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Multimedia gallery

26.The Photographer 4

Mickey started to pull on his undershirt...

"Hey, man...what do you think you're doing? You're
wearing everything you need to wear...!"

"Just my ring?"

"Just your ring!!"

Kent fixed deli sandwiches, which they ate off the
coffee table in the den. The brown leather sofa was
the most imposing piece of furniture he had...high
back, with arms the same height as the back. Kent
sat at the end, spread his legs - one foot on the
floor, the other leg against the back, and motioned
to Mickey.

"Sit here between my legs so that I can put my arms
around you."

He did - very much aware of Kent's ringed package
nestled against his backside. Kent wrapped his arms
and legs around him - feet inside his thighs,
spreading his legs, and held him as close as he

"Man...I can't believe how incredibly cool this
is...I think I could fall in love with you real

"It's probably way too early to talk about
love...but we've already got a great friendship
going, that's for sure! Maybe it's because I
captured your virginity, who knows...THAT was really
special for me...and maybe just because you're

"Whatever...I don't think you 'captured' my
virginity - I was pretty willing to give it up to
you! Anyway, I sure can't think of anywhere else I'd
rather be right this minute than here in your
arms...really never thought I'd have anything like
this in all my're SO cool!"

Kent dropped a hand into Mickey's crotch and started
toying with the hair on his and then
running his fingers up his reawakened cock. He
lightly circled Mikey's nipples with the middle
finger of his other hand...getting them rigid in no
time, gently pinching them until the young man's
dick was rock hard again.

"Well, well...will you look at what's happening to
your dick...I think you've recovered from your blow

"Yeah...and I can feel the same thing happening to

"Getting you hot get's me hot...!"

He continued teasing his nipples and playing with
his balls. Mickey's dick flexed in involuntary
response and he let out a low moan.

"Yup - looks like you've fully
really have one sweet dick - and your balls -
absolute jewels...or have I told you that before?"

"'ve told you...and I'm beginning to
believe it!"

Kent continued to tease his tool...causing almost
constant flexing.

"Let's see if I can get another drop or two of
pre-cum...ah, yes...there's some!"

Kent took the drops of sticky, glistening fluid on
his index finger and put it in his mouth...

"Just a little sample of what I'm going to enjoy
later tonight...!"

"You're so bad...!"

"Let me ask you something...when we met, you told me
that your name was Mike, and that your friends call
you 'Mickey,' right?"


"Who calls you 'Mickey'?"

"Mom...and I guess...just you."

"Nobody else?"

"Not that I can think of."

"Who calls you Mike?"

"People at school mostly...nobody else I don't

"Your legal name is Michael, right?"


"Anybody call you 'Michael?"


"I do! 'Mickey' is an o.k. name for a kid - but not
for a man! You're a man now, so I'm calling you

"Wow - that's cool...nobody has ever called me by my
real name!"

"Now can I ask you some questions?"


"Have you taken pictures of other guys like you take
of me?


"Have you ever gotten any of them off like you did




"Have you ever given any of them a blow job?"


"I bet you've had sex with a bunch of guys though,

"Depends on your definition of 'bunch.' If you're
talking a big bunch - like a bunch of grapes -
no...if you're talking a small 'bunch' like a bunch
of bananas - yes."

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

"Long time ago."

"What happened?"

"I moved here...he wouldn't...we split."

"Do you have a boyfriend now?"

"I've been seeing someone."

Long, long silence...

"Do you like him a lot?"

"Yeah, I really do..."

"Would I like him?"

"Probably...yeah, I guess you would."

"Can I meet him sometime?"


Another long, long silence...

"Why not...?"

"Just wouldn't work..."

"What's his name?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I'd just like to know..."


Another REAL long silence...

"Another guy with my name?"


"But you just said..."

"Do the many 'Michaels' do you think I

"You mean...?"

"I guess I do...if that's o.k. with you!"

"You want me to be your boyfriend?"

"You want to be?"

"Hell, yes!"

Michael's dick flexed violently...partially in
response to Kent's touch, but more in response to
what he had just said. He pulled out of Kent's
embrace, rolled onto his stomach and slid down the
smooth leather couch until his face was in Kent's

"Now that I'm your boyfriend...please, PLEASE...can
I blow you?"

"You're not ready I don't think...I don't want you
to go too fast and then get spooked."

Michael buried his face in Kent's package...gingerly
licking his balls as Kent had done to him
earlier...then running his tongue up his shaft...
teasing just below the head...causing the same
violent flexing that Michael had demonstrated

"You learn fast...but I don't want to wreck a good
thing by letting you blow me - as much as you think
you want to and are ready...then, having you not
like it...and take the chance of losing you - when I
just found you - as much as I'd love to have you
take my load!"

"You really want me to...?"

"Hell, yes - I really do...but at the right
time...and I'm not sure this is it!"

Michael pulled Kent's dick into his mouth and began
to imitate what had been done to him
earlier...taking more than half into his
mouth...working the underside with his tongue...
Kent moaned loudly. Michael broke the rhythm...

"I really, really want to do this...please, please
don't tell me I can't - I want to take your jism so
that it becomes part of me...I know I won't be as
good at it as you are...but I want it to be my
'friendship ring' gift from me to you...please?"

"It doesn't matter how good you do it...just because
you want to makes it wonderful...o.k. - you can blow

Michael took to it like a pro - Kent knew that he'd
never given head before, but he was a natural! He
worked his tool...moved to his balls when he sensed
that he was close to ejaculation...back to the cock
- and then...much sooner than Kent had expected...he
shot a huge load into Michael's ravishing mouth.

"AAAARRRRRRggghhhhh! Oh - oh - ahhh - I'm done...oh,
that was great...oh, maaaaan!"

Michael held Kent's rod in his mouth until he felt
the firmness begin to subside, then let his
softening tool slip from between his lips...looked
Kent directly in the eye...and swallowed his load.

"Did I do good?"

"You did absolutely GREAT! Are you o.k. with it?"

"I never enjoyed doing something for somebody any
more in my whole life...especially you - my own
boyfriend! I loved blowing you - and want to do it a
lot more...!"

"Come up here and let me hold you're

Michael and Kent lay locked silently in each other's
arms for a half hour or more...Kent luxuriating in
the warmth of this great young stud...Michael in the
glow of being totally and completely free with
another man - who knew exactly how he felt and what
he was thinking.

"You know something?"


"I'm glad you don't have a cat!"


"So you can stay with me tonight!"

"If I had a cat - he'd have a litter box, I I could stay anyway!"

"Yeah, I thought the cat excuse was sort of
lame...but it worked! How long is your mother gone

"Until Sunday night."

"Would you like to stay until she gets back?"

"You serious?"

"Why would I joke about that?"

"I'd LOVE to..."

"You can help me with a wedding party shoot tomorrow
afternoon - it's a real big deal, and I can use the
help moving lights and stuff. When you go home to
pick up some things...bring some jeans and more
'helper' stuff like that...and don't forget your
jock and anything else we might use in our private
shoot on've already got the orange
bikini - we'll do some fun stuff that just you and I
will see!"


"What ...

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