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I had just finished college and landed a good job in
the city. With a decent salary, I decided to find a
nice apartment with a view. I contacted a real estate
office and told them what I wanted. They located an
apartment not to far form where I worked, so I went to
take a look. Most of the tenants were single
professionals. Many of the apartments had balconies
and there was a pool and tennis courts. There was
also a very nice deck on the top floor, for those who
wanted to work on their tan.

I had moved in on a Saturday and was walking down the
hall looking for the laundry room. I saw this guy
waiting at the elevator with a laundry bag. I asked
him if he was doing some laundry, and he said he was
on his way down. He would show me where it was.

We got on the elevator and I noticed he had on a
really cool pair of sandals. These had a very narrow
toe loop with a tiny buckle and a matching narrow
instep strap. I was fascinated with his feet. They
were just perfect, like a girl's feet, with a
pedicure. I could hardly take my eyes of them. I was
a real sandal freak, and had on a pair myself. They
were black toe loop sandals with a narrow strap that
came up over the instep and buckled around the ankle.
They were as scant a sandal as you could wear, and
still have something on your feet. This guy had on a
pair of very short white shorts and a half T shirt
that came down to about the middle of his stomach. He
looked really good, and he had noticed I was looking
him over. I smiled and introduced myself. He told me
his name was Chris.

The elevator stopped at the basement and he and I got
off. The Laundry room was very nice with all new
equipment. There was a small lounge area with some
chairs and tables. Chris went over and put his
clothes in a washer and so did I. Then I realized
that I had not brought enough quarters to finish my
laundry. Chris was sitting in a chair with his feet
on one of the low tables. I went over and sat down
across from him. I found my self staring at his
beautiful feet and sandals. All of a sudden I heard
Chris say: "is something the matter?" I realized he
had caught me looking at his feet. I was a bit
embarrassed and sort of stammered: "no, I was just
admiring your sandals." He smiled and said he liked
mine also. I told him that I had not brought enough
quarters and I was going back up to get some. He said
he had plenty, and I could borrow some from him. I
told him I would repay him as soon as I got back to my

When we had finished, we both went back up to our
apartments. I discovered that Chris had the
apartment next to mine. I went to my place and put
the clothes away. I changed my sandals and took the
quarters over to Chris. When he opened the door, he
was standing in front of me in a new pair of sandals.
They were white rope thongs with leather soles. Chris
noticed that I had changed into a pair of shinny red
leather Indian thongs. We both stood there and
laughed about what we had done.

Chris offered me a drink and we sat down and started
to talk about sandals. He told me that had about 20
pairs, which was twice the number I had. He had been
collecting for quite a while. We decide that we both
liked the same styles of sandals. Leather thongs,
with narrow straps between the toes. Chris offered to
show me his collection.
We went into his bed room where he had a big walk in
closet. I could see all of the boxes neatly stacked
on a shelf. I was already getting excited thinking
about seeing them. He reached up and took down four
boxes and put them on the bed. He sat back, and said:
" be my guest." I opened the first box and there was
a pair of brown leather V thong sandals.
The wide instep straps were attached to the toe thong
by a small buckled strap. I slipped my hand into the
sandal and let the thong go between my fingers. I
wanted to feel where Chris's foot had been. I could
smell the wonderful leather. That was always a turn
on for me. I played with them for a bit. Then Chris
suggested that I put them on. I really wanted to feel
his sandals on my feet. They were a bit snug, but
that made them even better.

The next box I opened had a pair of brown toe loop
sandals with a square toe and a wide buckled instep
strap. The leather was really nice, and again had
that wonderful smell. Chris picked up our glasses and
asked if I wanted a refill. I said ok, and he left
for the kitchen. As soon as he left the room I
spotted the toe loop sandals he had worn to the
laundry room. I reached down and picked them up and
held one of them to my face. I wanted to smell the
sandal, after it had been on Chris's foot. It smelled
so good I put my tongue against the insole and began
to lick it. Just then Chris came back into the room
to see if I wanted more ice in my drink. He caught me
licking his sandal and I didn't know what to say. He
just looked at me and smiled. He said: "you really do
like sandals, don't you?" I guess my face was turning
red, and Chris was trying to calm me down. He told me
to enjoy his sandals, he does. I played with it in my
hand for a minute and I could feel my dick getting
really hard.

Chris saw what was happening, and put his hand on my
leg and moved it up to touch me through my shorts.
"Don't be embarrassed" he said, his dick was doing the
same thing. He stood up, and pulled off his T shirt.
Then he put his thumbs into his shorts and pulled them
down and stepped out. He played with his dick for a
bit, and it got as stiff as a rod. All I could do was
stare at him. I wanted to put my hand on him. Chris
told me to take my cloths off and get comfortable. I
stood up and stripped. I couldn't believe what I was
doing, but I felt so good, stripping in front of him.
He was so comfortable to be with. Looking at all of
these sandals on the bed made it even more exciting.

Chris reached over and grabbed my dick and began to
message it. I was lost in the moment as I began to
get more and more excited. Then I pushed his hand
away and told Chris' I was going to make him pay for
his actions. He looked surprised at first and then he
noticed my smile. He was now interested in seeing how
far I would go with him. I told him to get a towel
and put it in the middle of the bed. When he had done
that, I told him to get on the bed face down. Then I
spread his arms and legs as far as I could. I told
him to keep them spread or he would be punished. I
found some hand lotion on his dresser, and brought it
over to the bed. I put some on my hands and began to
rub it on his cute little butt. Chris was moving
around on the towel, trying to get his dick hard
again. I reached under him and pulled it out toward
his feet and told him not to cum until I gave him
permission. I applied the lotion to his legs and feet
to get him all soft and shinny. Then I spread his
cheeks and put some in the crack of his ass. I moved
my fingers up and down and tickled him.

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