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Zeb followed Randy into the bathroom. Randy flipped the toilet seat and started to pee…Zeb turned on the shower. “You catchin’ a shower before we hit the kitchen?”

“Yeah…gotta get the taste of your ass off my cock…”

“Who’s gonna know?”

“Pete – first thing he does every morning is suck my dick – usually drains me dry, too…but likes things squeaky clean!”

“No shit…”

“That’s the whole idea!”

“Smart ass…you know what I meant…”

“Yeah, but he really will lob onto my cock as soon as he sees me…guess it goes with the free rent…but a great way to start the day, like I did you when I woke you up! You don’t mind, do you?”

“Hell no…he sucked me off on the mat the other day and you didn’t get pissed…no reason for me to either…and you know Rod’s doin’ me every chance he gets, so we’re even!”

Randy got into the shower with Zeb, and they quickly lathered each other up. Zeb was already sporting morning wood, and Randy’s soapy stimulation was driving him wild. “Knock it off man or I’ll cum all over you…”

“O.K. by me, dude – wouldn’t be the first time, would it..! Y’know, I haven’t sucked you off yet, maybe I oughta…”

“Sorry, gotta save it for Pete…” Zeb shut off the water…they toweled off – Zeb still rock hard - and headed for the kitchen. Rod and Pete were at the table finishing their coffee when the two younger men walked in. Rod was in his full body harness, Pete had on a leather and chain chest harness and a studded cockring. They were both idly fondling their manly packages as they drank. Just as Zeb had predicted, as soon as he was within arm’s length Pete grabbed him by the balls and inhaled his woody in one smooth motion. Zeb let out a delighted gasp as his arousal was enhanced by Pete’s oral skill.

Pete slowly slid off Zeb’s enflamed tool, smiled salaciously and winked at Rod. “Hey, Rod…take a taste of this and tell me what you think…!”

“My pleasure…” Rod took Zeb’s smooth, hairless ’nads from Pete and pulled him close. He kissed the tip of his solid bone…circled the head of his dick with his tongue, then slid down the thin, velvety shaft until his nose was buried in Zeb’s pubes. He tongued the underside of young man’s raging rod, feeling him stiffen even more as he sucked.

“Oh…damn! What the hell are you guys up to? Oh, oh…oo…oo…ooo…ah…! I’m so fuckin’ close I’m ready to pop!”

Pete continued…“What does that taste like to you?”

Rod slowly and deliberately slipped his lips off Zeb’s pulsating cock, knowingly stimulating him even more. He paused, kissed off a sweet drop of pre-cum oozing from his piss slit and returned Pete’s wink. “Tastes like ass to me…did it to you?”

“Sure did…!”

Randy interrupted. “No way, man…we showered real good and washed everything…and, um…I mean…”

Pete feigned irritation. “You little shithead….you mean Zeb’s been fuckin’ you – then you let me suck his dick and get a mouthful of your ass?”

“Well…um, yeah – but just once…and like I said, we showered real good and I used a lot of soap, and…”

“Enough of that bull…get on your knees…!” Randy meekly did as Pete instructed. “Now…you suck every bit of ass off Zeb’s cock…I’ll tell you when you can quit!”

Randy’s eyes met Zeb’s as he knelt in front of him and grasped his gonads, ready to take the plunge. Zeb winked and grinned at him – having figured out what Pete was up to. “It’s o.k. man…you’ve been wantin’ to, and I sure as hell want you to!”

Pete barked an order…“You know what to do…now do it!”

Randy took Zeb’s tool between his lips and lovingly serviced his new boyfriend’s willing member. “Oh, shit – man…I’m there, oh…oh…oh…aaaaarrrrrgh! Oh, damn! Uh…that’s all, oh…yeah…yeaaaaaah!” Zeb sat back on one of the kitchen chairs – drained. “Fuck, was that ever good…thanks man!”

Pete echoed Zeb…“Yeah, thanks man…I absolutely love to watch my boy get his rocks off like that, almost as much as I love to get his rocks off myself…you sure gave his tool a great workout! Oh, yeah…just so’s you’ll know - I didn’t really taste your ass on his dick…I was just playing with you to yank your chain and set you up to blow him!”

“You bastard…you really had me goin’!”

“Sorry…well, not really – hope you’re not too pissed.”

“Nah…I’ve been waitin’ for the chance to suck him off anyway…just didn’t expect the first time to be so…um, y’know…public…!”

“Yeah, right! This from a guy that shot his load all over the place last night with thirty or forty guys watchin’…you’re full of shit! Anyway…you guys got any plans for this afternoon?”

Zeb answered. “Workin’ out…fuckin’ around…hangin’ out…why?”

“Roscoe’s closin’ shop at three today…Rod and I are taking Pierre over to his place to get him ‘leathered up’…poor little fuck doesn’t even have a cock ring!”

“Sounds like a blast…we KNOW what Roscoe’s gonna do when he gets his hands on his hot little French cock – he’ll be lucky if he can walk after Roscoe is through with him!”

“You guys be ready at 2:30…c-rings at least, more if you want…Pierre’s seen it…now he’s gonna feel it!”

JJ woke a little after nine. Ron was back to him, on his side – one knee up. JJ slipped his hand between his legs – toyed with the hair between his balls and ass, then started to tease the hair on his balls. Ron stirred, then rolled groggily onto his back – with a full rod on. “Damn, look what you’ve done!”

“Yeah…!” Ron put his hands behind his head, stretched – then relaxed with his hands still behind his head. “Stay like that…”

“Stay how?”

“Like you are…let me give you your morning bath…”

“Bath? I got a shower y’know…!”

“I got a tongue…I’d rather use that…we can shower later!”

“You are one horny fuckin’ bastard, you know that?”

“Been called a whole lot worse…just relax and let me take care of things!” JJ got on all fours, his knees pressed against Ron’s hips, and kissed him…long, slow and deep. Ron shuddered and moaned in delight and anticipation as JJ’s dick grazed his own as they kissed. JJ broke their kiss and moved to his right ear…fully exploring it with his tongue, nibbling the lobe…then tongued down the side of his neck, across the collar bone and throat to the left ear. He kissed him deeply again, then moved down slightly, his dick now under Ron’s balls. He pressed his pelvis downward, slipping his rod between Ron’s legs. Ron closed his legs, flexing his thighs to momentarily capture JJ’s mahogany rod. JJ raised his hips and slipped from his grasp as he buried his nose in Ron’s musky pits…licking, inhaling – tugging the heavy stand of hair in each. As he licked his way down Ron’s firm torso…nibbling his nips, tracing with his tongue the fine trail of hair that ran from between his pecs to his navel, he made sure that his smooth belly was in contact with Ron’s cock. Ron was becoming more and more aroused, and began to writhe in an attempt to make stronger contact with JJ’s body. JJ didn’t want him to cum too soon, so paused, sat back on his heels and pushed Ron’s legs apart…kneeling between them. Ron’s cock was flexing like a teen-ager’s. JJ leaned forward and tongued his navel, filling it with saliva – then draining it…brushing Ron’s turgid tool with his chest as he did so. He then licked his way down Ron’s hip – avoiding his crotch altogether, and proceeded down his hairy, muscular thigh and calf to the ankle…then slowly back up until his face was right in Ron’s crotch. He blew a series of hot breaths onto his tight balls and straining prick – teasing mercilessly. Ron was dripping pre-cum…more than he had in years! JJ began to lick and nibble Ron’s balls…first one, then the other…then took both in his mouth – held them for a few seconds, then let them slip from his lips. Now, ready for “the kill,” he lightly flicked his tongue up Ron’s shaft, pausing just below the head – now only the tip of his tongue touching Ron’s frenulum. Ron gasped! He was totally under JJ’s control and at his mercy! JJ grasped Ron’s balls in his right hand, lifted his cock to an upright position with his left – and slid his mouth slowly and firmly down to the root, working the raging rod only with his tongue. Ron howled in ecstasy as he instantly shot stream after stream of hot jizm into JJ’s open throat…an ejaculation the seemed to surpass, at least in intensity, the one he experienced when they blew each other the night before!

JJ held his tool as it softened, letting it slip from his lips when fully flaccid. He swallowed, moved up beside Ron, put his arms around him, held him very tightly and whispered in his ear. “Was that better than a shower, or what?”

“Incredible, man…incredible! I may never shower again!”

“Guess that’s a ‘yes,’ right?”

“Absolutely!” .

They lay there in silence for fifteen minutes or more…playing lip-tag – hugging, fondling…basking in the afterglow of an incredible sexual encounter…both completely satisfied.

Ron’s voice was just above a whisper when he broke the silence…“Man…we gotta talk…”



“What about us?”

“Well, maybe not ‘us’…maybe ...

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