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121.The K-Y cowboys ride the bottoms

Thirty years ago I had a ball at a gay and bi hoedown which lasted
all day. There was a whole fest there including a little rodeo with
two rough stock events and some mild stuff like barrel racing and
being dragged around on a sheet of cowhide. One of my new buddies
worked as the rodeo clown since he was a big nailbitten stud about
my size and shape who could push a standard city bus a block and
back to where he got it from. and had been a bouncer til he found
out the asshole he was 86ing was a nasty breeder and broke a few
bones in him. He was able to take care of himself. He had taken one
of Paul's self defense courses at the center.
The lunch was a big spread of barbeque, as was the supper and the
barn dance was great as well with one of the older men calling a
squaredance which I tried my hand at. One of the dances I was paired
up with a small guy who looked like he had been a cowpoke and used
the handle "Tex" or 'Lil Tex" since he was a scant 5'6" tall as well
as only about 135 lbs. I led since I was a lot bigger at almost 6'2"
and well over 200, actually about 250. He led in one of the dances
since he'd done it before but taking the woman's part was way beyond
me. I later had him on my lap as the partying went on since I felt
it a natural due to our sizes even thugh he was as butch looking as
they come. He was decked out in the boots, levis, cowboy shirt with
a string tie, scarf, had a graying beard and close cropped hair and
the hat. I was almost as decked out but had on my lace-up work boots
from my job in the Transit Authority shops, my levis, a blue
chambray shirt and hat, one of my cruising hankies was my scarf, one
of the two orange ones there with another one in my left hip pocket,
like my buddy's.
The real fun was that night. Since many of us workers there would
be a bit drunk we were assigned to bunk in a decent sized bunkhouse
which had bunks made of 4x4's and 2x6's and other solid construction
to take the abuse of different rough characters as well as give the
western look.
There were plenty of us so most of us were doubling up. My buddy
was paired up with one of the tall skinny queens who was a bit
apprehensive about the large sweaty stud and I was paired up with
Lil Tex. Needless to say soon after lights out some guys began to
make out but Tex was a bit tired and was soon sawing z's. We started
off on our backs and my buddy who was in the top bunk with his queen
was already getting the sissy into position for some oral action. I
could tell he was having the queen suck him hard and then there was
more movement as the queen took its position on its stomach and my
buddy mounted it. The queen gasped as my buddy penetrated its ass
and fucked it, most likely with nothing more than the queen's spit
on his dick and what little bit of smegma he had under his foreskin.
That was all that was needed for an ass that was that loose from all
the dicks them queens take anyway.
Meanwhile I was getting horny and wanted to consummate my
friendship with Tex, partly to relieve my sexual needs as well as to
use the "might makes right" rule since I was bigger, stronger and
heavier then he was as well as evenly matched as far as masculinity
goes. Tex was awakened by the whine of another guy in the lower bunk
across from us as the big sweaty man entered his ass.
I took the oppertunity to whisper, "Tex, I need a blowkob OK." and
rolled to face him, my dick poking his side, and pushed on his
shoulders, my thick guitar-pick nails in his flesh. He resigned
himself to the fact that I could make it hell-night if he didnt give
me what I wanted so he scrunched down under the covers and took my
cut dick in his mouth. I knew he was pleased that it was only about
six and a half inches compared to my buddy's 7" and that I was cut
so he wouldnt have to eat cheeze as well as my dick-sweat and my cum
which I enjoyed pumping into his mouth. I had let him fellate me and
he was also good enough to keep right on sucking and inhale the fart
I cut which also got my dick even harder, knowing what he had to
After a while I figured he was getting tired so I grabbed his head
and fucked his mouth. He got used to it and I had a good orgasm
which he was able to swallow with my dick in his mouth which made me
feel great. I reveled in my virility as Tex kept sucking my dick and
as a bonus we drifted off to sleep with my dick in his mouth, him
contentedly sucking on it.
I awoke at about 3 or 4 in the morning with wood. Tex was no longer
in his position at my crotch but was laying with his back to me. I
reached for my pants to get out my small tube of K-Y and smearted
some on my stiff dick. I then rolled over to face Tex's back and
line up my shot. He was awake from my rolling over first to get my
lube and then to roll 180 degrees to take my position behind him. I
dont know if he knew what he was in for but my heart was beating
like it does when I'm about to penetrate someone and then I was
rubbing my dick on his crack. He then knew what I was going to take
from him, his ass. He asked me not to and I asked him why. He said
some bullshit but said he didnt have any V.D. when I asked him. I
held his shoulder with one hand and his pelvis with the other and
slowly forced my dick past his spincter. I knew he was in a bit of
pain but my dick sure felt good going in. He jerked and whimpered as
my dirty thick nails dug into his crotch and shoulder. He had no
escape and decided to give me his ass since his cries would go
unanswered or even laughed at. I hilted myself in his tight ass and
we were one, my chest and gut tight against his back, my pelvis
molded to his ass, my balls hanging out his hole as his ass spasmed
a bit around my dick which drove me to drive it in his ass. I thrust
and built up my pleasure in him. I fucked him slowly at first but
being uncut and a tough cummer I began to fuck him faster and harder
as he endured the increasing pain til he eventually got used to it.
I was working up a sweat, the shreet that had covered us now on the
edge of the bed behind my back as I drilled the hapless little
cowboy, my thick nails digging into him to keep him from escaping my
manly thrusts. I got my urges and finally jack-hammered him to pump
my second load up his now sore asshole. My dick felt really great as
I shot my load in him, every bit as good as I felt when I came in
his mouth and he swallowed it.
I thrust repeatedly as I'd done in his mouth to substain my
pleasure as I filled his ass with cum and more pain. He whined more
out of my nails cutting into his crotch and his shoulder then the
pain I was pumping up his ass. I slammed home a few more thrusts and
rested, keeping my dick in his ass to enjoy the great warm feeling
of it around my dick and the contact of myself and him. I knew he
wasnt comfortable at all, being in pain and my large hot sweaty body
plastered to his . I thrust from time to time to keep my dick
feeling good as it was still hard. I contemplated fucking him again
like I often did before pulling out but I drifted off the sleep,
tightening my hold on him when he thought he could escape me til my
dick softened and fell out. He left for the bathrom but amazingly
came back rather than finding a vacant bunk. While Tex was gone
Patrick came over and sucked my dick for a while til it was cleaner
than it was when I first stuck it in Tex's mouth. I took a piss
which Pat drank without spilling a drop. Pat then sucked off of my
dick and then sucked Tex off when he returned.
As Pat swallowed the last of Tex's cum a commotion brewed outside
and came in through the double doors leading to the parking lot. We
looked and soon saw a bunch of men dragging one of the fem-queens
in. The queen fought, clawed, shrieked and cursed but the four men
dragging it in were joined by the rest of us and we soon had the
person stripped and on the bunkhouse floor. One man laid some of the
queen's duds on the floor between its legs and began a gang-bang
which Tex, in an effort to finish reclaiming his manhood, took part.
My buddy Bill who'd fucked his piece of his queen also joined the
fray so I went after him. Fortunately for the bottoms Bill fucks, he
keeps his nails bitten to the nubs while I'd stopped biting mine
when I'd found out how thick they are and could help keep unwilling
bottoms under me while I got my piece of them, as I did to that
queen. I wanted to piss after cumming but I'd just pissed in Pat's
mouth and I had to leave the queen's asshole "clean" for the other
men who wanted a piece of it. Even other bottoms or ones who
bottomed that night had a piece. After the last man had fucked the
queen's ass one man held a knife to its throat, saying "Suck it and
dont even gag or choke. Bite it or spit out my cum and you're
sliced." he growled. The man had his piece of the queen's mouth,
followed by half the number of men who'd fucked its ass. It was a
great night for us men and the willing bottoms even if it wasnt that
great for the less than willing bottoms. Of course the fems are
asking for it anyway just by being fems so why let one get away with
not spreading its lips or ass for any of us men who wanted or needed
a hole to fuck.

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