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The gymnasium was rocking to the roar of the watching spectators, as Ipinned Tyler, the under 17 State Champion, to the mat. My arm locked aroundhis straining throat as I kept his shoulders to the mat, his hips archedhigh as he rocked from side to side raising first one then the other off thefloor stopping me achieving victory. His face was turning purple as myheadlock constricted his breathing, his bright red Lycra suit glistening inthe bright lights of the gymnasium. I glanced over my shoulder at hisextremely high arched body to see his penis lying flat on his taughtabdomen, the suit was so thin and tight I could even see his circumcisedhead clearly, not to mention his rock hard six pack with it's dimpled navel.My 16 year old body already excited by the rough contact with the blackhaired, part Asian stud, got a massive thrill from seeing his cock pinnedtight to his flat smooth lower abdomen as he twisted around thrusting up ashe tried to stop both his shoulders contacting. The
referee was lying on thefloor in front of us peering beneath Tyler's writhing body watching hisshoulders closely. Tyler began to choke as my arm tightened and he writhedharder as he felt his mind beginning to shut down from the lack of oxygen, Icould see the clearly defined flared edge of his knob as he strained higher.His struggles weakened as he began to black out then with a gurgle his bodycollapsed onto the mat and he lay still, the ref clapped me on my shouldertelling me I'd won and I released Tyler and stood up as the referee raisedmy arm in the air.Tyler laid on the mat his chest rising and falling as he gulped air into hisdepleted body, his face slowly returned to normal as he rubbed his chafedthroat. He slowly sat up then pushed himself slowly to his feet, his wobblylegs trembling uncontrolled as he staggered slightly. I put my arm aroundhis shoulder and held his arm high inhaling his strong musky sweat and thecrowd applauded him for his valiant effort, he looked at me and
grinnedruefully then raised my arm as well.We left the area together and headed to the showers to wash up before themedal ceremony, I was glancing at his crotch encased in his tight Lycra thered showed his manhood much better than my dull dark blue, I watched as hewalked and enjoyed seeing his cock moving in his suit. He obviously wasn'twearing a jock strap, which was the usual attire for sport; it wasn't goodto have your jiggly bits loose in case they got damaged. In wrestling manyholds were through and around the groin area, he was taking a big risk notwearing one, but I was enjoying looking at him.We reached the showers and had them to ourselves so we stripped off oursuits and sure enough he had no jock strap or even briefs on as he removedhis flimsy suit his semi hard penis was exposed. My jaw dropped and my cockinstantly boned up, he saw my reaction and laughed then groped his nice tooland said, " You like what you see Cody? I win in this competition don't I?"He was huge it
looked at least 9 inches long but not really thick probablybetween 3 and 4 inches in circumference, very smooth and straight with aneat circumcision scar and a deep crimson knob. His bush was jet shiny blackand looked very neat I think it was clipped for sure, he stood there playingwith himself and grinning as he eyed off my 6 inches of hooded cock, minewas thicker in appearance at just over 4inches around. My brown bush wasuntidy compared to his neat triangle and my ball bag was much hairier heseemed to have none at all on his nuts. He stepped under the shower andsaid, " Let's shower together and save water or are you afraid to get inhere with me? "I shrugged my shoulders and said, " What have I got to be afraid of? We areboth guys aren't we?"Tyler grinned and moved into the rear of the spray I stepped in with him, Icould feel the heat from his erection even under the warm water as he stoodnext to me, I faced him and began to soap up he moved slightly causing histool to brush
against mine sending an electrical charge through my alreadyaroused body. He grinned and moved even closer and his long pole groundagainst mine as he swung his hips back and forth, my body felt like it wason fire as our erections dueled together, the hot hard meat slapping aboutunder the cascading water.Tyler reached his muscular arms around my neck folding them onto me back andhis face approached closer and closer, I was staring hypnotized into hisunblinking, almost coal black eyes until I felt his warm breath on my wetlips. He moved a fraction closer and I felt his soft lips contact mine likesmall fleshy cushions as he pressed into my body his wet tongue slid acrossmy lips, I gasped and his tongue dived into my open mouth like a rattlesnakestriking. I felt his thick tongue passing his saliva into my wet mouth as mytongue began to respond our tongues mixing our juices together as he beganto eat my lips. The feeling of his thrusting tongue, his moving mashing lipsand his muscular
body grinding against my toned torso as his long swordfenced with my dirk was indescribable, my temperature was soaring as mybreathing accelerated.I felt as though my body was turning to putty as he ground against me hishands feeling my back muscles, his fingers running down the vertebrae in myspine, pulling me harder against his hard hot torso. My knees went to jellyhe was propping me up against the tiled wall as he mouthed my lips, histongue trying to penetrate my throat as I gagged on it, he pulled back andhis burning black bottomless eyes scorched into mine as he studied mybefuddled visage. He grinned in a superior fashion and he bent his kneesslightly bringing his hard meat in under my scrotum and hard up onto thepouch of my perineum, he began to poke and ram his slippery knob up and downbetween my nut sack and my twitching ring. I was groaning dementedly as hegrowled like a wild animal and his attack intensified.He lifted me up against the tiles and I locked my legs around his
waist tostop me falling to the floor, my arms locked around his corded neck as wekissed unbrokenly our faces locked together by our feverishly smoochinglips. I felt his unrestrained tool rubbing against my wide stretched crackas he attempted to locate my hole with his ravaging roger. I began totremble in excitement as he finally located my pouting little lips, hislowered my body a little and I felt the intense burning entry of hisgorgeous pole, the slick knob straining into my tight little hole. The knobwas embedded in my anus my ring locked tight around the base of his flareedge, his cock thickened from below his helmet and I felt the wider shaftbegin to push into me. I groaned in pain as he inched deeper slowlystretching me little by little as his tool invaded my virgin hole, I wasbeginning to panic my breathing accelerating as the pain surged through me.I was gasping into his mouth as he pressed his lips sealing my groans insidehis mouth muffling them efficiently; I was sweating
even though the showerwas running over our bodies, sweating from the pain and pleasure of himhaving his way with my body. He was nearly half way into my rectum when hisknob rubbed against a part of me that intensified the pleasure/painincredibly. He felt my ass lock up tight on his cock and my legs and armsgripped him harder as I moaned excitedly and kissed him deeper, he moaned atmy reaction and rammed his rod hard up into my body.My head whipped back as the sudden pain seared through my body like a redhot poker, he lowered his face onto my arched distended throat his tonguelicked my taught skin up and down over my Adam's apple. Then up along undermy jawbone onto my neck then up to my ear where he poked it into my ear holelicking and tickling me as I writhed trying to escape his wet appendage,giggling. This made my ass to move about on his tool causing both of usexquisite pleasure, he began to lift me up and down on his spike, my cockwhich had deflated on his entering me now began
to pump up again, itinflated like an inner tube slowly growing and thickening as my heart pumpedblood into the muscle.My ring now at ease with his sliding shaft was twitching as I flexed my ass,Tyler was moaning continuously as was I our bodies tingling with suppressedtension and utter erotic pleasure. His knob was now stroking that spot everythrust as I began to tense and relax each time he brushed over it my holewas burning, my cock throbbing my balls tingling as they tightened andclimbed up to hug my cock's base. I shouted, " OH FUCK I'M GONNA FUCKINGBLOW MY LOAD."Tyler moaned into my mouth and groaned out, " Gees I'm gunna join you Codythis is way too fucking much."I felt his pole grow inside me as mine swelled in unison then my nuts let gospouting my cream like a geyser up between our chests coating both our facesand tensed torsos as Tyler erupted like a volcano filling my tunnel with hismolten juices. He clutched me to him tightly as his legs buckled and I feltthe tiles
grinding against my back as we slid to the flooded floor exhaustedand breathing hard. His muscled thighs supported my flooded ass as we huggedand kissed still panting from the dual climaxes. We sat there till we feltcapable of regaining our feet then I slowly pulled away from his lap feelingthe emptying sensation as his semi hard cock slowly dragged through mystretched ring.I helped Tyler to his feet and we kissed again as he said, " Oh Cody youwere so incredibly tight it was as if you were a virgin, I'd love to do youagain and again."I kissed him and looked into his eyes saying, " I am or was a virgin but youtook my cherry and I loved every bit of it, I'd be glad if you did me againand again, I love your long pole thrusting into my ass."We washed off again then left the shower to dry our sated bodies and makeplans when we were going to get together for a return bout. The End?

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