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With my fingers in his asshole, the blond American
muscleman, captain Andy
of the Navy Seals, starts to melt. I can see that
though he's trying to keep
a tough guy facade, grinding his teeth and cursing,
calling me motherfucker
and worse, his gorgeous butt is starting to respond.

Andy is discovering the wondrous sensations that a
male can have only though
good anal stimulation. His tight ring suddenly loosens
up to give my fingers
more room to play in his ass. His cock gets harder and
soon he's again
fucking my buddy Junior, slamming his balls against
the black boy's cute

I tell Junior to release Andy's arms from the
handcuffs. Instead of taking
the opportunity to fight and escape us, the gringo
stud reaches back with
his hands to open the big round mellons for me.

The crowd who's watching outside the hotel room in
Ipanema beach whistles
and cheers when they see that the American has
surrendered his impressive
masculinity to their black Brazilian hero, Grossao,
yours truly.

The captain's hands find Grossao, my giant dick, thick
as a goal post, black
as coal, and just as hot, and start to jerk me off,
playing with the large
hairy balls, trying in vain to close their fingers
around the massive pole.

I pull my hand from inside Andy's hot hole and rest
Grossao in the deep
valley between his gorgeous glutes. As the captain
fucks Junior, his butt
slides under me, squeezing Grossao with the two
powerful flesh mounds that
ripple in fucking frenzy.

Andy's asshole has taken over, muddying his thinking,
dirtying his words,
commanding his whole body to worship the giant phallus
that is about to
invade his darkest recess. I let the gringo white god
do all the work, with
his hands and buttocks, his powerful legs and heavily
muscled arms, his
rippled back and strong narrow waist, as he gets
himself ready to be

The blond hunk rubs the twitching lips of his hungry
hole all over the
massive legth of my giant cock, lubing the tight ring
with my leaking
precum. His rosebud winks at Grossao, begging to be
fucked. The twin
mellons, shiny with sweat, quivering with lust, try to
grab my thick post in
their grip.

Without stopping his thrusts into Junior's hot body,
Andy places Grossao's
black head right on spot against his pink ring and
humps back, forcing the
giant manhood inside the quivering virgin ass. I
oblige with a little nudge,
keeping Grossao on track, and my whole cock just
glides in, swallowed by the
white stud's hot hungry cunt.

With Grossao firmly in the grip of his fuckhole, the
white officer bellows
like a slaughtered bull, surrending his whole body to
the overwhelming
invasion of his anus by my supersized penis. Tears
gush from his eyes but
his face is happy, his slutty soul in triumph, having
trampled over every
last trace of his former manhood. He's mine now.

I pull his head back by the ears and bite deeply into
his neck, drawing
blood. "You like that big dick don't you, captain?" He
nods yes, too
shattered to speak, his male ego forever smashed, his
masculinity broken to
bits and spat upon. I plunge my sharp teeth in his
small ears and he cries
out loud, his ass trembling in ecstasy against my
washbord belly, his bowels
throbbing around the big hard dick.

I slap his butt with both hands, again and again, hard
as hell, until his
white velvety skin is all bruised. Instead of
resisting me, he humps back,
to get more cock into the welcoming chute. "Fuck me!
Fuck me!", he screams
desperately like a wild bronco tamed into a slutty
mare. I mount him and he
takes me for a ride. I slide my hands around the
powerful torso and pinch
his nipples, grab his hard pecs, thrusting my cock
deep into the strong male

I'm steering my white steed into the hot world of
male-to-male sex, moving
him from pain to pleasure, teaching him how to use his
new male pussy to
serve his master, humping back to meet my powerful

Andy yells when it hurts but mostly he moans in
delight as my giant Grossao
opens new avenues of lust deep into his maiden
pastures. The plump cushions
of his coiled glutes give an extra bounce to my
battering ram, as I pull out
the whole 13 inches of black hard male meat and shove
them back, slapping my
heavy balls against his round white buttcheeks.

The captain lost interest in fucking Junior, he's now
all focused in taking
me up his ass. So the black youngster slides from
under the hunky Navy Seal
officer and brings his big dick level with Andy's
handsome face.

Now addicted to big black dicks, the blond gringo
stretches his red lips
around the wide cock head and darts his hungry tongue
all over the
glistening glans. Soon, Junior feeds him the whole
black cobra, stuffing the
captain's throat with thick male flesh.

The crowd on the beach cheers as they see the American
hunk srcewed from
both ends by us niggers. Andy enjoys the double fuck
and plays to the
audience, shaking his big white tail while I bang him,
slurping on Junior's
dick, making the mob roar in approval.

I lie back, so now Andy is seating on my dick, his
back half-turned to the
beach so the crowd can see my black cock sliding in
and out of his hungry
white butt. The sexy gringo hops up and down, slamming
down hard so Grossao
can reach further up his tight ass.

Junior slides beneath Andy and places his own hard
cock against mine. Andy
yells in pain but he doesn't flinch, when the big
black boy's thick dick
joins Grossao inside the steamy male cunt. Our gringo
bitch is having the
first double fuck up his ass.

The guys on the beach go wild when they see that the
white hunk now has two
black cocks fucking his butt in tandem. Andy shows off
the big white
mellons, wagging his round tail, as he quickly finds
out how to hold two
giant cocks in his new pussy at the same time.

I see that Andy is starting to lose it. Cum sprays
from his large white
cock, as he squeezes our dicks with his gorgeous buns.
Junior's fucker
throbs against Grossao and I feel his gushing hot
semen flooding the tight
tunnel were we're lodged.

Grossao at last blasts gallons of scalding lava deep
inside the Navy Seal
captain. We're moaning and thrashing when the door
opens and Andy's wife and
kids burst into the room.

"Hi honey", he says. "I went native! Do you and the
kids want to join us?"

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