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Hi. My name is devid. I am a banker. I live in Calgary. I make pretty
good money and have a decent life. I am married to a wonderful woman. I am
in my early 30s and consider myself very attractive. I stand 5 feet 11
inches (just an inch shy of 6 feet) and weigh 155 lean muscular pounds. I
am in very good shape and workout regularly. Being an East Indian, I have
an uncircumcised dick. Guys always said they loved my dick because it has a
dark brown foreskin and the dickhead is like a huge purplish knob. The dick
is thick and usually very hard most of the times. Being brought up in a
very conservative family, I could not come "out" to anybody and had to
marry a woman, who is madly in love with me. I blame no one but myself for
all the sleepless nights that I have spent, cursing myself for getting us
all into this mess. Nobody knows that I am gay and I don't know if I will
ever have the guts to spill the beans now.

It was a normal working day and I just glanced out of the window of my
downtown office and saw a handsome guy walking across the street into the
upper-end menswear retail store. (I am not naming the store so that I do
not get any one into trouble). I thought about Nathan and my cock became
rock-hard. It was lunch time and I had no urgent work, so I decided to pay
him a visit. Nathan worked in that store and it was always a pleasure to
watch him. I heard a rumour that all the guys who work in that store are
gay, but I am not sure if that is true. It's true that all the guys there
are drop-dead gorgeous and GREAT bodies. To add to that, they always wear
these fashionable clothes that always show off a bit of their cleavage and
enhance their abs, chest and arms. Their pants are so tight at the crotch
and buns, just watching them walk can make me cum in my pants.

Anyway, I walked into the store. The handsome guy (let me call me HG) was
looking at some sexy shirts and Nathan was helping him. As I walked in,
the other guy who worked there, Ross, came over to me and asked me if there
was anything he could help with me. "You can help me cum and I will help
you," I thought to myself. I am a regular visitor to that store and always
knew my limits so that I can keep visiting this store. Even though this
costs me approx. $2000 each year.

"Sure" I said locking my eyes into his, "I want a shirt that is not very
transparent, yet that hugs my body so well that you can almost feel that
you can see my body through the shirt." Did I see a faint flicker of lust
in his eyes or was it my imagination? It is hard to tell.

"We have just the right type of shirt for you," he said as he led me to a
selection of shirts. We had to walk past Nathan and HG and as there was not
enough space, I had to restrain myself from colliding with HG. In the
process, my body touched Nathan's and my cock rubbed gently against his ass
(both covered of course!).

I apologised and went ahead with Ross. I picked up a few shirts that Ross
showed me and he put them in the dressing room for me. (These rooms did not
have doors, just curtains). I also picked up a pair of jeans and went into
the room. I purposefully left the curtain a little open. After I took of
my shirt and pants, I stretched for a second and was trying on the jeans
when Ross asked me how I was doing and if I needed another size. I did need
another size for that matter as I intentionally picked up one size smaller.

"I am not sure if this size is perfect or if I need another one," I said
pulling the curtain away so that he could see me. The jeans were very tight
and the bulge was very apparent. I did not have any shirt on and my 6-pack
was very proudly showing itself off. Ross looked at my crotch and my naked
chest for a brief moment. In that instant, Nathan and HG came that
way. "Nice pants, man" said Nathan as he walked past me, with a grin on his
face. HG looked at me too.

"You'll need a size bigger than this," Ross said. "The fit is perfect for
you but this will shrink and it might become small for you." he said. "Let
me get the next size for you."

Meanwhile I tried on the shirt and went up to the mirrors and was looking
at the fit and shape of the shirt. Ross came with the new pair of
jeans. "These have buttons man," he said. "They don't come with a zipper."

"I don't know if I want a pair of jeans with buttons. I am comfortable with
zipper" I said.

"Buttons are so much more easier man," said Ross. "I always fumble with my
zipper and so many times I was embarrassed because the zipper got stuck."
he said. "Also buttons enhance your crotch and chicks love that."

"OK." I said reluctantly as I took those from him. There's no harm in
trying them. I went back into the dressing room and closed the curtain. I
tried to get out of the tight pair of jeans and then it happened. The
zipper got stuck. I tried for some time but it was stuck and there was
nothing I could do about it. If it were any looser, I would have managed to
get out of them, but these were skin-tight and there was no way out of them
without unzipping them.

"Is everything OK man" asked Ross from the outside. I pulled the curtain
slightly to the side and peeped outside. "Actually I need some help here."
Ross came in and closed the curtain behind him. The room was not very big
and there was no way we both could stand in there without touching each

"What's the problem man?" asked Ross. I explained to him that the zipper
was stuck. He laughed and said, "See what I mean, that's why never buy
anything with a zipper. Let me see what I can do to help you." He went out
and came back in a flash. He had something in his hand. He rubbed it on the
zipper (which made me hard) and tried to undo the zipper a few times. His
touch was only making it more and more difficult for me to hide my erection
in those tight jeans.

"Come with me," he said. "I'll take you to the backside of our store. There
is not much space here." I followed him.

"Take a seat man," he said pointing to a chair. "This will take just a few
minutes" I sat down in the chair. Ross knelt down on the floor in front of
me and held the zipper in one hand and pulled out something that looked
like a tweezer. His face was directly in front of my crotch and if I thrust
my hips forward even by a centimetre, his mouth would be on my cock (in the
jeans of course).

At that moment Nathan walked in. He looked at us and smirked. He was
carrying some clothes and had to put them in sorting bins, which were right
besides where I sat. He came quite close to us and as he was putting them
in the bins, one shirt fell from his hands (I still think he did that on
purpose) and in an attempt to catch it, he pushed Ross and in the process
he himself fell on me brushing his lips with mine for a brief
second. Ross's face was shoved into my crotch and his mouth could feel my
pulsating dick for a second. Nathan pulled himself away very quickly and
apologised profusely.

"I am very sorry man. I didn't expect this to happen." and walked out of
that room. (I did not see his face but I am sure he must grinning!) Ross
also pulled back immediately and looked embarrassed. He was about to
apologise too, when I stopped him.

"It was not your fault that Nathan fell on you and it was not your fault
that my member was throbbing. So lets just pretend that it didn't happen."
I said. I could see his face blush when I said "throbbing".

"Thanks man," he said. In about a minute, he was able to undo the
zipper. As soon as the zipper was undone, my erection became more obvious
under my underwear. Ross got up and stood.

"I see that you prefer boxer briefs. Why don't you try our DKNY. Its made
of spandex and feels very good against the body."

"Sure. Remind me to buy some when you are making the bill." I told him. I
went into my dressing room to try the other pair of jeans. They fitted well
and Ross was right, it did enhance the crotch area. I also tried another
shirt and later slipped back into my own clothes. When I walked out of the
dressing room I realized that HG had already left.

I also bought some DKNY underwear and when I pulled out my wallet to pay
for the clothes, I found a piece of paper in it with something scrawled on
it. I gave Ross my credit card and looked at the paper again. It said:

"I saw you in that chair at the back and found you very HOT. I would love
to be the sales guy kneeling in front of your crotch. Only I would be DOING
something else. You have seen me and I am very good-looking. If you are any
bit interested, call me at xxx-xxxx (intentionally deleted here).

Luv JC"

Who is this JC? Is he HG? Or is it another of Nathan's pranks? I looked at
Nathan and he looked away from me. Is he the one who wrote this or is he
merely avoiding eye contact because of what happened at the back? I'll find
out soon, I thought to myself and left the store.

My mind was disturbed and my cock wanted a quick release. Even though I
managed to have a few discrete sexual encounters while I was a student,
after marriage such escapades were restricted to my dreams and fantasies. I
never acted on them, because I was afraid of the repercussions. But now
different thoughts were conflicting in my head.

"Why don't you try that phone number?"

"What if that person has a crush on me and causes my family to break

"Why don't you have sex with a guy. It's been a long time. May be that will
reduce the desire."

"What if it increases more after that?"

I did not have any answers to those questions. As usual, as I have managed
to do in the past, I got myself busy with work and forgot about the whole
thing. When it was time to leave, I realized that I still had the note in
my pocket. I better destroy it before my wife sees it, I thought and pulled
out the paper from my pocket. At that moment my instinct told me to dial
that number and I did just that. The phone rang on the other side.

"Hello" said a sexy manly voice on the other side. It was not Nathan. It
must be HG.

"Hi. " I said with difficulty. I could not think of anything to say.

"Who is this?" he asked.

"My name is devid. ...

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