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It took about 45 minutes to get home because the traffic was a
nightmare. Dad and I got something to drink then I went and got out
of my good uniform.

I sat down on the couch then I heard the phone ring. I grabbed the
cordless handset then say, "Hello."

"Hi Shane," the voice said. "Jess Martin again."

"Oh hi Jess," I said. "What's going on?"

"Not much," he said. "I finally found the information on the twins'
parent's auto insurance."

I had forgotten all about that. That insurance should pay their
hospital bills. "What did you find out?" I asked.

"Well," Jess said. "They weren't happy about having to pay off but I
just pointed out that the deceased left two teen age sons behind. I
also told them that I wouldn't hesitate to take them to court."

"That's great Jess," I said. "How much will they cover as far as
medical bills?"

"I think it should cover all their hospital and related bills," Jess
said. "I found out that their policy had a $100,000 medical expense
per person cap. I went to the hospital and turned over their auto
insurance information to them and they will bill them. I also found
that there is a $100,000 death benefit on each of them."

"Has everything cleared probate yet?" I asked.

"I got lucky," he said. "The stocks and life insurance have. I have
already set up the trusts and there is a little less than $400,000
is each account. The payout on the auto insurance is under the
amount reportable to probate so that will go right into their

"Sounds good Jess," I said. "I want you to contact Linda Eggleston
at DCFS and let her know you are representing us and the boys. Maybe
you can find out if she has heard anything as to weather of not
there are any other relatives other than their grandparents?"

"Alright Shane," Jess said. "I'll call her in the morning."

"Thanks Jess," I said. "I'll talk with you later."

I heard a knock on the door and Dad answered it and came in with
Jake. "Hi Uncle Shane," he said. "Are the twins here?"

I looked at my watch and it was 4:45. I had been on the phone so I
hadn't even thought about it. "No," I said. "They haven't got home

"Oh," Jake said looking a little sad.

I held my arms out and he came over and fell into my arms. "Don't
worry son," I said. "Robert probably had to stay late for something."

"It's alright," he said. "I just wanted to see them. I love them so
much and I'm glad court is finally over."

Jake had to use the bathroom and while he was in there Robert and
the twins came in. I looked at Robert and asked, "What happened
love?" Why are you guys late?"

"We were talking with Joey while Billy filled out an application,"
Robert said. "The headmaster interviewed him and he's going to be
starting next semester. Billy brought Jakes school records with him
and he's starting then too."

"I'm starting where?" He said walking down the hall.

The twins were surprised to see him and they ran into arms. "You'll
be coming to Castle Prep."

"Cool," Jake said as he kissed them. "Is Dad starting there too?"

"Sure is," Robert said. "That's why we were late getting home. He
and Joey stopped by to apply. The headmaster interviewed him and
gave him a job."

Jeremy laughed and said, "Maybe we can carpool?"

"Good idea," Dad said.

Aaron looked at Jake and said, "Did you have to testify?"

Jake smiled and said, "No I didn't. Christine was great."

Jeremy took Jake's hand and led him towards their room so they could
talk in private. I went over to Robert and said hugged him
saying, "Why didn't you call love and let me know you were going to
be late?"

He kissed my cheek and said, "I'm sorry love. We got talking with
Joey and I forgot."

I kissed his nose and said, "That's alright love. Just don't let it
happen again. I worry about all of you."

"I'm sorry baby," he said kissing me.

Dad came out of the kitchen and said, "Where are the boys, dinner is

I went down to their room and knocked on the door then opened it
saying, "Boys, it's time for dinner."

"Aww," Jeremy said. "Can Jake stay?"

Jake looked at them and said, "I wish I could but Dad already said I
have to be home."

The twins weren't happy with what Jake said but they
understood. "Alright," Aaron said. "Can you spend the weekend with

Jeremy looked at me and asked, "Can Jake spend the weekend with us

I looked at Aaron and he smiled weakly saying, "Oops, sorry Dad. Can
Jake spend the weekend?"

I was trying to look stern but when the twins put their chins on
Jake's shoulders I lost it on the spot and started laughing. "If
it's alright with John and Billy it's alright," I said through the

I got hugged by all three boys as they headed for the front door.
The twins gave Jake hugs and kisses then Jake left to go home. I
came into the kitchen still giggling and Dad looked at me like I'd
lost my mind. He put his hand in my shoulder and asked, "Did sitting
in that waiting room finally get to you?"

"Not court Dad, the twins," I said. "Aaron asked if Jake could stay
the weekend but forgot to ask me then Jeremy did. Then they put
their heads on Jake's shoulders."

Dad was snickering when I told him the last part. "Never a dull
moment," he said as I got the plates out and put them on the table.

The twins came in smiling and said, "Let's eat."

We had dinner then they boys went down to their room and did their
homework. When that was done, they took their shower and watched
television with us. Aaron leaned over to me and said, "Sorry I
forgot to ask you first."

"It's ok son," I said.

At ten, Robert and the twins headed off to bed Dad and I finished
watching a movie. At 11, I wanted to see the weather so we watched
the news. There was a news report on Jake's father being convicted
of putting him out before the hurricane. I was in shock as the
reporter gave Jake's father's name and said "Timothy Curtis had been
convicted of putting his 15 year old son out of his house 36 hours
before the hurricane. Judge Calvin Henry sentenced Curtis to a total
of 35 years in prison."

"God Dad," I said. "I hope the kids at school don't see that. I
don't want Jake to be a laughing stock or be ridiculed."

"We can call John and Billy in the morning and tell them about the
report so they can be aware," Dad said. "It might not be like you're
thinking son."

"I hope you're right Dad," I said as I kissed him good night. "I'll
see you in the morning."

I didn't hear Robert's alarm go off and I was sleeping soundly until
Jeremy was sitting beside me. He was rubbing my nose saying, "Wakey
wakey Dad,"

I cocked an eye open and saw him sitting there and I said, "Alright
son, I'm awake."

"I missed you when I got up," Jeremy said leaning down and kissing

I tried to move but Jeremy's butt was in the way. I looked at him
and said, "If I don't get up son, someone's gonna get wet."

He quickly moved so I could get to the bathroom. The boys ate their
breakfast as Robert and I talked with them. Aaron asked, "What's
going on with the adoption?"

"Linda said it would take some time before she had everything she
needed," Robert said.

"I have a friend who is a lawyer going to call her today to see what
progress has been made," I said.

"I hope it's soon," Jeremy said.

"Yeah," Aaron said.

Dad patted their hands and said, "We're not going to stop here until
you've been adopted. That's a promise."

It was after 7 and Robert said, "We have to get going boys."

The boys got their backpacks and we gave them hugs as they went out
the door. I looked at Dad and said, "I hope Linda's gotten that
information back. Maybe Jess can get her to start moving forward."

"Yeah maybe, Dad said. "But Linda knows how important this is to the

Dad and I went back into the kitchen when the phone rang and it was
Linda. I answered it and she said, "Shane, what's going on. I hadn't
been at my desk 5 minutes when I got a call from a lawyer who said
he was representing you and the twins."

"Yes Linda," I said. "That was Jess Martin. He's handling the boys'
trust and I asked if he's represent us for the boys' adoption."

"If that's the case Shane," she said. "Then I shouldn't really be
talking with you."

"Linda," I said. "You know I trust you. You've went out of your way
for the twins and for Jake too."

"That's right and now I find out you have a lawyer," she said.

"Hang on Linda," I said and passed the phone to Dad.

"Hi Linda," Dad said. "Look sweetie, there's something you don't
know and well, do you think you could come over?"

"I shouldn't but I will," she said. "I'll be there in about an hour."

"Boy," I said looking at Dad. "What's got into her?"

Dad sipped his coffee and said, "I think it was that she got
blindsided by Jess this morning. I don't think she would have acted
like this if we told her about Jess first."

"Yeah but Jess isn't going to try to interfere with anything," I
said. "He's here just in case things start to go tits up."

"We know that son," Dad said. "But she doesn't. She has gone out of
her way for you like Gary Waters did me but Emma Grimsley tried to
fuck us over."

"Yeah," I ...

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