when the phone
rang. "Hello," I said.

A voice said, "May I speak to Shane or Buck Taylor please?"

"This is Shane Taylor," I replied.

"This is Mr. Warren over at the funeral home," he said. "I was
wondering when you could come over so we can talk about a funeral
for the Mitchell's?"

"Let's see," I said thinking. "I have a meeting here at 10 and I'm
not sure how long that will last. Would 1:00 be alright with you?"

"That would be fine," he said. "I'll see you then sir."

I hung up the phone and Dad said, "Who was that son?"

"That was the funeral home," I said. They want to see us so we can
make funeral arrangements."

"Oh alright," Dad said. "I guess we will need to find a cemetery
kinda close to here so the boys can visit their mother."

"Thanks," I said, "I almost forgot about that."

I sat back down at the table as Dad said, "I think the funeral home
should know if there is one close by. I think you might need to
change your wardrobe son."

I looked at myself then said, "Uh yeah Dad, I think you're right."

I went into the bedroom and put some clothes on and as I was coming
out the doorbell rang. I went over and opened it as a woman
said, "Shane Taylor?"

I opened the door letting her in and said, "Yes and you must be
Christine Mellon."

"Yes I am," she said stepping into the foyer.

Let's go to the dining room table where we can talk. We went into
the dining room and Dad was standing there waiting to see who was at
the door. I looked at Christine and said, "Christine, this is my
Dad, Buck Taylor."

"Nice to meet you sir," she said. "You have a very nice home here.
Are you retired?"

Dad shook her hand and said, "Thank you. I'm retired from the

"What did you do sir," she asked.

Dad smiled and said, "I was with Metro Dade Air Rescue. I was a
pilot and paramedic."

"I see," she said looking at me. "Like father like son?"

"In all respects," I said. "I'm a pilot also."

She took a seat and pulled out a legal pad then said, "Alright then,
let's get started shall we? Tell me how you came across Jake?"

I thought back for a moment then said, "My partner and I had just
dropped off a patient at the hospital and we were heading back to
the station. The roads were pretty congested with traffic and debris
from the storm. Tony, my partner, decided to take some back streets
and alleys to avoid the traffic. There were some tree limbs blocking
the alley so we got out and started moving them out of the way when
Tony yelled for me. He said he found a boy lying on the ground."

"Now who is this Tony you mentioned?" She asked.

"Tony Alvarez," I said. "He was my partner for the day"

"Alright," she said making some notes on her pad. "What did you do

I said, "We fist checked to see if he was alive. Tony checked for a
pulse and when we found one I got the gear out of the rig. I put a
cervical collar on him then we log rolled him onto a back board and
put him on the stretcher. We loaded him inside where we cut off his
wet clothes and Tony checked vital signs. I had Tony help me roll
him so I could take his temperature."

"How did you do that?" she asked.

"Rectally," I said. "He was unconscious and we do it that way to get
an accurate core temperature when we may be looking at hypothermia.
I suspected that because his skin was very cold to the touch. His
temperature was 95.5, I believe. I started an IV on him to start
warming him up and Tony put him on the heart monitor. I then covered
him up with a thermal blanket and a wool one to start getting him
warm on the outside."

"Alright," she said still taking notes. "What next?"

I thought then said, "Once all that was done we transported him to
the Emergency Room at Children's. After we arrived, we put him on
their bed while I gave the doctor my report. Before I left, the
doctor asked me if I would recheck his core temp. I did and it was
then that I noticed the boy was awake. He was a little confused as
to his surroundings. I told him who I was and where he was when he
told me his name. I asked him what he was doing out there and he
told me he had ridden out the storm out there. He said he found a
building but then he got scared and tried to find some other place.
I asked him if he had a home and he said not any more. I told him
that I would make a phone call and he would have a home."

She interrupted me asking, "Why didn't you ask him for more details
when he said he didn't have a home anymore?" She asked.

"I could see he ...

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