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A Mission in Diplomacy

Jay said to me, "Marco you're right bro. I've loved you too. Even when we
were younger, I've wanted you. Shit man, I gave you all the signals but it
hit me one day that you wanted to but you could never bear to hurt Ronnie."

Jay came over and hugged me tightly just like we used to do when we were
kids. This was the hug I really wanted. I loved seeing Ronnie and Steven,
but Jay was the brother I had missed the most. We took our showers and
dressed then headed onto the recovery room to check on Tito.

When we reached the recovery area, I had to stop so I could make out what I
was hearing. Jay came in behind me so I put my arm out and he stopped also.
Coming from inside the recovery room was the sound of a prepubescent angel.
It seems he has found his voice again and was using it quite well.

We walked over to the cubicle Tito was in and he was sitting up a little
surrounded by two nurses. The one thing that was immediately noticed was
that Tito was smiling. Both sides for his face now moved and this little boy
had a smile that would have melted the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Jay looked over at me and said, "He is a real cute one isn't he? My heart
went out to him when my Dad told me what happened to him. I couldn't wait to
get here to see if there was anything I could do for him. I'm sure glad
there was."

I only heard part of what Jay was saying because I was lost in my own
world. I didn't know how or why, but this child had taken a hold of my
heart. I knew that Miguel was right and that we had to get him back so he
could have a new and happier life at the ranch.

Jay nudged me with his elbow. I turned my head and he just smiled saying,
"The kid's gotten to you huh? I kind of thought he would. It was that same
thing the first time I met Ruben and Edwardo. It was like love at first
sight. Now come on and let's see how the rest of him is doing."

We went into Tito's cubicle and it took him about thirty seconds to realize
we were standing there. He looked up at the two of us standing there and he
just went silent. I looked over at Jay and I couldn't hold it back any
longer. I started laughing. I laughed so hard tears began to roll down my
cheeks. It took several minutes to bring myself back under control and when
I did I said to Tito, "Son, you don't have to be quiet now. We have been
standing out there for about 5 minutes. We've seen you smile and heard you
laugh and talk. It's wonderful. Please don't stop."

Tito looked up at me and smiled and asked, "What was your name again

My heart melted again when I saw that now perfect smile thanks to Jay's
handy work. I smiled back and said, "My name is Marco Cortez. But please
just call me Marco. How do you feel son?"

Jay stepped around to his other side so he could take a look at the
incision he made a couple of hours ago. The area was only slightly swollen
and judging by the way he was chattering that didn't seem to bother him at
all. He decided to let me look at his arm because he seemed to sense a trust
forming between us.

Tito looked around as Jay and I began to check him out. Jay was satisfied
with the work done on the child's face. He knew in about a month that no one
would ever be able to tell he ever had surgery there. The boy looked down as
I gently felt each finger to make sure they were all nice and warm. I sat
beside the boy and with a gentle smile of reassurance said, "Try to move
each finger a little."

Tito started with his thumb and cautiously moved it. I saw a little sign of
pain register on his face but he didn't say anything and moved on to the
next finger then the next until he was at his little finger. He moved that
one just as he did the others.

Jay and I knew this would be the crucial test. This nerve had been totally
severed. Jay carefully attached both ends back together and I did something
I don't ever do following a fresh reattachment and that was electrically
stimulate it. Using only the tiniest amount of current, I saw what I needed.
His little finger twitched and I was satisfied.

I was pleased but I knew it would take several weeks before his shoulder
would be back to normal. I had a nurse fit him for a sling while Jay and I
went and wrote our notes. This took about twenty minutes or so considering
this was a unique procedure.

We had finished the notes and Jay was dictating them along with the
discharge summary when one of the nurses came and told us Tito was in pain.
Jay and I discussed this and it was decided that I would look at him and
then decide how to handle the situation while he finished in here.

I went to his cubicle and noticed that our once talkative young man was
somewhat sullen and withdrawn. I walked in and sat down beside him. He
lifted his head and simply said, "Arm hurts bad."

I was hoping Jay and I could get Tito to Miguel's house before he really
started hurting but it seems that this would not be that case. I decided to
see how bad he was in pain. I wanted him to be awake while we went to the
Hummer in case there was a problem so Jay wouldn't have to be carrying him.
I called jay and found out it would still be another thirty minutes or so
before we left so I decided to try an oral pain medication on him. I had the
nurse bring me one and I handed it to Tito with a glass of water. He quickly
took the pill and I informed him I would check on him in a few minutes.

I told Jay what I had done and he made a notation on Tito's chart and I went
ahead and signed off on the order. I needed to use the bathroom and while
doing so I thought I should get myself acquainted to my surroundings. I saw
Jay heading towards the same door I was coming out of so I let him know what
I was going to.

I went down to the first floor and headed towards the entrance. While I was
doing I quickly checked the lobby area to get accustomed to it.

I went through the sliding door and walked to the Hummer. I went into the
back and grabbed the two small bags then went and sat in the back seat and
closed the doors. I changed my clothes and put on a pair of cargo pants and
harder soled shoes rather than wear the slip on shoes I had been wearing. I
tucked the phone Miguel gave me into one of the pockets and a few other odds
and ends I thought I might need and went back up to the second flood.

When I came out of the elevator I saw someone standing near a telephone and
quickly dismissed it as someone waiting on his family member in the
operating room. I continued down the hall and went into the doctor's area. I
turned around and looked at the man and he decided just to leave so I didn't
really give it much further thought.

I saw Jay sitting at the desk semi lost in thought. I looked at him and
said, "Hey, what's on your mind? Is there something wrong with Tito?"

At first, Jay didn't act like he heard me then he turned and looked at me
and said, "Huh? Oh sorry Marco, I guess I was a little distracted. Tito
seems fine and his arm has stopped hurting. He's dozing at the moment but he
should be fine. His clothes are under his bed so why don't you get him ready
while I sign for the medication and things we're going to need to take care
of him."

While I was doing that, I got a wheelchair and took it into his cubicle. I
had to open the curtain a little so there was room for the wheelchair and I
saw Tito's eyes looking right at me. "Hi there," I smiled and said to him.
"Did you enjoy your little nap? Is your arm feeling better since you took
the pill I gave you?

His dark eyes followed me as I moved around the room. I reached under the
bed and sat his clothes beside him. He looked and said, "Marco thank you for
the pill. My arm is feeling better but is still a little sore. I can't dress
myself with one arm. Will you please help me?"

I looked at this little charmer and I knew my heart was melting. I reached
my hand towards his good hand and they touched as he wrapped it around my
fingers. I tightened my arm and he pulled himself into a sitting position
swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

I looked through his clothes and it was a good thing he had muscle shirt. I
was worried that I wouldn't be able to get him into a regular tee shirt.
Getting the hospital surgical gown was easy. It has snaps the run across
from the shoulder to the neck on both sides. I gently unsnapped the gown and
let it fall down to his lap. I removed the sling and helped him into he's
shirt then reapplied his appliance.

I sat down in a chair and faced the child. I took the gown and set it out of
the way. This was the first time I'd seen him totally naked and I was in
awe. He looked up at me and smiled while he scratched his little package. As
he did he became erect and said; "I gotta pee Marco."

As I handed him the urinal I suddenly realized he needed two hands for this
operation. I sat the jug down and lifted him off the bed setting him on his
feet. I turned him around and handed him the jug so I could put his penis

No sooner did I get it in the hole when he cut loose with a hard stream of
urine. He stood there for what seemed like an hour but it was only about a
minute and when he was finished his little three-inch erection was reduced
to a one-inch flaccid penis. When he was finished he turned around and
hugged me giggling saying, "Marco, I had to do that for a long time."

I was laughing a little too as I reached under his butt and set him on my
lap. I returned his hug then helped him put his underwear and shorts on. I
lifted him onto the bed and put on the new pair of sneakers I had bought for
him. He looked up at me and said, "Marco, are you going to be my Daddy?"

That question took me totally by surprise. I had always wanted to become a
father but considering the type of life I led; I really didn't want to try
to raise a child. Miguel was giving me the chance to settle down and help
children so maybe I could have a child of my own. I picked Tito up in my
arms and said, "I don't know buddy, would you want me to be your Dad?"

Tito hugged me around the neck and gave me one of his patented kisses and
said, "Marco, the minute I saw you I knew I wanted you for my daddy. You
look so much like me we could be father and son." Tito saw Jay standing
there and almost started crying. He said, "Jay please don't be mad at me. I
know you put in a lot of work to help me but I ...

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