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All Hell Breaks Loose

Tony carried Robert back to the dispensary so I could cast his ankle when
Sam appeared at the door. Tony let him in on his way out. Pop, Jay and I met
him in the living room and I didn't like the look on his face. Sam said,
"Guys it looks like you may have two new temporary residents."

"What happened Sam," I said.

"Some time in the last six hours, someone broke into the Coleman's house and
killed the adults," Sam said. "If the kids had been there, they would be
dead too. I know who's behind this and I've taken out a warrant for Parker

This was the absolute worst news those boys needed. Robert was already
scared from the two emails he received and now when he learns his parents
have been murdered, he would be absolutely beside himself. The only thing I
don't know is how distraught Roddy was going to be. I would hope he would be
strong for his little brother then break dawn when he wasn't around. I took
a deep breath and said; "I guess it's time for us to break the news to them.
Has someone packed their clothes?"

"They're going to need all new things," Sam said. "Who ever did this used
automatic weapons and sprayed the entire house with I don't know how many
bullets. It looks like a war zone in there."

Pop said, "That won't be a problem. We can set them up with new clothes and
things just like we do for the others. Have you started looking for
relatives and for the ones who carried out James' orders?"

"Yes we are," Sam said as we walked out the door for the dispensary. "I'm
even going to try to get Mr. James down here so we can interrogate him
without me having to drive over a hundred miles."

"Do you think the judge will allow that?" Jay asked.

"I think so," Sam said as we walked inside. "Judges know it's easier on us
if they are held in our jail while an investigation is going on."

I motioned for Tony to come here. When he stepped out the door, Jay
explained everything that happened to him and Pop went and got two sedatives
just in case the boys became inconsolable.

We went back into the ward and huddled around the boys. They both had
questioning looks on their faces when Pop began to tell them what happened.
I was beside Robert and Pop was beside Roddy. The boys began to cry as the
news of their parents murder sank in.

We held then in our arms until Roddy looked up and said, "What's going to
happen to us now?"

Sam rubbed his hair and said, "This place here is for boys who don't have
any other place to live. They are also licensed foster parents so you and
your brother will be staying here until we can find relatives who will be
willing to take you both."

"Oh no," Robert said. "I hate Dad's brother and our grandparents are in
nursing homes."

Roddy said, "Robert's right. Our uncle drinks and gets mean when he does. As
long as we're together, I guess it will be all right if we live here. Can we
share a room like we did before?"

I smiled at them and said, "I don't see why not. I have a room open in my
house that would be perfect for you guys. I do need to tell you both a
little about this place."

Sam and Pop walked outside while I told the boys about The Ranch. Sam said,
"They seemed to calm down pretty quickly Miguel."

Pop looked at him and replied, "That's just temporary. I know it's going to
hit them again and will do that until they can fully grieve for their
parents. The others will accept them and be there when they break down and
you know Gwen and I will counsel them when they want to talk. I'm sure they
will be fine given some time."

"Knowing you like I do I'm sure they will," Sam said. "I have to go back to
their house and finish up a few things then do a mountain of paperwork. I'll
talk with you later."

They shook hands and Sam left to finish up his business. Pop came back
inside as I was putting on Robert's cast. I looked at him and said, "Would
you like to come over to where you'll be living? There is a room downstairs
you two can stay in until you can walk on that cast."

"That sounds alright," Robert said. "It's got to be better than staying in a

Tony scooped him up and said, "Come on sickey, and let's get you into your
new digs."

We went over to the house and were soon surrounded by boys with dozens of
questions. Tony took Robert and Roddy inside while I spoke to the others. I
explained what happened and asked them not to push questions at them right
now. Emilio came up to me and said, "Marco, will Robert be able to walk?"

"Sure little one," I answered picking him up into my arms. "He will be able
to walk tomorrow as soon as his cast dries. We will have to wrap it in
plastic so it doesn't get wet when he takes a shower."

"Cool," Kevin said grinning like a Cheshire cat. "We'll be glad to help

"He has a brother," I replied. "Offer to help him but don't be upset if he
doesn't accept right away. You didn't stray to far from me for the first few
days after you got here."

"We know Marco," Jordan said. "We'll let him know we're all here for him if
he needs our help with anything."

I was about to turn around when a voice said, "Thanks guys. This means a lot
and we'll both need your help."

Carlos came up to him and said, "Welcome home dude, my name is Carlos. You
have a load of brothers here now and we're here for you both anytime you
need us."

Roddy leaned in and hugged him saying, "I'm Roddy and that's my little
brother Robert."

All of a sudden Robert yelled, "Tony, Marco help me to the bathroom fast. I
feel like I've gotta poop."

Tony ran over to him just as he cut lose with a massive dose of diarrhea.
Robert started to cry saying, "Don't be mad please. I couldn't help it."

Tony soothed the boy while I got a towel. He said, "It's alright little one.
No one's going to be mad at you. Accidents happen all the time."

Tommy piped up saying, "That's right Robby, and you should have smelled the
wicked fart I let when I was in the hospital. Marco almost turned green."

Emilio held his nose saying, "That's right. He almost made me sick. I guess
you forgot about me being in the next bed, huh bro?"

I brought in a few towels and we lifted Robert off the sheets and two of the
boys quickly stripped the bed. Mike went and got a roll of toilet paper then
Tim gently started wiping him with the gown he was wearing until the paper
would do.

Robert started to cry again when Jordan said, "What's wrong now?"

"You guys are just so nice to me," he said.

Roddy kissed him gently then said, "I know Robert. They have made us part of
their family now. I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to like it

I brought in a heavy plastic bag and wrapped his leg in it then went to
start filling the bathtub in my room. I looked at Roddy and asked, "Would
you like to help give him a bath?"

"Err, ah well," he said turning red. "I would but."

"Are you afraid of getting a bone?" Jordan asked.

He hung his head and nodded. Carlos wrapped his arms around his and said,
"Don't worry about it dude. It happens to all of us. Around here we don't
think anything of it but if you're still uncomfortable, one of us will help
him providing it's alright with Robert."

He looked at him and said, "I could use some help."

Carlos had started removing his clothes then said, "Sure thing. Just tell me
what you need me to do."

"Before you take him to the bath," I said. "Robert, I want you to take
these. It's something that will stop the diarrhea."

He reached out his hand taking the pills then washed them down with the
glass of water I'd brought for him. I carried him into the bathroom followed
by Roddy and Carlos. Roddy quickly stripped and stepped into the tub. I
handed Robert to him and he set him into the water. Carlos stepped in and
took his leg so the cast wouldn't get wet.

Roddy picked the soap up and gently washed his younger brother. He kneeled
and cleaned every inch and didn't think twice when it came time to washing
his bottom. He washed it as if it was his arms or legs. Carlos called Emilio
in to hold his leg so he could help Roddy rinse the soap off the sick and
injured child.

When he was completely rinsed, Carlos took Robert's leg so Emilio could set
a towel on the closed toilet. Roddy called me and I gently lifted him out of
the water. Emilio started to dry Robert while Carlos and Roddy quickly
bathed. Once they were done, they stepped out and dried themselves.

"Thanks Carlos," Roddy said. "I didn't get hard this time."

"I think you spoke to soon dude," he said. "Look."

"Guess that thing has a mind of it's own," Roddy said blushing slightly.

"Don't worry about it," Carlos said. "If it sticks around, go into your room
and take care of the problem. That's what most of the guys here do."

"I'll remember that," Roddy said in response.

Terry stuck his head in and said, "Hiya Robert. How you doing today?"

Jordan took Terry by the arm and quickly told him what had happened. Terry
ran back inside and held Robert in his arms. He said, "I'm sorry Robert, I
didn't know. All the guys in the other house are here for you and your
brother too."

He picked him up and carried him into the other room and laid him on the
freshly made bed. I had brought over some extra gowns for him but Emilio ran
up to his room and brought him a few pair of Carlos' shorts so he would look

I let the boys stay with Robert while I took Roddy over to the clothes room
and we got them both something better to wear. We carried the clothes back
to the house and a few of the others helped him put everything away. Timmy
brought him a tee shirt to wear and he was happy because he looked like a
kid again.

Terry went over ...

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