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A Time For Reflection

I checked on Carlos, Emilio, Tommy and Tito before finally turning in for
the evening. I drifted off to sleep thinking about everything I had learned
this evening. I hope Jay and Pop can help answer these questions running
through my head.

It was early when I woke up to relieve my overloaded bladder. I looked at
the clock and it wasn't even six o'clock yet. This was unusual for me, as
here lately I've needed the alarm clock to wake me. I took my shower then
went down to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. The kitchen staff
was there preparing breakfast and I informed them to slow down because I
wanted breakfast served at seven thirty as today was Saturday.

I took my coffee into the living room and turned on the television and
watched the early morning news. I was there watching the screen but not
paying attention to what they were saying. I was about to get my second cup
of coffee when Stevie and Ruben came bounding down the stairs and jumped
into my arms. "Hi Uncle Marco," they said in unison, each kissing a cheek.

I gave them each a hug and a kiss on the forehead before setting them back
down on their feet. I changed the channel for them so they could watch
cartoons while I got my second cup of liquid wake up.

I came back in at resumed thinking about the things I'd been told when Ruben
said, "Uncle Marco, Edwardo said he told you about the scar on us. Is there
something wrong with me? Why is it I can't make sperms yet like Stevie?"

I picked my nephew up and set him on my lap bringing him close to me and
saying, "There is nothing to worry about little one. Every boy is different
when it comes to puberty. You realize there is only nine months difference
in age between you and your brother, right?"

He nodded his head then said, "That's what Stevie said too. I might just
need a little more time."

I smiled and said, "He's right. I do want to ask you one question Ruben. Are
you making anything at all when you climax?"

He blushed a little and said, "Just a little but Stevie's making more than I

"It's alright son," I said with a smile on my face. I didn't want him to
feel uncomfortable. "No body is going to make fun of you."

I looked at the clock and it was almost seven so I sent the boys to get
dressed and wake the others. I went in and woke the four guys downstairs and
Tito and Tommy attacked me immediately. I roughhoused with them for a few
minutes until they had me just about worn out.

All the boys started filtering down in twos and threes and soon everyone was
ready to eat. The kitchen is set up different in the resident's houses than
the main house. Here the boys have the food put on their plates in the
amount they wish but it's known they have to eat everything before going
back for more. I like this idea better because when each child is done, they
can leave the area and go about their business.

After breakfast, I was going to take Tito, Ruben and Edwardo over to see Pop
and Jay when I had their respective boyfriends jumping up and down saying
they wanted to come along also. There was no way I could say no so off to
the main house the seven of us went.

When I walked in, Jay, Ronnie, Pop and Gwen were sitting there finishing
their breakfast. The boys went and gave hugs to everyone while I fixed
myself another cup of coffee and joined them while they finished eating.

After they ate, we took the boys into the office and I showed Jay and Pop
the scars on their bodies. When Pop felt Edwardo's scar I said, "There is
only one thing I can imagine but I've never seen it on children."

Pop quickly felt the other boy's scars then ushered them out of the office
and closed the door. He looked at me and asked, "Alright son, what do you
think it is?"

All of a sudden it was like I was back in medical school standing before a
professor. My knees got weak and my mouth dry. I looked at him and said,
"The only thing I can think it that can this can be is a vasectomy but like
I said before, I've never seen it on a child."

When I was making that statement Pop was looking out the window. He hadn't
moved a muscle but said, "You're right son, that's what it is. The person
who did it that way was in medical school with me and became quite a
successful urologist. He perfected that style and went to work in third
world countries helping the adults with birth control."

Jay said, "How come you know so much about him Dad?"

I heard Pop take a deep breath before answering. He sighed then said,
"That's because he taught me his technique. I wasn't sure what specialty I
wanted to go into so I spent six months with him. After I left, I knew this
was not what I wanted to do. It also paved the way for me to go into
pediatrics and then pediatric surgery."

"How come I never knew about this?" Jay asked.

He turned around and said, "This was a long time before I knew you or your

I had been thinking about all he had been saying when I said, "Pop, if this
is in fact a scar from a vasectomy, the boys need to get them reversed
before it's to late. Edwardo is already ejaculating so this is becoming a
priority. There is a few other things too, and I think you know what they

"Yes I do Marco," Pop said dejectedly. "I know a doctor has broken all his
ethics and needs to be stopped. I also know there may be many children out
there that are like our three boys. I would also care to wager there are
girls who have had this done and they all need help. I just don't know how
to find them all but I will use all the resources I have at my disposal to
help in any way I can."

I looked at Jay and said, "I guess the first thing we should do is find out
if Edwardo is producing sperm. I think I already know the answer but it
needs to be confirmed first."

"What about Ruben?" Jay asked.

"I talked with him this morning," I said in answer to his question. "He will
need to be checked also but he said he's just putting out a little semen.
This may buy him some time and a reversal should work. Tito is only ten and
the last I knew is still having dry orgasms."

Jay looked back at me and said, "Well, I guess we should take them to the
dispensary and have them give us some samples."

I nodded my head and then went back into the living room where we found six
boys sitting on the couch unsure of what was going on. I went over to Tito
and reached out my hand to him and said, "Come on son, let's take a walk."

Jay reached his hand out to Edwardo just as Ronnie came from the kitchen
into the living room. Ruben got up and ran to Ronnie and each of their
respective boyfriends took hold of their hands also.

Jay explained to Tito, Ruben and Edwardo what it was we needed them to do. I
could see Kevin's eyes light up because he remembered what I had asked
Edwardo the night before.

Tito looked at me and asked, "Are you going to have to do it Daddy?"

I smiled at him and said, "No little one, I won't. I'll just explain how to
do it and then I'll just leave you to it."

Kevin piped up and said, "Can we help?"

I looked at him and said, "Yes Kevin, you can all help your boyfriends with
this. Each of you will be in separate rooms so there is no embarrassment for
the others."

Tito looked up at me and smiled saying, "Thanks Daddy. I really wouldn't
have minded you but I think Tommy will be more fun."

We got to the dispensary and I unlocked the door then entered. Stopping at
the lab, I got three specimen cups just to be sure then we explained to the
boys what we needed of them. The adults were sure we didn't need to tell
them how to do this so we left them to their own devices.

After about seven minutes, the pairs of boys began exiting the rooms a pair
at a time with Kevin and Edwardo being the last. He and Ruben had liquid in
their cups, which still confirmed to me that Tito was not yet going through

Ronnie took all the boys back to the main house while Jay and I started
preparing the samples for microscopic examination. I was thinking back to
when I was in medical school. I was trying to remember the exact way to
prepare a sperm sample. "Hey bro," I shouted while he was saying good-bye to
Ronnie. "Can you help me in here. Seems I've forgot my urology 101."

"Oh great," Jay said laughingly. "To think, I have you assisting me with
microsurgery and you can't prepare samples for the microscope. I'll be there
in a minute."

Jay came inside and went to work. Within a few minutes, he had the samples
in the centrifuge and spinning down for our examination. The machine stopped
automatically and I began preparing the slides.

Jay and I used the two-person microscope so we could both see the slides at
the same time. Since I was pretty sure Ruben was just starting puberty, his
sample wouldn't show signs of dead sperm. I was right; the sample was clean
and void of any sperm. When I slid Edwardo's slide into place, I wasn't sure
what I would see. If there were sperm present, reversing the procedure would
be imperative if he was going to have a chance at being a father if he
wanted this later in life.

"Marco, you better take a look at this," Jay said hurriedly.

I wasn't sure what to think but when I put my eyes to the eyepieces I saw
everything. Sure enough, there were about one hundred dead sperm in the
sample. "Damn, I was hoping he would be like Ruben. It would have been nice
if he was late starting puberty." I didn't want to put these guys through
any more than they have already but I didn't see any way around it.

Jay looked up and slammed his fist on the table. The microscope jumped up
and down and I quickly grabbed it as Jay said, "Why these boys Marco. I hope
I never lay eyes on this bastard. I swear I'll pound the shit out of him."

I took Jay by the hand and led him out of the lab. "I know bro and I want to
do that to him as well," I said still holding his hand. "But that won't
solve anything. We need to concentrate on finding a good pediatric urologist
who can do the reversal surgeries on the boys."

Jay was visibly mad and upset. ...

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