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Judgment Day -- Part II

The judge said, "Very well. It is the judgment of this court that you shall
immediately be stripped of your license to practice medicine and you shall
serve no less than 15 years and no more than the term of your natural life
for each count of rape to be served consecutively. I also fine you the
amount of $50,000 for each count also. This case is adjourned."

The former doctor was placed in shackles and led away to begin serving his
sentence. Pop was sitting in the back of the gallery so when the trial was
over, he could quickly be able to get out of the packed courtroom. He saw
Sam Thomas and Bill Goldman in the hall when he came out and Sam said, "Well
that's another one down. I know I probably shouldn't say this but I really
hope the judge gets the death sentence when he comes to trial. If ever there
someone that was pure evil, that man is."

Bill didn't say anything but the look on his face said he agreed with what
Sam had said. Bill wanted to get back to the station so he could get out of
his uniform before going home so he declined Pop's invitation for a drink.
Sam and Pop went to a restaurant across the street where Pop filled Sam in
on Evan Miller and what he'd done to Tito, Edwardo and Ruben. Sam was
visibly shaken over this latest turn of events but he knew he wouldn't be
seeing freedom ever again.

I had invited Pop to dinner at my house and he was very quiet during the
meal. I know he was in court but the boys didn't so they were wondering what
was going on.

After dinner, I went to him and asked him, "What's wrong now Pop? Another
person is now in prison, isn't he?"

He just glared at me and said, "You just don't get it do you?"

"What's there to get?" I said starting to do a slow boil?" "Even Miller is
in prison for the rest of his life and everyone but two were there too. I'm
sorry things aren't working out to your expectations but you have a bunch of
kids that are down now wondering what else is wrong. How long are you going
to go around feeling sorry for yourself?"

"Feeling sorry for myself?" Pop shot back at me. "I'm not feeling sorry for

"Oh no?" I asked looking him right in the eyes. "Then what are you doing?
Look, I'm not telling you to go out like you won a tournament or something,
but you can be pleased that justice is being served. Other wise Conner's
death will have meant nothing. I'm just glad that Conner wasn't one of the
boys in the house that night or knew what his stepfather was doing. And
don't feel sorry for the boys. They are dealing with this better than you
are. If they see you're depressed, that will do it too and you know that is
something we don't need."

Pop sat there for a bit then said, "I guess you're right. All this crap
makes me mad."

"I know it does," I said back to Pop. "It does me too but dwelling on it
won't help except give you ulcers."

I didn't like talking to Pop like that but had the roles been reversed, he
would have done it to me. In fact, he has a few times. The last time I was
still in the army and I was just getting ready to go overseas. It would be
several weeks before the trial of Conner's stepfather so I was hoping things
would get back to normal for a little while.

Tito came in and went over to Pop and sat on his lap. He didn't say anything
to him but he just put his head against his chest and closed his eyes. Pop
put his arms around him and enjoyed the time he had with this grandson
because he don't get many chances to cuddle with him. I went over to house
two to check on those guys.

I walked into the house and Jamie came chasing a little ball of fur. He was
saying, "Hey give me that you fur ball."

I was about to say something when he thought my leg was a tree trunk and up
my leg he climbed. I hollered in pain saying, "Argh! My leg."

I bent down and carefully removed it's claws from my leg and handed Jamie
the underwear he had in his mouth. He said, "Thanks Marco. I guess we need
to get him a few toys so he's not taking my undies."

I rubbed my leg and laughed saying, "A wise idea little one. I know my leg
will thank you when you do. Have you finished your studies for the night?"

"Yes Marco," Jamie smiled. "Momma Gwen checked it and I got everything

I was amazed. I went and looked in on the others and Gwen was looking at a
few papers. She handed them back to their owners then she said, "Terry, can
you get the boys into the shower? Then you guys can come watch some
television before bed."

Terry gave her a hug while nodding his head yes. I looked at Gwen grinning
saying, "Well hay there Momma Gwen."

She slapped at my arm replying, "Don't knock it. I know you love it when
Tito calls you Daddy. I have to admit, I was taken aback at first and quite
scared they would accept a woman to care for them but I wouldn't trade this
for the world."

"You're a natural," I said smiling at her. "I know a certain thirteen year
old who thinks the sun shines and sets on you. I better be getting back to
my house and see if the boys are doing their homework."

"You know Marco," Gwen said as I was heading for the door. "If we decided to
school the boys here, we could use one of the open houses for the

I stood there for a second and thought about what she had said and it did
make sense then I said, "If we do decide to do this, I would want state
certified teachers so the boys can get into good quality universities. Think
about it and maybe ask Alex what she thinks about it."

As I turned and opened the door Gwen said, "I will Marco. For right now I
think we could handle the boys that are in elementary and middle school. We
have the most of them now."

She was right I had to admit. I wasn't prepared to teach the high school
subjects Jordan had. I still remembered my high school math and science but
English, literature and history was up for very serious discussion.

As soon as I came through the front door, the first person to ask for my
help with their homework was Jordan.
Thank goodness it was calculus and not senior English then I know I would
have really been in trouble.

I checked the rest of the boy's studies then got them into the shower.
Emilio came to me and said, "Marco, my leg hurts."

I took him into my room and had him remove his shorts and undies so I could
see where he was in pain. I looked at the incision and that was a touch pink
but that was a sign it was still healing. I checked his muscles and his leg
strength and that was all fine. I knew his muscles inside were still healing
and there were dissolvable sutures present while the healing was going on. I
looked down at Emilio and said, "Son, I think the muscle is still healing
inside. It's going to take another couple of months until they are
completely healed. I think maybe you should soak in a warm tub at night and
see if that will help ease the discomfort."

I went into the bathroom and started filling the tub when Carlos came
running in and said, "Why didn't you wait for me to help you?"

"I'm alright Carlos," Emilio said smiling at him.

"You could have fallen down the stairs," He said looking back concerned.

"All right Carlos," Emilio said softly. "I'm sorry. I know you care about
me. I'll be more careful."

Carlos slid in beside him and held him in his arms saying, "You're right I
care about you but I also love you little guy."

Emilio smiled then a tear slipped out of his eye when he said, "I love you
too Carlos. I don't want to lose you. I promise I'll listen and wait for you
to help me."

I came back in to see Carlos lying beside Emilio holding him. I slipped his
shirt off then picked Emilio up and carried him into the bathroom setting
him into the tub. I saw Carlos behind me when I said, "Can you stay with him
while he soaks. Let him soak for ten minutes then you can help wash him.

"All right Marco," Carlos said. "I love him and I don't mind doing anything
for him. Can I get in to help wash him?"

I turned to look at Carlos and said smiling, "Sure you can. While you're in
the tub, you can get washed yourself."

I went looking for the others when I heard huge amounts of laughing and
giggling coming from one of the rooms. I found the sounds then opened the
door to find everyone engaged in a huge battle. There stood eleven naked
boys pummeling each other with pillows.

I saw Ruben wind up to hit his brother when the pillow slipped out of his
hand and come flying in my direction. It's a good thing I saw it otherwise I
would have caught it in the face. When Ruben saw this he turned red then
shouted, "I wouldn't look guys but we're all busted."

He was right. I was almost busted in the chops with his pillow. I tried to
look stern and said, "Everyone in a straight line."

Kevin being the comedian said, "How about a gay one, Marco?"

He had me snickering when I said, "Whatever wise guy. Now to the showers."

As each boys passed, they got a light playful smack on their butt. They all
gave a mock squeal followed by a giggle. Kevin was the last one in the line
so when I smacked him I wrapped my arms around him and picked him up
commencing to tickle him. He squealed and laughed loudly saying, "I give up
Marco. Sorry for the comment but I couldn't resist the opening you gave me."

I set him on the floor and he scampered down the hall to catch up with the
others. I told Jordan they had one hour before bed and if they wanted some
free time not to take to long in the shower.

I went back to check on Carlos and Emilio. When I went into my room, the
boys were lying on my bed cuddled close sound asleep. I decided to let them
sleep until bedtime, and then carry them over to the other bedroom for the

At nine I had all the boys in bed for the evening, Carlos and Emilio shifted
to the other room and I was now ready to put my feet up for an hour or so
before turning in myself.

I decided to watch a program on Discovery Health Channel then call it a
night ...

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