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We don't get many Americans visiting the beach here at Ipanema. Not as many as I'd like. I've lived in the US and I love to fuck a
strong American male.I know they all miss Grossao's heavy fucktool. When one of them comes down here, I have a ball.
I'm on top of my fireguard station watching the people on the beach when I see something interesting. A military-type guy, with
really white skin, which here is very uncommon, short blond crew-cut,
massive muscles, amazingly developed glutes... I'm already hard, with
Grossao's head jumping out of my speedos. I've got myself a new American male cunt!
I send my partner Junior to scout. He hangs around the gringo, who is with his wife and a bunch of kids. I see when the muscleman sends his family back to their hotel, across the street from the beach, while he stays, obviously interested in the hunky black youngster.
Junior asks for a cigarette and sits down to talk. I see muscleman getting hard. Damn! this guy packs a wallop of a dick! Junior
sneaks a hand under the guy's shorts and plays with his hard cock. They're getting friendly, those two...
Muscleman stands up and runs to the sea, dives in, certainly to cool down a bit, and Junior takes the opportunity to call me on my
cell to give me an update.
"Hi boss, guy's a Navy Seal captain, based in San Diego, name's Andy. And he's hot! I'm following your instructions and pretending to be a bottom.
He's definitely a top. He said he's gonna send his
familiy to the Sugar Loaf
and he'll stay, faking a headache. Wants me to go meet
him in his hotel
suite. Everything's going according to plan, boss.

Andy picks his towel, says goodbye to Junior and walks
to his hotel. I
admire the luscious dance of his huge hard glutes,
stirring beneath the
tight wet shorts. I can see myself lowering them,
sliding my big hands over
the smooth white skin, opening the deep crack to find
the pink rosebud
hidden way inside the fat buns, and then... God, I
have to save Grossao for
the real fuck, can't waste any cum before the main

I arrange everything with one of my fuckbuddies, the
hotel manager. He's a
faithful worshipper in the cult of Grossao. A nice
English gentleman, who
just loves to take my giant dick up his ass. So, while
Andy and family have
lunch downstairs, his suite is being wired for audio
and video. I'll run the
show from my control room on the same floor.

When Andy's wife and kids take the excursion bus to
the Sugar Loaf, he goes
back to his room to wait for Junior. My buddy is right
on time. The manly
captain comes to the door, half naked, with just a
towel wrapped around his
powerful lower body. His huge dick is already tenting,
ready for action.

I watch on the TV monitors from the control room as
Junior walks in and goes
to the windows to admire the view of Ipanema beach,
magnificently spread out
under a deep blue sky. Andy hugs him from behind and
starts to undress the
black stud. The gringo is hot and horny for this sexy
Brazilian piece of
male ass.

I've trained Junior very well in the arts of pleasing
a studly male. His
black butt is a piece of work, round and juicy, and he
loves to take a big
dick up his ass, just as much as he loves to fuck a
man with his own giant

Andy loses his towel and pushes Junior's head down, to
worship the massive
white cock that springs up, hitting the captain's
belly. The black stud
kneels down and starts by licking around the fat head,
making the gringo
groan with pleasure.

I've warned my buddies down at the beach, so a little
crowd has formed in
front of the hotel to watch, some even carrying
binoculars. Andy doesn't
seem to notice. He's losing his mind, as Junior goes
down on the thick
whopper, swallowing the whole thing down his gullet.

The Navy Seal captain grabs Junior's head and starts
to fuck his throat
furiously. I can hear the cheers from the crowd. But
Andy is so engrossed
with the young black hunk that he just doesn't care.
It looks like he's
about to cum, but he changes his mind and commands
Junior to get up, turn
around and bend over.

He's going to fuck the black stud facing the ocean,
taking in the glorious
sight of Ipanema beach as he shoves his fantastic
yankee prick up the cute
Brazilian's ass. Junior is not pretending, he's really
enjoying the fuck, as
I've turned him into a good bitch for giant dicks.

Andy grabs Junior's hips and slams his groin against
the black boy's plump
ass. I marvel at the powerful thrusts of Andy's
massive white glutes,
squeezed tightly against each other, every time he
bangs his dick deep into
Junior's welcoming male pussy.

The hotel manager, who's with me in the control room,
can't hold it anymore
and starts to suck my own dick, making it hard and wet
with precum, getting
it ready to fuck the blond captain.

Tha muscular gringo starts to cum in Junior's ass,
making my young buddy cum
with him. They shout in triumph, as the crowd outside
bursts with whistles
and cheers. His orgasm is too wild for Andy to notice
them. He pulls his
dripping cock from the bottom's tight hole, with a
loud PLOP! His giant dick
is still hard, standing at full mast.

Junior helps the captain to carry the king bed to the
window, so they'll be
able to screw while watching the awesome view. That's
my idea, of course.
When I'll come into the picture, I want the crowd
outside to have a good
view, while I bust the gringo's cherry.

The young black stud lies on the bed on his back,
pulls his strong legs up
and aligns his asshole with Andy's hard ramrod. The
captain shoves it in
with one mighty thrust, making Junior yelp in pleasure
and pain. The crowd
roars its approval.

Andy is too enraptured, fucking the Brazilian boy's
welcoming cunt, to
notice when Junior grabs his wrists and handcuffs them
to the bed posts. The
captain seems to feel that this is just some kinky
trick from his bottom
slut, and keeps on fucking, his arms now spread open,
hanging from the wood

That's when I barge in. To the gringo's surprise,
there's now a new stud in
his room, a giant naked nigger with a raging hardon
much bigger than his. He
turns his head back and stares in horror, as I
approach him from behind and
start to paw his wonderful, deliciously fuckable butt.

"Stop that, you motherfucker! I'm not what you're
thinking! I'm a straight,
god-fearing Navy Seal captain from the U. S. of A.!
Don't mess with me, you
fucking nigger, or you'll gonna regret it for the rest
of your life!"

That only makes me laugh, as I open his large buns and
plunge my face deep
into his crack, feeling my stubble scraping the soft
white skin on the sexy
inner thighs of my sweet gringo prey. Andy tries to
kick me out, but I have
a good grip on his strong legs.

The helpless captain is now under Grossao's sway. I
plunge my hard tongue
into his resisting rosebud and find, to my delight,
that he's a real virgin,
buttwise. God, how I love to deflower a manly yankee,
to get myself a good
piece of prime American beefcake!

Andy struggles with all his power, but the pleasure
he's having in Junior's
fuckhole and the thrill of having his asshole rimmed
for the first time,
under my expert tongue, is just too much for him. He
starts to moan loudly
and, sure enough, I feel his nuts tightening under my
chin, his ring
squeezing my licker, his cock getting harder and
starting to gush hot semen
inside the black boy's ass.

"You motherfucker, I'm cumming, dammit! I'm gonna rip
your tongue out with
my asshole, you fucking nigger, aaaah, AAAAAH, oh god
this is wild, dammit,
I can't stop, I'm cumming!"

Andy goes crazy as the crowd down on the beach eggs us
on with cries of
"fuck the gringo!", "shove Grossao up his ass!".
They're now so noisy that
the captain finally realizes his predicament: he's
about to be screwed by a
black giant while a whole bunch of Brazilian beach
bums watch, while he's
raped and turned into a pussy.

Sobering up, faced with the dire prospect of losing
his cherished manhood,
the American captain decides to plea for mercy. "Look,
mister, what's your
name? Grossao? What does that mean? Thick and huge!
Oh, of course, quite
appropriate. Look, sir, no offense, but you're way too
big. I mean, I admire
your superior endowement and all but, frankly, I can't
take it. It's too
huge. I'm a virgin. You'd kill me. And you don't want
to be responsbile for
the death of a US Navy officer, of course. You don't
want to have that on
your conscience, do you, sir?"

Andy sees the wicked, horny smile on my face and
that's when he gets really
scared. His head turned back, he watches speechless as
I shove one, then
two, then three fingers up his asshole. He's so
frightened he forgets to
yell right away. Only when the fourth finger goes in
he suddenly starts
screaming like a pig.

"Oh help me god! You're a pervert! A madman! A
terrorist! Please, have
mercy! Decapitate me, behead me, but don't make me
lose my honor, my
manhood! God you're killing me, that hurts like hell,
please stop, I beg

Both Junior and I laugh our hearts out, the crowd on
the beach roars, as we
watch the powerful gringo crumble and turn into a
whiny pussyboy. Tears gush
from his blue eyes as the captain sobs uncontrollably,
no longer struggling,
almost resigned to his fate, a great piece of American
male ass about to
become my bitch.

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