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Randy slapped Pierre on his firm, hairy ass as he and Zeb headed for the kitchen door. “Thanks, man…we can do breakfast in bed any time you want…!”

“No, I am thanking you, Rhondee…you give me such good young man sock and say I am o.k. without circumcise…you make me happy for my deek.”

“I think Zeb and I will be able to keep your dick happy…now that we know you want lots of young ‘sock’!”

“Ah, but Zeb will bite on me…maybe just you sock on me!”

“Hey, man…I said I’d chew it, not bite it! You know I’m just playin’ with you anyway, right? Your sweet little bone is completely safe with us…”

“My deek is bone? It more happy now…I guess is O.K. I let you chew…but not to bite! I go to work now, you go to leather…I theenk about you to do more sock after I cook meal!”

Randy got into Zeb’s car and they headed for Roscoe’s Saddle shop.

“How’d you ever get Pierre in the sack…for two years all I heard was that he just did older guys…”

“Tell you what...his pal Mike has been shootin’ him a load of bull…all this crap about little guys shouldn’t cum a lot - hell, now I know he’s been getting more from Rod than from Mike…fact is, sounds to me he’s getting’ nothin’ from Mike except bullshit! And all this crap about him being uncut…he’s got him really believing that nobody wants to do him except old guys because he hasn’t been circumcised! Anyway, when I woke up around 10 with my usual mornin’ wood, I headed for the kitchen to grab something to eat, and he was already there – he could see how hard I was, so we got talkin’ and he wanted to do me. I really wasn’t sure, but let him ’cause he kept askin’…and he blew me away – I mean, literally – and he’s a whole lot better than Rod, but don’t tell Rod that!”

“I know how good Rod is…Pierre’s gotta be a pretty great cock sucker to top him…you sure you weren’t just caught in the passion of the moment?”

“I’m serious man, get him to blow you and you won’t believe it!”

“So, anyway…how’d you get to do him?”

“He brought me breakfast in bed…and, well…I got him in the sack with a little coaxing – started feelin’ him up, we both got horny…sucked him off…he went apeshit when I did…come to find out he loves to get off with younger guys. The shit that Mike was shootin’ about him just likin’ older guys was just that…shit!”

“Good suck?”

“Yeah – sweet ‘bite size’ tool – perfect, and what a load – you’ll see when you do him tonight…”

“Damn…you’re makin’ me want a little right now – not that I don’t ALWAYS want a little…good thing we’re gonna see Roscoe – I can always count on some relief when I see him!”

“You do a lot of leather stuff with him?”

“Pete and I are into cockrings, jocks and collars…I have a pretty good collection of c-rings and four or five hot jocks, and he always has to ‘fit’ me – and Pete too – which requires a ‘hard’ fitting and a ‘soft’ fitting…and you KNOW how he manages to get you ready for the ‘soft’ fitting!”

“Oh, yeah…and you watch, he’ll pull that shit on me again today – he really got me last time…thought I’d die with Rod watchin’ – then it turned out he’d set me up…really got his jollies seein’ me squirm!”

“Roscoe’ll hit on me, too…he’ll want to see which ring I’m wearing…will ‘need’ to check the fit – maybe offer something ‘new’…try it on…then there’ll be one hell of a ‘Naval disaster!’”

“Naval disaster?”

“Yeah – total loss of semen!”

“He’ll do us both?”

“Together, if we let him…shit, he’d love the Atlantic Fleet to stop in for a fitting! Now THAT would be a loss of semen!”


Roscoe was with a customer as they entered the Saddlery. “Be with you men in a minute…feel free to look around.”

Zeb mumbled softly, so that only Randy could hear… “You can be damn sure HE’s lookin’ around!”

“Sorry about that guys…business is business, y’know! Zeb…it’s great to see you – seems like months since we got some new leather on you…might have something you’d be interested in, but first we’ve got to get Randy squared away…c’mon in the back.” They followed Roscoe back to the tack room where he did all his “fitting.” “Randy, if you’d just slip off your sweatshirt and jeans…we can see how these leather jeans are going to fit…Zeb, you wearing some leather today?”

“Yeah – the one with diamond shaped studs…”

“I always liked the way that one fit…I’ll check it when I’m done with Randy to make sure it hasn’t stretched over time! Go ahead and strip now if you want…Randy won’t be so self-conscious that way…I’ve got to go get his jeans in the other room.” Roscoe disappeared into the storage room while both guys stripped to rings and socks.

“Didn’t I tell you! The guy is a walkin’ sperm bank – you know he’s gonna blow both of us before we’re outta here…sometimes I pretend that I don’t want him to, even when I do – makes him hungrier than hell for my manhood – and he does give great BJs!”

Roscoe came back with Randy’s almost finished jeans. “O.K. – pull these on, with any luck we’ll be able to get a ‘soft’ fitting first…but if not…” Randy’s cock began to stiffen at just the suggestion of what was in Roscoe’s mind. “Whoops…guess not, we’ll do a ‘hard’ fitting now and get things nice and ‘soft’ before you go!”

Randy pulled the skin tight jeans up as high as he could. “Damn, man…I’ll never get everything in these jeans!”

“Don’t be silly, it just takes a little skill and effort…first, your ass – remember, the seam goes ALL the way in…nice and snug against your asshole. Oh, yeah…if you decide you want a plug later like we talked about – I can add one any time…don’t remember if I got the measurement for that or not…!” Roscoe got behind him, gave a firm yank…then tucked the seam in “all the way” between his cheeks. “Oh, yes…those fit perfectly in the back…don’t you think so Zeb?”

“Yeah, man…sure shows his buns off good, makes his crack look like it’s about six inches deep! Hey, man…you thinkin’ about lettin’ Roscoe put a plug in?”

“Just thinkin’ right now…the ‘we’ who talked about it were Roscoe and Rod…it’s my ass and they acted like I wasn’t even there…why you askin’?”

“He made me a thong with a plug…drives me wild – I think you should get it!”

“You really think so? I mean, the only thing I’ve ever had in my ass is…um, well…” Randy didn’t want to give away the fact that Zeb had fingered his ass when they wrestled – especially after he had protested Rod’s suggestion of a “digital invasion” when they were here before. Roscoe didn’t need to know everything!

Zeb jumped in before Roscoe could question Randy’s unfinished statement. “It’s something you can think about anyway…especially since it can be added – every man needs a little ‘kink’ in his life!”

“Yeah…and you can even change the size whenever you want as well…shit, Zeb’s gone up two sizes on his thong plug already, and he’s only had it three months!”

Zeb felt his face begin to flush. “C’mon man, you don’t need to tell everything you know…the first one was only pencil thin, and… Damn it – you talk too much!”

“Oh…I’m sorry, I thought Randy probably already knew that you liked stuff up your ass!”

“Shut up and keep fitting…you’re a bastard, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told! O.K. now Randy…let’s get the front of these jeans closed! Work with me and we’ll get everything in! First thing we do is get your cock tucked in nicely…you want right or left?”

“Left, I guess…”

Roscoe worked Randy’s stiff prick into the left leg opening, giving it a little more “twist” than necessary! “Now…your balls are a real problem…I need to zip from under here where your scrotum meets your ass crack, but I don’t want to catch any hair…do you think maybe we should shave ’em?”

“Hell no!” Zeb bellowed… “I like ’em hairy – just like they are…so does Randy, at least I think he does…so, if they’re ever going to get shaved…I’m gonna do the shavin’!”

“Well, ex-ka-yooze me! I guess I’ll have to work with what I’ve got then, and try not to catch any hair in the zipper…all I did was make a suggestion! Sheesh!”

“Damn, man…you know you can get his balls stuffed in there – you just want an excuse to shave ’em! Shit, even I could get his balls in and zipped!”

“O.K. smart ass…do it!”

Roscoe had taken the bait! Zeb cupped Randy’s balls with the fingers of his left hand, slid the zipper up and slipped his hand away as he did. He rubbed his hand affectionately over the “completed” package, giving Randy’s imprisoned bone an extra squeeze. “See – everything’s in… lookin’ and feelin’ good!”

Roscoe looked at his handiwork…the outline of Randy’s dickhead was unmistakable, as was the ...

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