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The Judge looked at Mr. Bolger and said, "Frankly counselor, so
would I. Mr. Mitchell take the stand."

Mr. Mitchell came forward and was sworn in then he took his seat.

"Will you please state your name and your relationship to Aaron and
Jeremy Mitchell for the record?" Jess said.

The man said, "My name is Melvin Mitchell and I am the grandfather
of the twins."

"Are you related by blood or marriage sir," Jess asked.

"I'm related by marriage," the man said. "I married the boys'
father's mother."

"I see," Jess said. And how old are you sir?"

"I'm 87 years old," the man said.

"You don't look a day over 70," Jess said. "How long have you two
been married?"

The man smiled and said, "We've been married for over 50 years."

I was looking back and forth between the man up there and the woman
and there was a strong resemblance between those two. Jess looked at
the man and said, "How's your health sir?"

"Not too bad," the man said as Jess went over to the table and
picked up a file. "I had a small heart attack a few years ago but
I'm doing pretty good."

"Really," Jess said picking a file up from the table." "Your Honor,
I have a report sent to DCFS by the LA County Department of Social
Services. In it, it stated their reason for denying them as
medically fit to care for the twins. I would like to enter this as

"The Judge looked at it and said, "It's so entered."

Jess went over and showed it to Mr. Bolger. Bolger looked at it and
handed it back to Jess as he said, "Sir, it says here that Melvin
and Mavis Mitchell should be denied because of the frail health of
Melvin Mitchell. What do you have to say about that?"

"I say there has to be a mistake." The man said.

"Un huh," Jess said. "Your Honor I took the liberty of subpoenaing
the medical records of Melvin Mitchell. I would like these entered
into evidence."

Jess handed the file to the judge and he looked at them then
said, "So entered."

Jess flipped through a few pages then said, "Sir, it says here that
you were hospitalized three years ago for a stroke. Do you remember

"Yeah, I remember that," he replied. "It took about 6 months for me
to get over it but look at me."

"I am," said Jess as he flipped back in the file. "Sir, it says that
you were hospitalized again just over 18 months ago for yet another
stroke. Do you remember that?"

He swallowed a little hard then said, "Yeah I do," he said.

Jess looked at him and said, "It says here sir that that stroke has
left you partially paralyzed on the left side and confined to a

I looked at Mr. Bolger and he was about to faint. The Judge looked
at the man and said, "Is that true sir?"

Jess looked at the Judge and said, "If it pleases the court, I would
like to recall Mavis Mitchell."

"Mrs. Mitchell, you're still under oath," the Judge said as she took
the stand for the third time.

"Mrs. Mitchell," Jess started. "You heard the information inside
your husband's medical records. What do you have to say?"

"I say something's wrong," she said.

"Something is wrong how?" Jess asked. "Something is wrong as in
these are the wrong medical records or something's wrong as in
that's not your husband because your husband IS in a wheelchair?"

"They must be the wrong records," she said.

Jess thought for a moment then reached into the file folder then
said, "Side bar, Your Honor."

He covered the microphone then said, "What is it Mr. Martin?"

Jess handed the Judge two items and then showed them to Mr. Bolger.
The Judge looked at Jess and said, "Is this who I think it is?"

"It is your honor," Jess said. "And look at the date."

The Judge looked at Mr. Bolger and said, "You better not be a part
of this."

"I swear Your Honor," Bolger said. "I never saw the husband before
this morning."

"Aright, I believe you counselor," the Judge said. "Step back."

"The evidence is admitted," Judge Newman said."

Jess looked at Mrs. Mitchell and said, "It is your testimony is that
the medical records I have are not your husband's, is that correct?"

"That's correct," she said.

"Then please tell me who the two people in this photograph are?"
Jess said handing her the photo.

She just sat there looking at the photograph. The Judge looked at
the woman and said, "Answer the question Mrs. Maxwell."

Jess looked at her and said, "That's a photograph of you and your
husband. Why did you add this note?"

"Is it because you wanted to see them?" Jess asked. "Why are you
going after your grandsons? Is it because you want them to be the
ones to toil over your husband like slaves or indentured servants?"

"That's enough counselor," the Judge said. "Mr. Mitchell, if that is
you real name, who are you?"

"It's Charles Thurston, Your Honor," he said. "That's my sister."

Jess looked at the Judge and said, "We move their counter claim be

"So ordered," Judge Newman said. It is the order of this court that
the petition brought by Shane Taylor to adopt Jeremy Mitchell is
hereby granted. It is also the order of this court that the petition
brought by Robert Wright to adopt Aaron Mitchell is also granted. Is
there a request for name change?"

I looked at Jeremy and he shook his head no. Jess looked at the
Judge and said, "No Your Honor, no name change."

"Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. Thurston," the Judge said, "I hereby sentence
you to 30 days in the county jail for contempt of court for trying
to willfully trying to perpetrate a fraud on the court. Aaron,
Jeremy, enjoy your new family. This court is adjourned.

Jeremy was in my arms and Aaron was in Robert's as soon as the Judge
banged his gavel. The Bailiffs let Mrs. Mitchell Mr. Thurston off to
jail. The boys looked at the woman and Aaron said, "I've been
looking at her and I just don't remember her."

Linda walked over to Mrs. Walden and said, "I'll see you in my
office tomorrow. I'm recommending you be terminated. I can't have
people not following policies designed to protect our children. And
to top it off you were going to recommend the boys go to them in
California. I don't understand you. You used to be a good worker."

All she could say was, "I was just trying to help."

Linda turned to walk away then said, "That's why we investigate

Dad looked at us and said, "Let's go home."

We walked out of the courtroom and Jess was standing outside. I
looked at him and said, "What was in that envelope?"

"A photograph," Jess said.

He took it out of the file and showed it to me. I looked at it then
said, "For once in my life I'm glad I was a klutz."

I handed the picture back to Jess and said, "Thanks man, you're one
hell of an attorney."

Dad laughed at him and said, "He's a real pit bull in court son.

Jess smiled and said, "Nah man, I'm just a pussy cat."

We all laughed then walked out to the Yukon and went home. It was
after one and Jeremy said, "I'm hungry Dad."

I went outside and turned on the gas grill and got some frozen
burgers out. I cooked a whole box and brought them inside and we all
devoured them along with some potato chips. I looked at Dad and
said, "What's wrong Dad?"

"Nothing son," he said. "I'm just tired. I think I'm going to lie
down for a while. When I get up, I was thinking about taking both
families out to dinner."

Robert and I looked at each other then he said, "Dad, wouldn't it be
better if we did that tomorrow? Everyone would be off on Saturday."

"Good thinking son," Dad said. "I'll call them tonight and let them
know of the plans."

We all gave Dad hugs and kisses then he went to his room to take a
nap. The boys then melted into our arms as their eyes fixed onto
each other. I swear they were talking to themselves without saying a
word because their eyes next looked at Robert and me. I saw a look
of pure love in Jeremy's eyes and I knew what was on his mind.

The twins stood up and began softly kissing us. I saw Aaron starting
to caress Robert's back as he worked his shirt out of his pants. I
saw his hands disappear and begin to rub his soft skin. I heard
Robert softly gasp as I saw Aaron's hands caressing his chest and I
knew he was rubbing Robert's quarter size tits.

Jeremy was caressing my face and running his fingers through my
hair. He must have seen what Aaron was doing to Robert because I
felt him lift my shirt up and begin caressing my bare back. I could
feel that Jeremy's dick was steel hard as he was pushing his crotch
against mine. I didn't want to make love to Jeremy right here in the
living room although that did have possibilities if Dad wasn't here.

I felt Jeremy's hand reach for my zipper so I stopped him and led
him down the hall to their room. I noticed Aaron was now leading
Robert to ours. As soon as we entered, Jeremy used his foot to close
the door as he began to kiss me again. His tongue was probing my
oral cavity in search of my tonsils. I reached down and lifted his
shirt over his head and tossed it on the chair. Jeremy went back to
kissing me and trying to remove my shirt at the same time. I broke
the kiss and removed my shirt, shoes and socks.

Jeremy stepped forward and started licking my chest and he quickly
found one of my nipples. He began to lick my right one and undo my
pants at the same time. He removed them and my boxers in one stroke
and now I was naked before him.

Down in our room Robert and Aaron were naked on the bed in the
throws of a passionate ...

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