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16.The Waiter

This is a true story and happened to me yesterday

So there I was, sitting at my boring company Christmas Luncheon,
desperately wishing to get out of there and do something more interesting
that listen to all those self- important business types I work with spout
off about how wonderful they are. I like them, don't get me wrong, but I
already spend enough time with them.

Finally the food arrives, delicious offerings, but nothing compared to the
package that was serving. Small, compact, slim - just the type of guy that
gets the blood rushing to various parts of my body. Dark haired, nicely
furred forearms, and a butt that begged to have my face buried in its hot
steamy regions.

As for me, I am 6'4", 200 lbs, toned, hairy, and at that moment was
sporting a nice hard 8" cut piece of thick meat. It was hungry and so was

I couldn't take my eyes off of him as he took care of all the annoying
requests from my co-workers. Need this, want that - he handled them all
with a charming smile and sparkling eyes. Happily, I noticed that those
eyes often flashed in my direction. I am sure he noticed my hungry glances
in his direction as well.

As he served me my dessert, he brushed against me with his hip and pushed
into my shoulder a bit. At that moment my hand was in my lap so I casually
reached down and squeezed his lower leg. He pushed in a bit harder and I
knew that something interesting was bound to happen.

Coffee, speeches, endless pomp. Finally it was just time to relax and
visit. I waited until this dream of a waiter was back in the room when I
got up and excused myself from the table. As I moved from my seat I caught
the waiter's eye and winked at him with a smile, and then made my way out
of the private dining room to the washroom.

I was just undoing my pants in front of the urinal when in he walked,
smiling at me.

"You look like you're still hungry", he said

"I sure am", I replied. "What else do you have on the menu?"

With that comment, he started undoing his pants and walked toward a stall,
just as he go to its threshold, he lowered his pants down to expose a
perfect, creamy bubble butt to me.

He looked over his shoulder, "Will this do?" he asked.

I turned from the urinal, with my hard cock now sticking out of my pants
and smiled at him, "Looks like a nice meal to me!" I followed him into the
stall, closed and locked the door behind me.

We fell into a hot wet kiss, my hands running down his back to hold onto
that amazing ass. As my tongue entered his mouth, my fingers entered his
crack, finding it slightly hairy and a little sweaty.

He moaned, I moaned.

I broke the kiss. "How much time do you have?"

"Just a couple of minutes", he replied.

"Then I better be quick", I said.

I turned him around and dropped to my knees, at the same time spreading
apart his ass cheeks with my hands. I couldn't help but moan again as I
saw his pink twitching hole surrounded by black hairs. I could smell him,
clean but fragrant with his sweat.

I sniffed his hole, then lapped at it with my tongue. He pushed back to
meet it and I jabbed into his hole, tasting him.

My cock was hard as steel, dripping on the floor, as I ate out his hot,
tight hole.

"Fuck me", he whispered. "Fast"

I stood up and in one movement buried my fat cock into his ass, right to my
closely trimmed pubes.

He stifled a whimper as I entered him, but pushed back quickly to tell me
he wanted it.

I held onto his hips and pumped in and out of him hard and fast. I knew I
wasn't going to last long.

I leaned onto his back, bit into his neck and moaned into his ear, "Where
do you want my load?"

"In my mouth", he whispered.

I rammed into him hard for a few more thrusts then pulled out of him and he
spun around, dropped to his knees and just as I the first shot of hot cum
sped out of my cock, he caught it in his open mouth.

As his lips wrapped around my dick head, my second shot came and he moaned
slightly as I watched him swallow. I felt three more blasts and then he
was just gently sucking on my dick to get the last bit of cum as it dripped
out of my cock.

As I caught my breath he started to pull his pants up, but I stopped him.
"Not yet", I said

I traded places with him and swallowed his nicely formed, 7" uncut cock
right to the root. He put his hands on the back of my head and ground into
me and grunted. I felt the first shot of cum go right down my throat.

I wanted to taste it, so I pulled off a bit so it could fill my mouth. And
fill it he did, I counted 6 hot squirts of tasty cum. He was shaking as he
unloaded in my mouth. When he finally stopped shooting I held some of his
cum in my mouth and kissed him, sharing it. I realized he had done the
same so we kissed, trading our cum between us.

No words were spoken as we pulled out pants up, exited the stall (no one
was in the bathroom) and washed up.

He let me leave first.

I didn't see him again until we were all leaving the restaurant. He was
saying goodbye to everyone and when he got to me, he smiled broadly and
asked if I enjoyed the meal.

"The best tasting thing I've ever had", I said with a big grin on my face.

"I am so glad you enjoyed it", he said. "Please come again"

I laughed and as I was walking away I heard him say quietly to a co-worker,
"I'll be back in a few minutes, I need to go again, must be something I ate
last night".

I realized at that moment that I too had to go to the bathroom again too!!

The End

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