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At one time, I worked in a small branch of a bank. The majority of
business was cashing paychecks for the different construction
businesses in the area. When it was hot outside, the guys would come
in skimpycutoffs and ripped tee shirts. I would always have a hard
on when one ofthese studs came to my window. I learned a lot of
their names fromcashing their checks and checking their id's.

One day, this guy Tony comes in to take care of business. He's in
his 20's. He's wearing light tan skin tight shorts that leave
nothing to the imagination. He couldn't even put change in his
pockets. As he walked over to my window, I saw the imprint of his
hard on. When he got to the counter, he smiled devilishly and said
that he wanted to make a deposit. I was tempted to reach over and
grab his cock, but resisted the temptation. Tony finished his
transaction and left the bank.

I was squirming in my seat trying to adjust my cock so that the
other tellers would not know that I had this problem. Tony came in
several days later. This time, wearing frayed skin tight cutoffs.
Damn his cock was hard again! He wanted to know the balance of his
account. After I retrieved his information, I leaned over toward
him and said, "Tony", if you ever come into this bank again with
your manhood showing like that, I'll reach over this counter and
check out your assets." He didn't say a word or even pull back, he
just looked into my eyes and smiled. Then he turned around and

About a month later, I was working late at a desk away from
the counter, alone, when Tony came back. When he saw that the bank
was empty, he walked up to me. I reached out and put my hand on the
outline of his cock. He smiled, went to the door and locked it,
dimmed the lights and returned to where I was waiting. I got up and
headed for the break room and told him to follow. He did with no
hesitation. When we got into the room, I put my arms around his
waist and pulled him close to me. I ran my hands underneath his
shirt and up his chest, slowly rubbing it and pinching his nipples.
Tony pressed his cock tightly against me and forced his tongue deep
into my throat. I ran my hand down his chest to his stomach, found
a patch of hair around his belly button and gently ran my fingers
through them.

Then I undid the snap of his pants, unzipped his zipper and pulled
them down. As his pants cleared his pubic
area, I looked down to discover that he wasn't wearing underwear. I
pulled his pants down to his ankles and dropped to my knees. Tony
that he came to make another deposit. He placed his hands on my
head and
pulled it toward his massive cock. As he pushed his dick against my
lips, I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across his slit, licking
sweet, salty ooze. He started to quiver a little, so I took the
swollen thing into my mouth and started to suck. Tony pushed himself
closer to me, forcing the remainder of his dick clear to the back of
throat. I ran my hands up the backs of his legs as he pumped
into my mouth. Tony kept this up for about ten minutes before I felt
his ass tighten up and the head of his cock get bigger. Sliding my
fingers down between his two luscious buns, I pulled them apart,
a hairy rosebud. Tony arched his back, his cock pulsing and I could
feel his hot come hit the back of my throat. After releasing five
jets, he lifted me to my feet. By this time my cock was standing at
attention. He reached down, felt my crotch and swiftly undid my
pants. He
took my cock in his hands and started to jerk me off. He moved
behind me, still massaging my cock, and I felt the massive head of
dick nudging my hole. With my cock as leverage, he pulled me back
such force that he penetrated my hole with ease and told me that he
one more deposit to make. When he was through, he pulled his pants
up and said, "Thanks for taking my deposits so late. I'll be back
one of
these nights to make a withdrawal."

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