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When I was 23, I had gotten into an accident which broke my arms and
one of my legs. I was in a half-body cast for a week. It covered me
from my shoulders to the top of my little pot belly. Well, the
hospital sent PCA's(Perswonal Care Attendant) to help me do things.
Like bathe, brush teeth, etc. One day, they sent a male PCA. I
wasn't expecting a guy. 6 out of the 7 days I was in the cast, they
sent big, fat women. Well, this was a change, indeed. He came in,
waited for me to undress, and get into the tub so he could bathe me.
Unlike the other nurses, he decided to use a towel without gloves. I
didn't pay too much attention. I was just in a hurry to get bathed.
So, I got into the tub. He got on his knees and started washing my
hair. Soon, he got to washing my belly. He rubbed the towel a little
close to my pubes. This made my cock harden. Then, he rubbed it a
little closer. I gasped a little when he touched the head. I was
suprized. I have never been with a man before, but the temptation
was high. Specially, since I'd been without sexual relief for over a
week. So, I didn't say nothing. He, then started washing my back.
When he got to my ass, he rubbed the soapy towel over my cheeks for
a long time. This felt great. I've never had anyone caress my
buttcheeks like this. He dropped the towel and caressed my butt with
his hand...squeezing and caressing it gentlly. I just sat there in
the tub enjoying the butt massage. Every now and then, he'd run his
hand under me and the water and touched my balls. This made my cock
harden and throb. Suddenly, he looked at my hard cock, and said "let
me help you with that." All I did was lay back and let him work. He
wrapped his hand around my cock and started stroking it. I gasped
and moaned "Wow! That feels so good. I've never had anyone touch me
before." He kept on stroking without saying a word. He'd run his
hands up and down my shaft, rubbing the head with his thumb. I
moaned and gulped. He started stroking faster, squeezing gently. I
was coming close to blowing my load. He stroked faster and
faster. "Keep stroking. Faster...faster. Make me cum." I moaned. He
complied and kept stroking. I couldn't hold it any longer. "I'm
cumming. mmm...yeah...cummmiinnngggg!!!" I screamed. I came a big
load all over his hand. I came and came. Finally, he stopped and I
caught my breath. "Thanks...I needed that." I said. "Feel free to
come by anytime." After that, I never saw him again.

If any of you on here live near Houma, La., USA; gimme a holla if
you're a PCA.

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