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1.indian encounter

Indian Encounter

Being a Gay is totally not acceptable to the farcical Indian society
though there are as many Gays exist as it is in any other country and
perhaps even more. But they never come out. They even get married and
produce children still enjoying gay sex discreetly.

I am not an exception.

I am Sujoy, a 30 year old wheatish complexion, 5'9'' tall, well built
very hairy, to the extent, I was called a bear during my college days,
reasonably handsome guy. The best part of my anatomy lies between my
hairy legs. I have the best package possible for an Indian which when
erect stands at a cool 10''. None can close his fist around my cock as
it is so big it resembles a home grown cucumber. I am uncut as is the
case of majority of Indians. The funniest part is that my balls are not
very heavy and they are small compared to the size of my penis.

From my younger days, I knew I was interested in male anatomy. Even today
I keenly observe every size and shape of early morning squatters
(answering nature's call) along the railway tracks so intently that they
can easily guess I watch them so much wide-eyed. Though I myself am
gifted with a big cock, looking at the various sizes of these cocks
always fascinates me. It has gone to such an extent, one particular young
guy of around 19 years whose 9" cock is being admired by me every
morning, waits for me to cross in my train, at the same spot and same
time (since my train timing is fixed) with a big erection, at times
furiously wanking his meat. At least on 2 occasions, I saw him letting
out huge loads of his cum when I cross him.

I always stand near the entry or the exit door facing the wrong
direction so that my fingers can close on to the throbbing cocks of the
guys who stand on the foot board facing the travaelling direction but
close to the door with their cocks literally rubbing the door knob.

It is a known secret that gays prefer this particular compartment which
is just next to the Ladies compartment.Generally the guys, one standing
at the footboard near the door and the other one standing next to him but
facing the direction opposite to the traveling direction enjoy the few
happier moments of their gay life in Bombay while travelling in thelocal
train . I always enjoy giving the pleasure rather than receiving it
although people who feel my cock can never believe that I enjoy fondling
other's cocks.

The other day, I slowly moved my fingers over the door knob giving a very
minor pressure on to the thigh of the Muslim youngster, who must be
around 24 years, standing next to me. He was a gorgeous one , well built,
equally hairy like me with a nice muslim beard. He was fair like an
European to us. He was wearing a loose pyjama and a long top which
generally suit our gay activities as you can do whatever you want without
arousing other's suspicion. Initially there was no response which made
me feel a little scared as a straight man can give you a big blow if he
does not like what you do to his cock. But when I moved my fingers a
little closer to his thigh, he suddenly pressed my fingers with his thigh
in a very sexy way which was inviting. But it was held like that only for
a moment and then he became normal speaking with his friend who was
standing behind him. I went a little bolder and this time moved my
fingers very close to his nuts, actually sort of caressing them. He once
again gently pressed his thigh and brought his package just in front of
my probing fingers.

Encouraged with his action, I caressed his cock with the back of my
thumb. His cock which was soft suddenly got a heavy blood supply and
started exerting pressure on to my thumb and in fact my hand and I could
guess that this chap was matching inch by inch in length and girth my own
famous member. Yes, it was at least a cool 11 `' cock which I could
feel now with my free hand. To add to my pleasure, I found out that he
was not wearing any underwear and his cock was felt in my hand as if it
had no barrier to my fingers. His silk pyjma added to the pleasure as it
was feeling great to rotate the cut mushroom head of his huge cock
through the silk which had a big wet patch by now. Initially, I was
surprised thinking that he had ejaculated but later on realized that he
was profusely pre-cuming with a typical pleasant smell. Unlike me, he had
huge balls also to match the size of his penis.

Even while talking with his friend, he brought down the left hand which
he was using to balance by gripping at the top of the door way, now
balancing himself with his right hand on to the outside of the door knob,
and released his monster cock through the front by unbuttoning the pyjama
front. It was like a small child's erect hand, a furious serpent and

A huge water hose, what I felt when he released his cock. I started
enjoying the feeling by first patting the mushroom head which is
copiously letting out streams of precum, then the length of the entire
iron like shaft which is rock hard by now and throbbing to my feel and
finally the hairy apple sized balls one after the other. I started
nudging his slit with my finger tips giving him electric shock like
feelings. It was amazing that though he was thoroughly enjoying himself
with my touch, he was still conversing with his friend. Only people who
had seen the crowd traveling in Mumbai trains can believe and imagine
what I had experienced as none can know what is happening below one since
the compartments are jam packed and one can easily feel the hot breath of
another so closely whether you like it or not.

I held his huge penis in such a way my other four fingrs were trying to
bend it upwards while my thumb was trying to force it downwards. This
made him more and more erect. Then I interchanged the finger positions in
such a way that now my thumb was trying to force his shaft up while other
fingers were getting it down. What a sensation it was creating not only
to him but also to my penis which is already fully erect inside my pant
and brief. I sensed that he enjoys the maximum when I catch hold of the
beginning of the shaft which is normally inside the sack by probing the
same from the bottom of his nut sack. If I add those extra inches which
are hidden, he may measure to a cool 15 `' perhaps.

I now used my complete palm to close his huge and lovely shaft and
started playing as if I wanted to tease him only. He let out a large
quantity of pre cum on to my palm. I suddenly got a nice idea. I took
some more of his pre cum in my fingers by circling them around his cock
head and without anyone noticing the same, raised my hand upwards till my
fingers reached his mouth. He , by now, understood my game plan and
readily and eagerly lapped up the precum by taking all my fingers in the
rounded position I fed after bringing his head closer to the door
tactfully. None in this world could have guessed what was going on there
between two hot guys with the most beautiful cocks between their legs. He
, to make me excited, made a slurping noise while gobbling up his own pre
cum which I fed him. I brought down my hand again to scoop out some more
pre cum and started feeding this young and horny muslim boy with his own
pre cum.

In between, I took my hand deep into his front opening to caress his
thigh which was like a forest full of pine trees with dense curly hair.
He was thoroughly enjoying my action and in fact moved his thighs in such
a way that my hand was caught tightly between his legs below his balls.
This made me travel further into his anatomy as I tried to reach his boy
pussy by bending my shoulders a little down and taking my hand deep below
his balls. He also was trying to help me by raising his body a little
standing on his toes now. I could almost reach the hot hairy boy cunt but
that was it. To go further down I had to sit and do, which was not

When I took out my hand from that position, I was suddenly caught unaware
by his taking my by now rigid cock through my Jocky underwear. When he
freed his right hand and manage to lower my zip is still a mystery to me!
My shaft was struggling hard inside the underwear and longing to be free.
The problem was that a cock of my size, when taken out easily can never
be put back in position so easily. Hence, to his disappointment, I did
not allow him to release it from its confinement but nevertheless enjoyed
his electric touch. He could not do justice to my cock as I could do to
his due to the restricted movements of both our hands simultaneously do
their designated jobs. He started working on my member through my u wear
just with the back of his hand. It felt as if there were two hands as
both his hand and my huge meat were almost of same size.

Simultaneously I was never failing to scoop out his precum from his
throbbing shaft which was dangling free in the air enjoying the train
ride, and feeding him as if a mother feeds her small child in the rural

As I could hear from his friend's conversation that my horny was nearing
his home station, I now took his rigid rod in to my open palm and holding
it tightly around the head giving hard and long strokes. I could some
times sense an involuntarily hip movement from him whenever I touched his
pleasure points. He was also rubbing heavily with his back hand my
serpent like shaft which was longing for some fast action. While giving
him hard strokes now with only my thumb and index finger I used the other
fingers to squeeze lightly his tight nuts. That was the end point for him
as he could no longer control himself and started pumping out huge loads
of thick and silky boy cum into my closed palm. I did not want it to fly
back hitting the others standing behind him including his friend with
whom he was still talking. I could not believe that he spurted out at
least 11 times starting with huge ones to a small drip with the last
one.I milked him dry totally. With one quick move I brought up my palm
full of his boy cum to his mouth and in a single slurp he drank the human
nectar relishing its smell and taste. I then brought my palm to my mouth
and cleanly licked the remaining nectar of this handsome boy. At this
moment, I could not help but to release my own huge load from my raging
hard on but still within the confinements of my u wear only. As my
copious cum oozed through my underwear on to his back hand , he took the
same also to his mouth and licked it clean. He repeated this action for
some more time until he managed to totally make a mess of my pant front
by smearing my cum over it ...

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