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After three minutes I took it out and read it. I looked at Aaron and
said, "99.6 son; that's a normal rectal temperature. I think he
might feel warm from being under the covers. Next time put your lips
on his forehead and if he feels warmer than normal, chances are he's
running a fever."

I left the twins with Joey then went back out to the kitchen. I
hadn't gotten any rest like I normally do after a day at work so I
know it was going to be a long night.

I went back out to the kitchen and Robert looked at me and
said, "Does he have a fever?"

"No," I said. "He's fine there. Joey just felt warm from being under
the covers."

"Well that's good," Dad said. "If he was I would be a little more

Robert then said, "Go get the twins and tell them dinner is ready."

I went back down to their room and said, "Dinner is ready guys."

Jeremy looked at Aaron then eased off the bed. Aaron covered Joey
then softly moved off. The boys came down and quickly inhaled their
food then went back with their sleeping cousin.

Joey slept until about 7 then woke up having to pee. Jeremy came
down with him in his arms and he passed him off to me. "I'm hungry
Uncle Shane."

I looked at Dad and he said, "How's your tummy feel?"

"Empty," Joey said giggling.

"I can imagine," Dad said. "Do you feel like you're going to throw

"Un un," he said. "At least not right now."

Dad thought for a minute then said, "Alright Joey. Let's see if you
can keep some broth down."

Dad got up and heated Joey some beef broth and sat with him as he
sipped it down. It was mow almost 7:30 so if it was going to make
him sick, now would be the time.

Joey sipped down two small bowls of broth then went and cuddled with
the twins back in their room. By 9, I realized that Joey hadn't run
across the hall to make any long distance phone calls. I went down
to the twins' room and there were the three of them naked watching
cartoons. "Do I have 3 patients now?" I asked looking at them.

"No Dad," Jeremy said. "We just got comfortable."

"Yeah Uncle Shane," Joey said walking on the bed over to me. "I
sleep naked too, don't you remember?"

"As many times as I saw your butt first thing in the morning, how
could I ever forget?" I asked him kissing his little pug nose.

He gave me a hug then went back and cuddled with the twins. At 10, I
went back in and gave Joey another suppository just in case then
gave everyone hugs and kisses. I was about to turn the light off
when Dad and Robert walked in. Dad looked at the three of them and
said, "I thought you'd come out and say good night but I see you're

"Sorry Granddad," Aaron said as he reached his arms out.

Robert and Dad made the rounds then we went back out to the living
room. I was getting tired too and Robert had to teach tomorrow so we
gave Dad a hug and kiss, then headed off to bed.

I managed to sleep through the night but Robert's alarm woke me at
6. We got up and I took a leak then went to get the twins up. I was
heading down the hall when Aaron came out of the bathroom. "Hi Dad,"
he said going back into their room.

I gave him a hug then asked, "Did Joey sleep through the night?"

"Sure did," he said.

I looked over at him and he was still sound asleep. Jeremy came over
and hugged me then got dressed. The boys came out a few minutes
later and had breakfast then it was off to school for them. Dad and
I were talking when Joey came padding out in his usual morning
attire. He wiggled up on Dad's lap and said, "I'm hungry Grandpa."

Dad fixed him a soft scrambled egg and dry toast and said, "Let's
see how you do with this."

Joey ate it then said, "I'm still hungry."

Dad rubbed his head and said, "I know kiddo but I don't want to put
too much on your tummy right now. Let's see if that stays down. If
it does, I can fix you a little more."

Joey seemed satisfied with Dad's answer as he got up and went into
the living room to watch cartoons. Throughout the day, Joey was
putting small amounts of BRAT (bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast) on
his stomach and he was keeping it down. I looked at Dad and
said, "It looks like you were right Doc, he seems better today."

He laughed at my Doc comment and said, "I did the same thing the
first time you were sick son. We have all this knowledge and
training but it seems to go out the door when it's your child that
is sick."

"Guess you're right Dad," I said. "And Joey isn't my son. I hope I
can remember this when one of the twins gets sick."

"I'm sure you will son," Dad said.

John called from work and I gave him the good news about Joey. I
heard him sigh and say, "Thanks Shane. I don't know we would have
done without all your help. Jake was a little sullen last night
without his little buddy. I know he'll be glad to have him back

"I bet he will," I said. "I'll see you when you pick him up later."

"Alright Shane," John said. "Thanks again."

Robert and the twins came in from school and a very healthy 10 year
old was up in Jeremy's arms. "How are you feeling?" Jeremy asked him.

"I'm feeling fine now," he said smiling.

Robert leaned in and kissed him then said, "Good news Joey. It looks
like you can go back to school tomorrow."

"I don't think I feel that good," he said hiding his face in Aaron's

I reached around and tickled his ribs and Joey squealed in delight.
I smiled at him and said, "You only have one day then you're off for
the weekend."

"Alright," he moaned.

There was a knock on the door and it was John. Joey saw him and
said, "Hi Daddy."

Aaron handed the boy to John then said, "Can Jake spend the night on

John looked at him and said, "I'll ask him but I don't see a

"Cool," Jeremy said. "Thanks John."

I looked at the twins and said, "How would you feel about calling
him and Billy Uncle?"

The twins beamed at the suggestion and Aaron said, "I like that. We
never had an Uncle before."

John turned to leave and said, "I'll have Jake give you guys a call."

John was carrying Joey out to his car and Joey was waving
saying, "Bye everybody."

We waved good bye then the twins went down to their room to do their
homework. I thought about Jake spending the night on Saturday then
remember I hadn't talked with Robert and Dad about weather or not to
let the twins go to court.

I found Dad and Robert in the kitchen then I said, "Hey guys, we
need to talk about the twins and court on Monday."

Robert looked at me and said, "I think that's easy. They really
don't need to be there. I bet John and Billy send Joey to school
that day."

I looked at Dad and said, "I guess it's settled then. I didn't think
they really needed to be there. The twins know pretty much
everything already. I know Jake would rather not have to be there

The twins came out and asked, "What's for dinner?"

I looked in the fridge and took out some leftover prime rib and
said, "How's this everyone?"

Everyone agreed then Robert said, "Sit down boys. We need to talk
with you."

The twins sat down and Robert said, "Jake's father's trial starts on
Monday and as you know he has to be there. Shane has to be there too
because he was subpoenaed."

Jeremy looked up and asked, "So what does that have to do with us?"

I looked at them and said, "Well we were thinking that you two might
want to be there."

"Yes and no," Aaron said. "We do for Jake but I don't think I could
look at the man that hurt him like that."

"Are you saying that you would rather just go to school?" Robert

Jeremy nodded his head and said, "Yeah. I'm sure one of you can tell
us what happened."

I said, "We can do that. Let's get dinner going now."

That went easier than I had expected it to. After dinner we relaxed
and Jake talked with the twins about Saturday.

Friday was another boring day at work and I was glad when 6AM
arrived on Saturday. I got home and I was surprised that Jeremy was
still asleep. I was pleased but I did miss the private time we
shared together.

The twins were up at 8 and quickly got a shower and ate anticipating
Jake's arrival. There was a knock on the door at 9 and I was
surprised when I didn't see John or Billy. I let Jake in and
asked, "How did you get here son, walk?"

"No," he said. "I rode Billy's bike."

That was a great idea. "Cool idea Jake," I said. "Maybe the twins
would like to use our old ones and you guys can get some exercise."

The twins loved the idea and the day flew by. We didn't see them
except for lunch and even then that was just for a few minutes while
they scarfed down the burgers we had fixed. I had totally forgotten
about our bikes and it did give them something to do.

When they got home, the three of them were hot and sweaty. Jeremy
was about to hug me when I said, "Yes I love you but you guys need a

They went down the hall when I heard Aaron ask Jake, "You wanna take
one with us?"

"Ah sure," he said. "If you guys really don't mind?"

They went into the twins' room and got some clean clothes out then
the twins quickly stripped. Jake stood there looking at two
identical bodies. Jeremy smiled and asked, "Do you like what you

Jake had pulled his shirt off then he removed his socks and
said, "Yeah, you both look hot. It's just that I've never seen an
uncut dick before."

"No problem," Aaron said. "You can look ...

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