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. Part Eight.

This is a homosexual fantasy and as such will contain unprotected sex, which, in this day and age is unwise to say the least; but it is a fantasy. If it is illegal for you to read such material, for any reason, please leave now.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has emailed me regarding this and my other stories, (go to Prolific Authors and look under INSILVA). Feedback from readers is heart-warming, and encourages me to write more, thanks.

Jomo came and took my head in his hands and I opened my mouth. He smiled and fed me half of his 7 inch cock, at the same time Mr Cohen began to withdraw half his cock from my boy-hole before pushing it back in. My own 5 ½ inch thick cock had remained achingly stiff since they started assaulting my mouth and boy-hole and I was leaking lots of precum onto the mat below. I grabbed hold of Jomo’s hard buttocks and pulled him towards me until his cock was at the entrance to my throat. I steadied my breathing and pulled on his buttocks, success! Jomo’s cock slid into my throat with ease.

“Oh Jesus!” gasped Jomo “he’s swallowing my cock! He’s turning into a real little cock slut.”

I loved the way they talked dirty about me, it was another turn-on. I started to swallow, causing my throat muscles to masturbate Jomo’s pulsating cock and making him moan. Knowing I’d got Jomo’s cock down my throat must have spurred Mr. Cohen on because, holding hard onto my hips, he speeded up his strokes and lengthened them until just his knob stayed in my boy-hole on the out-stroke. Jomo held my head steady and began to fuck his cock in and out of my throat. It felt incredibly sexy having my young body being fucked at both ends by two older men. Then the continual assault my prostate was receiving from Mr Cohen’s long, thick cock as it moved back and forth took me over the top. Even though my mouth was stuffed full of Jomo’s cock, I cried out loudly as my cock exploded and my boy cum spurted out onto the mat below; and every time I shot, about six times, my sphincter tightened around Mr. Cohen’s cock.

“The dirty little bugger’s cumming Jomo and no one’s touched his cock! He’s nearly strangling my cock with his ring; what a little sex-pot he’s turning out to be! And Christ look at how much spunk he’s cumming!”

As Mr. Cohen spoke Jomo speeded up his stroke and soon was matching Mr. Cohen’s speed. It felt so good having two cocks fuck me, my whole body was tingling from the sensations the two cocks were giving me. As Jomo fucked his cock down my throat Mr. Cohen would be pulling his cock back to his knob in my boy-hole, and vice-versa. Even though I’d just cum my own cock had stayed rock hard I was so turned on by the fucking I was getting. Jomo was sweating nearly as much as me; so I ran a hand between his sweaty arse cheeks and when I found his pucker I forced two fingers straight into his hole. Jomo moaned louder and started forcing his cock further down my throat than it had ever been, almost breaking my nose as his body banged into mine. I didn’t care; still swallowing I added a third finger and began to fuck his hole. Jomo cried out louder than I had and I felt his cock swell in my throat, and his sphincter tightened around my probing fingers. Before he could pull his knob back into my mouth his cock throbbed and a jet of spunk shot into my belly. As he continued to pull back the second shot hit the back of mouth, it tasted delicious and I swallowed greedily as Mr. Cohen continued to pound away at my arse. Jomo came about six times and I continued to suck on his softening cock and finger fuck his hole.

“That’s it boy, you keep on sucking my black cock and finger fucking my hole. Get my cock hard again so I can fuck your beautiful little-boy’s hole after Mr. Cohen’s filled it with his thick man’s cum.”

I kept sucking and finger fucking Jomo while enjoying the sensations Mr. Cohen’s big cock was giving me. I found their words, and the way they were treating me were turning me on more and more. We were all moaning and groaning and everyone was sweating profusely; the musky smell of man on man sex pervaded the room. I was flexing my sphincter tightly around Mr. Cohen’s shaft as he pulled back then releasing it as he fucked back into my quivering boy-hole. Jomo’s cock was hard again and he withdrew it from my aching mouth and pulled my fingers from his hole. He ruffled my hair.

“Good boy, you’re doing well, we didn’t really believe Ramon when he told us what a sex-pig you are.”

Then he walked back towards Mr. Cohen. I gripped the edges of the bench harder as Mr. Cohen’s strokes became wilder, sometimes his cock left my hole completely, and I loved it when he slammed the thick juicy 8 inches back into me. I managed to turn my head and saw Jomo was tossing his own cock to keep it hard while his other hand was alternately playing with Mr. Cohen’s large stiff nipples. I was almost moving up the benches Mr. Cohen was slamming into me so hard. He’d stopped moaning and started grunting every time he slammed his thick 8 inches home. He’d been fucking me for ages now and I was gasping for breath. The pounding my prostate was getting made me feel as if my body was one big cock ready to cum. And then cum I did, for the second time without anybody touching my rigid fat little cock. My sphincter clenched tightly around the invading shaft, and moaning loudly, I shot my jets of hot, sweet, boycum onto the mat below me.

“Christ Jomo,” gasped Mr. Cohen, “the little bugger’s cumming again, I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah,” Jomo replied bending down and looking at my shooting cock, “and it looks like it’s going to be another big load. This boy really loves to suck cock and get fucked.”

When I’d finished shooting I kept my sphincter clenched around Mr. Cohen’s shaft, which seemed to do the trick. He pulled my arse cheeks as far apart as they would go and forced his cock further into me. I felt him stiffen, his cock swelled and he shuddered as about four jets of hot mancum blasted my insides. I used my sphincter to milk his cock dry. I wanted to lie down, I was contented but exhausted, but Mr. Cohen held me firmly by the hips, so I dropped onto my forearms. Mr. Cohen called out.

“Oh no you don’t boy, get back up. You’ve still got to clean my cock.”

Wearily I straightened up, my cock had gone limp, and I felt so tired. Mr. Cohen pulled his softening cock from my ravaged hole with a wet plop. Jomo immediately took hold of my hips and pushed his 7 inch black cock into my gaping boyhole not stopping until his balls slapped against my arse cheeks; then he just held it there. I sighed contentedly when it was all inside me; I’d hardly felt it go past my sphincter. Then M. Cohen was lifting my head, and his thick cock was dangling in front of my face.

“Clean my cock boy.” He ordered.

Wearily I took a hand from the bench and guided his cock into my mouth. As soon as I tasted his cock I forgot my tiredness and eagerly sucked and slurped on his cock. I could taste his spunk and my boy juices, I loved it. I squeezed his shaft and milked upwards, I was rewarded with the last drops of his stronger tasting cum and some postcum, delicious! Mr Cohen removed my hand and pulled his cock from my mouth.

“Enough boy, I have to get dressed. If you like I’ll take over from Marcel and he can come and give you his cock, there’s still time. Or have you had enough?”

I looked up and licked my lips sexily.

“More Sir, please Sir. Can I have some more?”

They both burst out laughing. Mr. Cohen left through another door. With his cock still buried fully inside me, where I could feel it throbbing away, Jomo started to massage my lower back with his strong bony fingers talking soothingly as he did so.

“Good boy you’ve done really well. When your ring tightens up a little more around my cock I’m going to give you another good fucking. That’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Oh yes,” I sighed, “all day and every day.”

Jomo chuckled softly and continued his massage, by now he’d reached my shoulders and I could feel his body heat as he hovered just above me. His massaging of my shoulders and upper arms took all the ache away. I closed my eyes just as Jomo started to move his cock, he raised himself back up and held my hips. He pulled his cock back until only his knob remained inside me, then he slowly sank back in, all the time massaging my ample arse cheeks. When he’d established a slow languorous rhythm I almost drifted off, it was so different from Mr. Cohen’s forceful fuck. I was that far gone I didn’t hear the door open, so my eyes snapped open when someone spoke.

“Think you can take this boy?”

It was Marcel; he stood naked in front of me holding his long stiff cock. I looked him up and down admiring his compact hard, toffee coloured body, which was the same colour all over. His muscle development was more than Jomo’s and he had well defined stomach muscles, a six-pack as it’s called nowadays. Apart from his cropped head the only other body hair he had was a small tuft in each armpit and a cropped and shaped rectangle of ginger pubes above his cock. His hairless ball sac was tight and held a big pair of balls. His cock was 9 inches long, and just thicker than Jomo’s, but his knob was a revelation. It was half covered by his foreskin, so I reached out and pushed the foreskin gently back to expose it in all its glory. Deep pink and round, at its widest point it was almost half as thick around again as his shaft, and it had the biggest cock-slit I’d ever seen. I was still holding his shaft so I squeezed; a large pearl of precum oozed from his cock-slit and I leant in and licked it off.

“I take it that you want to suck my big cock then boy? And then eat my cum?”

“Oh yes Marcel, I want to suck your big cock until it feeds me your cum, please let me suck on it. But I just can’t believe how big your knob is. I’m really going to struggle to get it into my little mouth, but I want it so bad.”

I’d guessed he wanted me to beg for his huge cock. Marcel leered down at me and grabbed his balls.

“Don’t worry about getting into your mouth boy, just wait until it forces its way into your little bum-hole, but for now start sucking, I’ve got two days cum in these for you.”

Leaning forwards I opened my mouth wide and took the massive knob into my mouth, no way would I be able to get Marcel’s massive knob down my throat so I began to lick and suck on it instead. Precum started flowing immediately and I loved its taste as it trickled down my throat causing me to swallow. I even ...

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