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I watched Matt’s muscular, round arse as it disappeared from the conservatory, I was almost in shock. In five hours time the object of my lust would be in my bedroom, naked and trussed up hopefully. Pulling myself together I began to plan the night. I went up to my bedroom shouting “Hi!” as I passed the bathroom.

I sorted through my video collection and found what I was looking for; it was a loop tape I’d made years ago. It consisted of two different scenes, the first an hour and twenty minutes long, the second an hour long; sadly there was no dialogue, only background music. The first featured Tom, from the other video, with a young Hispanic G.I. The G.I. had a cropped army hair cut and a shaved hairless fit body. He was trussed up on his knees, arms tied behind him. Both of them were naked and hard, the kid had a big thick cut cock. Tom was wanking him off, but every time the kid was ready to cum Tom would stop wanking him, and play with the kid’s large, stiff brown nipples instead. The kid kept pleading with Tom to let him cum, but Tom kept on wanking him and stopping when he was on the brink of shooting. This went on for 20 minutes until the kid could stand no more and a massive load of cum erupted from his throbbing cock while Tom teased his aching nipples.

I’d copied this scene 4 times consecutively so that I could cum more than once, those were the days! I had decided to have it running once I’d got Matt tied up. I remembered that the next part of the original video was of the kid tied over a chair getting his bubble-butt punished for cumming without Tom telling him to. I hadn’t copied that, because at that time I wasn’t into the punishment scene; I liked to see young guys cum. I hadn’t thought of doing punishment with Matt yet either, I wanted to see how tonight progressed. But I kept the idea in mind, his arse looked so smackable.

The second hour was of a gorgeously sexy, long haired French teen with a thick uncut cock sharing a blow job with a sexy, slightly hairy twenty-something with a longer, but not quite as thick, cut cock. Both of them had beautiful bodies, and the older guy was about 8 inches taller than the teen. They started off with 69’ing and individual sucking. Then the older guy bent the teen forwards over a settee and fucked him, entering his hairless hole with ease. He fucked him hard, including total withdrawal and the teen’s cock stayed rock hard; bobbing about as the older guy relentlessly ploughed his arse. Eventually the sexy teen shot a big load onto the settee without touching his throbbing cock. It ended with the teen on his knees, tossing his still hard cock, as he deep throated the older guy until his cock erupted in the teen’s expert mouth. Then the teen opened his mouth and let an amazing amount of cum dribble out, some of which he sucked back in and swallowed. And as he was swallowing he shot another healthy load. That repeated 3 times in the hour. I just hoped I’d have Matt tied up for the whole of the video, I was sure that the video would keep him excited. I wanted to see how many times I could make him cum.

Video sorted I looked through a drawer and found some cord, I sometimes used it for tying up my own cock and balls when I had a dildo session. I didn’t think it would be sufficient for what I had in mind for Matt, so I went to the garage where I’d stored some more. It was a garage, but, because neither John nor I could drive, I used it as a storeroom. I also picked up a new broom stale I had in store. Cord and stale collected I took them up to my bedroom, along with some cushions.

During the rest of the afternoon when I made them tea and took it up to them, Matt would catch my eye, blush slightly and give a sheepish grin. He would also glance at my crotch, and then he’d grope himself surreptitiously. I’m sure Joe clocked it the second time. By half past four they’d finished for the day and Matt gave me a big smile and a cheery goodbye. Joe hung on to tell me I’d be able to use the bathroom by Thursday afternoon and that Matt would start decorating on Friday. Joe would be on another job. We discussed the rest of the money, I’d paid half as deposit, and Joe said he’d call for the balance, less £1,000 until Matt had finished decorating, on Sunday. I agreed.

When Joe had gone I cooked a steak and hurriedly ate it with a salad. I used the downstairs loo and washed as best as I could in the hand basin. I poured myself a very large vodka and coke to calm my nerves. Back upstairs I put on a clean pair of loose white boxer shorts, as my other shorts were stained with the precum I’d been oozing all day. It was just gone six, so I tried to keep myself from getting excited by answering my emails. Just before seven the doorbell rang, I put my computer to sleep and finished my drink. My cock had started to harden as soon as I heard the door bell. By the time I got to the front door my erection was blatantly showing and there was already a damp patch from my precum.

I opened the door and Matt stood before me with a silly grin on his face and a touch of colour to his cheeks. His hair was still damp from a shower and I smiled to myself as I realised he’d shaved the bit of peach-fuzz from his upper lip. He was wearing baggy surfer shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. I could smell Joop, it was as if he’d dressed for a date, mmm, interesting. He was shuffling about from foot to foot, he seemed unsure of himself.

“Hi Matt, is everything all right? Are you ready to er .. um .. play?”

“Hi Dave, er, yeah, I think so. I wasn’t too sure about coming over, but then I remembered how good it felt being tied up and helpless, so I decided to try it out. I’ve got nothing to loose, and I feel I can trust you.”

He answered hurriedly, his voice catching.

Then he noticed my erection and went bright red. He was obviously somewhat embarrassed by the whole situation and I realised I’d have to try and take control.

“I’ll go and open the garage; you can park your bike in there, and then come into the house through the kitchen.”

As he turned to go to the garage I closed the front door and went through the kitchen into the garage and let him in. Matt parked his bike and turned towards me, I could see that he was actually trembling.

“Try to calm down Matt.” I said reassuringly. “Come on into the kitchen, I think you’d better have a drink before we do anything else, you need something to calm your nerves.”

“I don’t really drink Dave,” he muttered, “well, apart from a little at family parties sometimes.”

“Look, we’re both nervous, so trust me a drink will help you to relax. I’m nervous too, so we’ll both have one, O.K?”

“All right then, I am really nervous,” he hesitated, “but a bit excited too.”

He hesitated again, then pointed at my erection and giggled.

“I can see you are too.” Then he blushed again. “Sorry.”

“No problem Matt, I hope to get you that way too soon. Now let’s have that drink.”

I poured two large vodkas, making Matt’s larger than mine, and topped them off with coke. I handed Matt his and he sipped at it. That was no good; I wanted the vodka to take effect quickly, so I finished mine off in two large gulps as an example.

“Come on Matt, drink up, the sooner you finish it the sooner it will work.”

It took him three swallows to empty his glass and he only choked once. I took Matt’s glass and poured him another, but pouring myself just coke. I handed it to him.

“Bring your drink with you and follow me; we’ll go upstairs and get started.”

When we got to the bedroom I think I was more nervous than Matt. I switched the telly on but didn’t start the tape. I turned around, Matt was looking nervously round my room.

“You’d better drink up, when you’re tied up you won’t be able to hold your glass will you?.”

I smiled and laughed softly trying to put him at ease. He half grinned back at me, then gulped his drink down in three like before, but this time he didn’t choke.

“You can set the pace Matt, get undressed whenever you feel fit. When you’re naked you can tell me when you want me to take over, O.K?”

“Yeah, O.K.”

Matt knelt on one knee and started to untie his trainer laces.

“Oh, I almost forgot Matt, in some of the stories I read the guys use a control word to stop the action if they don’t like it. I think it’s so they can shout out things like “no” and “stop” when they don’t really mean it.”

Matt raised his eyes to me.

“That sounds cool.”

“Got a word in mind?”

He thought while he removed both trainers.

“Yeah Dave, I’ll shout “Judas” if I want you to stop.”

Matt stood up, pulling his T-shirt off as he straightened up, I admired his long, lean, golden tanned body. He must have caught some sun over the weekend. He put his thumbs in his waist band and bent over as he lowered them to his feet and stepped out of them. As he stood he cupped his large hands over his groin.

“Come on Matt.” I coaxed. “I’m going to be wanking you off soon, so you’d better let me look at it.”

Going bright red he lowered his hands to his sides. I was transfixed. He had muscled, footballer’s legs which were quite hairy. His thick, uncut cock lay over a pair of biggish balls contained in a loose, red, hairless ball sac. Soft, his cock was almost as big as mine was hard. It was almost white in colour with blue veins, and the tightish foreskin highlighted his torpedo shaped knob.

“Beautiful.” I croaked, almost drooling. “Now turn around.”

Matt smiled nervously, then slowly turned to show me his back. His full dimpled arse was pure white and blemish free, like a marble sculpture. It looked beautiful enough to eat, a real bubble-butt.

“Are you ready to do what I tell you now Matt.” I was whispering.

He looked over his shoulder, “I guess.” He shrugged and turned his head back.

“Bend over and pull your arse cheeks apart.”

Matt’s head snapped back.

“What’s my bum got to do with it?” he sounded angry and confused.

“It’s about me having control and also having some pleasure from looking at your body, all of it. You’ve got a really nice body, well proportioned, very sexy, and what looks like ...

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