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Multimedia gallery

80.Leatherman Larry

"Check it out," Larry said, modeling his new outfit for Steve. He was wearing a pair of black leather pants, tight enough to show off the muscles in his legs and the bulge under the ties that served as a zipper. On top he wore only a vest made of the same soft, buttery leather. Without a T-shirt underneath, the vest showed off his hairy chest and muscular arms.

He cupped his hands around the bulge in his pants, rubbing slightly so his cock began to harden, pressing out against the tight leather. Steve could clearly see Larry's cockhead outlined against the pants, and he thought he could even see a flash of his cock between the gaps of the lacing that served as a fly.

Stepping up beside Larry, Steve ran his hands over his chest, fingering the hair and the leather, inhaling the scent of the smooth material as he pressed his hips forward. His own growing erection brushed against Larry's cock, and he grunted softly as he felt it throb.

With one hand, Steve smoothly undid the laces. Larry was naked underneath the pants, and his cock bounced out, hardening as it hit the air, the cockhead brushing against Steve's pants, leaving a wet trail of pre-cum. Steve kept moving his hand over Larry's chest as he reached down, grasping Larry's fully hard rod in his hand and stroking it firmly.

Larry dropped his head back and moaned in pleasure. He bent his leg slightly, rubbing his thigh against Steve's hard dick. Steve pressed his thumb against Larry's cockhead and squeezed his shaft before returning to his slow stroking, jerking Larry off. The feeling of his hand sliding over the leather on Larry's muscular chest, his other hand on Larry's smooth cock skin, and Larry's thigh rubbing his cock was making him really hot.

Steve removed his hand from Larry's chest long enough to unzip his own pants and fish out his cock. He pressed their shafts together, his cockhead pressing against the base of Larry's cock, and wrapped both his hands around their dicks, squeezing tightly. Using Steve's hands, both men began flexing their hips back and forth, fucking each other's cocks and Steve's palms. They moved faster and faster, Steve enjoying the sensation of his cockhead bumping against Larry's leather pants.

The smell of sweat and leather and pre-cum permeated the air. Both men were breathing heavily, their eyes closed in concentration, their balls bouncing around. With a shudder, Larry came first, his cock jerking as it spewed his cum over Steve's hands, both of their cocks, and his leather pants. The white fluid dripped down the smooth surface of the leather.

Despite the fact that he had already come, Larry kept thrusting back and forth, smearing his spunk all over Steve's dick. Steve felt the sticky cum coating his cock, the friction from his hand and Larry's softening cock driving him over the edge. "Unh!" he groaned aloud as he came. His cockhead bulged, spurting jism that poured down Larry's leather pants.

Steve pulled back, grinning, and looked at Larry's outfit. "That's a mess," he said.

Larry shrugged. "It's not so bad," he said. "I bet cum is good for leather. We should do that every day to make sure it stays soft."

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