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Julio – Chapter 13

"Well," I said. "That's partly the reason. I am your father you know. I want to be here for you guys when you need me and not off with someone. If something like that happened and it was serious, I could never forgive myself."

Jay replied, "I know this maybe to simple but why don't you just talk to him and see what's on his mind?"

God, I thought. This kid has some insight. He can take something complicated and make it sound so easy a 2 year old could figure things out.

We talked for a while longer and then we had to get Steven and Ronnie. It rained the rest of the week and there were even some bad thunder storms. On Saturday, we headed back home to rejoin the rat race.

As soon as I was on the interstate and Ronnie and Steven were asleep, Jay started talking. "Dad, why not just give things a try with him. You don't have to worry about loosing us. We’re not going anywhere for a long time. It would do you some good to be happy."

"And when did you get you MD's degree?" I kidded.

"It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know what's going on here.” Jay said. “Shit, even Steven's seen it."

"What?" I sputtered "What's he said?"

Just then, "Daddy's in love." Steven said giggling.

"Oh, great," I said. “Why not tell Ronnie so all three of you will know?"

"I do," Ronnie said. "Besides, I think it's cool. And you don't need to worry about him with us. If he gets to close, I know who to"

"Just what are you saying boys?" I asked totally defeated. "You want me to have an affair with Bill Davis? I don't think he's...

"He is," Jay spoke up.

"How would you..." I started. "You didn't. Are you implying you know something I don't?"

"Nope," Jay answered. "Not now, I just told you."

"I give up," I said exasperated.

My boys are trying to become match makers. Little did I know, but it seems Jay told Bill when we were heading home and about what time we should arrive.

We pulled into the driveway and into the garage at 4 that afternoon. Luiz took my bag and handed me my afternoon drink just as the doorbell rang. The three boys scattered knowing I had been set up. Jay even got a hold of my cell phone and asked Luiz for his advice. He, however, remained neutral and didn't say anything to the boy.

I opened the door and invited Bill into the house. At least this time I wasn't doing a tap dance on my tongue. I extended my hand to him and then instead of me getting tongue tied, I got harder than I ever had in my entire life. Something about his touch was electric. No wonder he was a pediatrician. He could calm a child with just his touch.

Jay was right. He had seen something that I wanted to forget but now I couldn't. Shit...even my own boys said go for it. So, I did. "Afternoon Bill," I said. "I see the boys are at it again."

"Miguel," Bill said. "Don't get up about the lads, I asked them. Jay was a hard lad to convince that I cared about the whole lot and not them alone."

I said, "The boys are..."

"Not a problem mate," Bill said. "I love kids, but not like that. Besides, kids and adults should never be bed mates unless they just sleep. After I told Jay how I felt, he told me about you."

"Well now what?" I asked.

"How about one day at a time for now," Bill said.

Luiz came out with an arm full of clothes and said, "Good afternoon, Bill. How is your day?"

"Better now gov," he said with his British whit and humor.

I'd been had and there wasn't a thing I could do about it until Jay pointed out to me the bulge in my pants. I gulped, turned bright red and went into the bathroom and took a leak to reduce my embarrassment and bulge.

After I came out of the bathroom Steven came running up saying, "Daddy used the loo. Daddy used the loo."

Suddenly I was wondering if we were in the USA or the UK. "Steven, do you tell every time someone uses the bathroom?" I asked.

"Sorry, Daddy," Steven said with his eyes looking towards the floor. "I'd just like to learn how people from England talk, that’s all."

Bill chimed in saying, "No problem, lad. I can teach you how we talk straight away."

Steven nodded his head yes while scratching it as well. Bill had him confused and I was enjoying this little bit of payback.

Ronnie came in from the kitchen saying dinner was ready and said Bill was staying also. Ronnie smiled at me when he made that announcement and I just shook my head. I had been had again. With it being four against one, I was in for a rough time in the coming days and Luiz would be no help at all. In fact, he might even try to get in a cheap shot or two.

Bill was impressed with dinner and Ronnie's ability to cook. After dinner, we retired into the family room while the boys cleared the table. Luiz brought me coffee and Bill a small pot of tea. We had finished our beverages when the boys came into the room and Steven and Ronnie were in my lap in a flash. Bill found this amusing when Jay decided his lap looked like a good place to get comfortable for a while. Then it was my turn to laugh.

"What do you have to say now Doctor?" I asked.

"I think the lad might have found temporary lodgings," Bill said with a grin. "Are they always like this?"

Jay chimed in saying, "That we are and you better get used to it mate."

Steven looked at me wondering what was going on. I thought it best to take Steven and get him his bath. "Come on, little man bath time. We'll be right back." I said lifting him on to my hip.

I set Steven down by his bedroom so he could get clean underwear and his robe since we had company. I started running the water and Steven came in wearing his robe. He took all his dirty clothes off and put the robe on.

Steven stood in front of me and said, "Daddy, are we going somewhere?"

I looked at him and said, "Of course not. What makes you ask that?"

He looked me in the eye and said, "You and Dr. Bill seem real friendly and when mom and her boyfriend did that..."

I pulled him to me and held him close saying, "Nobody is going anywhere. I just happen to like Bill. Do you have a problem with that?"

Steven said softly, "No, I like him too."

"If he and I should become close, would you have a problem with that?" I asked.

"Like Jay and Ronnie?" he asked.

"Well yes like Jay and Ronnie." I answered.

"Would you have time for..." he started

"Yes I would," I interrupted. "You boys come first, now and always. Bill knows this."

"I want to see you happy too, Daddy. I just didn't want to lose you." Steven said.

I lifted his head up on my finger and said, "You can never lose me or your brothers. Bill likes you boys also. He knows this is a package deal. OK?"

Steven hugged me and said, "I like the idea. You need to be happy to Daddy."

I gave him his bath in less than 10 minutes. Steven was fine with the idea of someone coming into my life. I thought to myself, ‘At least someone is happy with this idea.’

When I returned to the family room, Bill had an additional growth attached to him. Ronnie had moved to the other side of Bill and had become quite comfortable. Bill said he had to leave but not before a chorus of "why' from the boys. He had early rounds at the hospital in the morning so we said our goodbye's then watched some TV.

Ronnie and Jay took their showers then returned to the family room. Ronnie came in sporting a new pair of boxers and a t-shirt. "Hey Dad." he started.

"Yes my middle child," I said looking whimsical.

"What's up with you and Dr. Bill?" He asked with a grin on his face.

"Not you too," I said flustered.

Ronnie's face turned serious, "Dad, I think it's kinda neat, that's all. You above all else deserve to be happy."

I looked at Ronnie and said, "Son, there is a lot more that me being happy here. First, I'm a father with three preteen boys. I have a commitment to raise you until you are adults. Steven got scared that I would send you guys away if Bill and I became serious. I told him that would never happen. You boys come first now and even many years from now. Do you follow me so far, son?"

Ronnie nodded his head and said, "Sure, Dad."

I continued, "No one touches you boys. This rule will never be broken."

"Ah Dad," Ronnie broke in. "No one punishes us?"

I explained further "No, what I mean is no one touches you sexually. If I have a partner and he cares for you boys, if I am not around you will get punished if you do something wrong, but no one will mess with you. There is a lot more to think about and I haven't had the chance to do that. I'm glad that you guys are happy for me and that makes things a little easier but, when have you seen me date?"

Ronnie thought for a minute and said, "Well, never."

I said, "That's right. I am almost 32 years old and my last date was in college. I have been by myself all my life until you boys came here. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't turn back time if it meant losing you three. I have become used to having you three and now someone else might be added. That’s a big step. And there are other things to consider."

"Sex," Ronnie asked.

I swallowed hard and said, "Well, yes. I have never really done anything. You and Jay have more experience than me. I have never given this matter any thought until now because there has never been a reason."

Ronnie moved over and sat beside me and said, "Gee, Dad. I never thought about that. I sort of assumed you had before but stopped when we came along. I didn't mean to make fun of you."

I put my arm around his shoulder and said, "I know. And don't worry, you didn't son. You just didn't know. But all this is a little scary."

"Yeah, I can see that. Well, why ...

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