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Julio – Chapter 16

We returned home in time for lunch. While Ronnie and Steven were getting lunch prepared when Jay came in and said he really needed to speak to me after lunch. I took Jay into my office and sat him on my exam table thinking he was having a problem from his surgery. As I walked over to him, he said. "No, Dad. It's not that. Friday is Ronnie's birthday."

I stood there with my mouth hanging open until I felt Jay's finger push my jaw closed. "Damn. I've done it again. I have forgotten all three of your birthdays. Steven reminded me of yours and Ronnie reminded me of Steven's. Now you remind me of Ronnie's. I'm some father."

Jay pinched my chin and said. "You’re our father and the only father we want. Every time a birthday came up, one of us had been sick and it was you who were taking care of us. You took care of me in the hospital not once but twice and Steven had to have his appendix out. I would say that you had a few more important things on your mind than our birthdays. I'm just glad to be around to have another birthday and so is Steven. I go into the hospital again and need another operation right before Ronnie's birthday. I don't want to get sick like that again."

I looked at him saying, "As if that was really your fault. You made your point though. What do you want to do for Ronnie's birthday?"

Jay looked very serious and said. "Dad, we need to sit and talk about this, just you and me. OK?"

When Jay gets this serious, I know it is something really big.

After that, I stood him back on the floor and we went to eat lunch. When we had finished, Luiz did the dishes and the younger two went outside to play soccer. I took my coffee and went into my office to speak with Jay about what he had in mind for Ronnie and his birthday. Jay came into the room and sat down across from me and had a very mature look on his face. "Dad, I have given this a lot of thought and I think I have every detail covered completely."

I took a sip of my coffee and spoke, "My son talks to me like a mature young man. What do you have in mind for Ronnie's birthday?"

Jay took a piece of paper from his pocket and began to read his list. "First, I would like to ask Uncle Luiz if he could help fix a nice dinner for the two of us and then have a very special desert for him."

I looked at Jay and asked, "Does this have anything to do with what you said to Luiz the other morning?"

"You know me that well, huh Dad?" Jay responded.

"After all we have been through together, you know I do. What is it you are saying?"

Jay swallowed hard. He thought carefully for a minute then took a deep breath then said, "I ready to make a commitment. A commitment to the one I love. Ronnie and I have been through a lot. More than you even know, Dad. We were together for almost 7 months before you found me in that alley. If you hadn't found Ronnie, you may have never found out who I was and we may have never found each other again. It just seems we are destined to be together and I don't want to ever lose him again."

I thought about how to answer him. "Are you sure you are ready for this kind of commitment. Many a man and woman make a commitment to each other, get married then wind up divorced. These people are twice your age. I just want you two to be sure of what you are asking of each other before you risk getting hurt, and I don't mean physically hurt son. I mean getting your emotions hurt. Those take a lot longer to heal than the physical scars."

Jay sat up straight and looked right into my eyes. "Dad, we have never been surer of anything in our lives. Look at what I bought."

He handed me a ring box. I opened it and there were two gold rings with two perfect diamonds set in each ring. I looked at the rings and they were engraved. The inscription said: Now and Forever Together Always. "These set you back quite a bit, didn't they?" I asked.

"You taught me to do something right the first time or not to do it at all. I saved every dollar I could get from you. I hope you’re not mad at me. We have talked about this several times. When I had the cyst removed, I decided this year I would commit to Ronnie. He agreed to commit to me as well."

"If this is what you two really want, I will support you. “Does this mean you plan to give yourself totally to Ronnie?" I asked my not so young son, unsure of the answer.

"Yes I have been working back there and I can handle him. He has had me working on him also, so I know he is ready too." Jay replied.

I thought for another moment then said, "I know I said that I had to know when your first anal experience would be, but I think you have proven that you are now ready, mentally and physically. What else do you have planned for that evening? Would you two like the house to yourselves for a few hours?"

When I saw that smile, I knew I had read his mind. I said. "Alright son, I will take Steven and Luiz out to dinner and a movie so you can have the house to yourselves. I do expect the dishes rinsed and put in the dishwasher, OK?"

Jay walked over to me and sat on my lap like he was a little boy again instead of a young man. "Thanks, Dad. This means a lot. Ronnie will be so happy. Steven even knows?"

"What?" I sputtered.

"Yeah Dad he's cool with it. Part of this was his idea." Jay smiled.

"I'm always the last to know, aren't I?" I asked.

Jay could only smile and giggle. Well, I thought, my boys are growing up after all. Then he stood up and dropped his pants and boxers in one fell swoop. He was standing there in all his glory proudly displaying his newly re-rowing bush. "Ah, you didn't need to show me that partner." I said smiling.

Jay laughed, “I wanted you to be the first to see that it started to grow back. But man it itches."

I had to laugh then. "I know it will. Keep a little lotion on the skin and it won't be so bad. Now, go play."

Jay turned around to pull his pants up and I couldn't resist the target he gave me. POP! "Hey! What was that for?" Jay yelled!

"GP," I said. "General principles now scoot, you rascal.

After dinner why don't you talk to Uncle Luiz about what you would like him to cook?" I said to Jay. “He reached up and I carried my boy outside into the family room. I set him down and he quickly headed for the door to find his brothers.

"Is everything alright Miguel?" Luiz asked.

I smiled replying, “Sure, everything's fine. Why do you ask?"

It was Luiz's turn to smile now, "Oh, something I heard you tell the boy as he headed for the door."

I took my coffee cup and headed for the kitchen and Luiz was on my heels. "Will you quit talking in circles and just ask what ever it is you're going to?"

Luiz stopped short. "Fine, what does Jay want?"

I looked stunned. "Jay has a special favor to ask of you for Friday evening." I said.

Luiz was doing it again. "Does it have anything to do with those lobsters in the foam cooler?"

"What are you talking about?" I said almost chocking on my coffee.

"Inside the fridge in the garage there is a cooler with two beautiful lobsters inside." Luiz replied handing me a napkin so I could wipe my face.

This kid has had everything planned except one, I thought to myself. If Luiz won't cook, his goose is fried. I almost made him squirm to get Luiz to cook for him but decided that would be cruel and unusual punishment. I went into the garage and looked at what Jay had bought. Man, these were beauties. Luiz was making sure they would stay alive until they were the boy's dinner.

Steven came bouncing into the house and gave me a quick kiss as he went to the bathroom. I finished my coffee when I heard the toilet flush.

"Dad, Dad, where are you?" Steven yelled.

"Same place I was two minutes ago," I answered. "What have I told you about yelling?"

Steven smiled meekly. "Sorry. Can we see a movie?"

Steven just took care of a major hurdle. I just hope he doesn't want to see a blood and guts fight flick. "Yeah,” I guess. “Which movie did you have in mind?"

"X-Men start playing on Friday." Steven answered.

At least it was a movie I would like to see. I remember reading the comic books. "Sure,” I said.

Now all I had to do was think of something for Luiz to do. Then it dawned on me. The symphony was in town. I'll make arrangements for a limo to pick him up at the restaurant and bring him to the theater then back home.

‘OK,’ I thought. ‘So far so good, now where do we go for dinner? It had to be some place nice but not so fancy that Steven would feel uncomfortable. The Inn would be just the place. It had great food with semi-formal dress (jacket and tie, which Steven could take off before going into the movies) and excellent service.’

I walked back into the kitchen and saw Luiz making rolls for dinner. "Luiz, how would you like an evening out?"

"That's not necessary Miguel, “He answered.

"Well I don't think Jay would enjoy you being here. I understand he has already asked if you would cook something special for Ronnie's birthday." I asked.

"And," Luiz shot back.

"And what,” I casually asked. “Do you really want to be here? Did you and your wife have visitors on your special night?"

"You know better than that," Luiz grumbled.

"So what's the problem?" I asked.

Luiz calmed down. "I wonder if they are doing the right thing that's all," he said.

I sat down and spoke. "Look. There's no way of knowing the answer to that. All we can do is support them and hope things work out for them. If they weren't meant to be then be that as it may. They are young and they will grow and move on. I don't have a crystal ball to look into the future. I wish I did."

Luiz thought for a minute then said, "I suppose. I don't want to see either of them get hurt."

I headed over to the bar and said, "I know. Sometimes we never learn until we feel a little pain."

I looked and Luiz cutting out the biscuits and he was nodding his head in agreement. I fixed an early Bailey's on the rocks and turned on the television.

I was watching a documentary when I remembered I needed to make the limo reservations for Luiz. I called a company I used a few times before and had them pick Luiz up at 8:30 Friday at ...

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