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Multimedia gallery fuck 1

Rakesh Roshan is planning to cast Shahid Kapoor along with Hrithik in
his next film. So he speaks to Shahid. Shahid wants to know the story
and script, so Rakesh invites him to his house one evening. But due
to some important work, he had to leave, so he gave the task of
entertaining Shahid to Hrithik.

Hrithik started thinking of a naughty idea "How about exploring this
new hunk tonight?", thought Hrithik and laughed in himself.

As per invitation, Shahid reached Roshan's place. Hrithik greeted him
warmly. They discussed the story and script, took dinner. As Shahid
was about to leave, Hrithik said, "Would you mind dropping me to a
nearby friend's house?, actually my car is in the garage"

"Oh not at all, it will be my pleasure, come on", replied Shahid
smiling. And they left the house. They had just started their ride
when Hrithik placed one of his hands on Shahid's thigh. Shahid looked
at him, but Hrithik was looking straight forward, but kept on moving
his hand on Shahid's thigh. Shahid didn't know what to say, he kept
on driving. After a few seconds, Hrithik's hand reached near Shahid's
cock and he pressed a little. Shahid suddenly applied the brakes and
stopped the car and looked at Hrithik. Hrithik was also looking at
his face now, with his eyes full of lust.

They didn't speak a single word, Hrithik brought his face closer to
Shahid and within a moment, he started kissing his lips very gently
and passionately. Shahid closed his eyes and opened up his lips each
time Hrithik kissed them. Gradually, Hrithik strarted applying his
tongue inside Shahid's mouth. Shahid opened his mouth and allowed
Hrithik's tongue to fully enter his mouth, and soon they got involved
into a violent oral action. They were holding each other's body
tightly, they started sweating inside the AC car.

After kissing like this for about 10 minutes, Hrithik said, "Lets get
into the back seat". They came out of the car and entered its back
seat. They looked at each other for a while and started all over
again. They started taking off each other's T-shirt and pants. They
were in their undies now. They kept kissing each other, with moaning
sounds echoing inside the car.

Suddenlt, Shahid pulled down Hrithik's undi and his huge lund came
out like a pole. Shahid quickly bent down over it and started licking
it which was oozing out precum.

To be continued...

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