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Since Vivek was raped by Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan (Ref: One Hot Rape; PM2), Vivek has developed homosexual desires. As days went by, his gay desires kept on increasing.

On the other side, Shahid Kapoor, who just had sex with Sunil Shetty (Ref: Love on Motorbike; PM2), was also on the same track.

One day, both Shahid and Vivek were online in yahoo messenger.

Shahid: Hi

Vivek: Hey, whats up?

Shahid: i m fine, what about u?

Vivek: me fine 2

Shahid: i heard something about u

Vivek: whats that?

Shahid: Sunil Shetty was telling me that Salman and Akshay raped u

Vivek: Oh God..

Shahid: Dont be afraid yaar, i m your friend, wont tell anyone, I also heard that in the later part, all three of u enjoyed and had threesome

Vivek: fuck, but why did Sunil tell u all this?

Shahid: come on, take it easy, i m also in all this tuff

Vivek: mean?

Shahid: that day, me and sunil, u know..

Vivek: what?????

Shahid: we did it, an erotic session

Vivek: I cant believe, Sunil is also in all this

Shahid: Yes, I had heavenly pleasure with Sunil, he is soooooo good!

Vivek: I see!

Shahid: Vivek, wanna have cyber now?

Vivek: why not, sure ;)

Shahid: Do you really have a Big One?

Vivek: Lol. Yeah, ten inches when hard.

Shahid: Are you hard now?

Vivek: Getting there...will be fully hard soon, man. You wanna hear more about my package?

Shahid: Hell yeah!

Vivek: K...well, I have few pubic hair, nice balls- golf ball sized and full of dick is around seven inches now cause I'm half hard...I'm uncut...and around two inches thick. Think you can handle it?

Shahid: I'm definitely "up" for trying. Lol.

Vivek: Lol. What are you wearing?

Shahid: Nothing but a smile- you?

Vivek: Briefs...major tenting, and some precum is starting to leak out, so there's a see-through spot already.

Shahid: MMM, I wouldn't mind licking that up for you.

Vivek: I'll take the underwear off for you to do that!

Shahid: You can leave them on, if you like.

Vivek: Underwear fetish, huh?

Shahid: Kinda...Are you stroking?

Vivek: Hella yeah! Aren't you?

Shahid: Of course! Tell me about it.

Vivek: Well, I'm sitting on a desk chair...

Shahid: Where are you?

Vivek: In my office, in my house, working late...

Shahid: Wow, hot! I hoped you locked your door!

Vivek: my balls are hanging over the edge of the chair, and my legs are spread wide. My tool is pointing upward and the head is shiny and purplish...I'm rubbing the precum into my member as fast as I can so I dont make a puddle around here.

Shahid: Lick some of your precum.

Vivek: Off my fingers? Or bend over and lick my head?

Shahid: You can do that? Sexy! Bend over!

Vivek: I do this all the time! Tastes yummy man!

Shahid: Wish I could taste it! I'd love to deep throat your cock.

Vivek: I love 69...I'd want to feel you sucking me as I gave you the bj of your life!

Vivek: I'd love to finger your asshole and play with your balls as I pressed my nose into your pubes

Shahid: I'm shaved. Completely hairless

Vivek: I love em smooth!

Vivek: I want to lick my way down your stomach to your tool and take it all in my mouth...with you fucking my face and me drinking every drop when you cum.

Shahid: Sounds so hot man I love it!

Shahid: While you do that, I'm licking and rolling your balls around in my mouth...feeling you all slick and juicy. Then, as I grab your head and hold you on my cock, I'm sliding your tool into my mouth an inch at a time, first kissing and licking your head and piss slit.

Vivek: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yessssss!

Shahid: I want to feel your big one pulse and throb on my tongue and cheeks...I wanna suck you dry!

Vivek: You're one hot stud if we keep this up I'm gonna blow my load all over myself. Good thing I took my suit off before.

Shahid: Are you pinching your nipples?

Vivek: I was, but they're too hard now...I'm licking them tender...

Shahid: I'm playing with mine, too, rolling them around in my fingers...they're standing out now...

Vivek: I need some relief bad man

After that both Shahid and Vivek starts to masturbate their cocks heavily in their rooms, and in a few seconds, both starts shooting out loads and loads of cum spreading all over their naked body.

After finishing off, they chats again

Shahid: I m done, totally exhausted

Vivek: me 2, what a relief!

Shahid: Can we meet physically?

Vivek: sure baby, why not?

Shahid: when? where?

Vivek: will let u know!

Shahid: ok darling, bye for now

Vivek: bye :-)

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