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17.Having An Affair With A Mystery Man

Perhaps there are many gay men, like myself, who at one time were depressed and despondent because they had no sex life, and there seemed no hope for the future.

Robin Roberts came into my life and forever changed my whole outlook.

I was living in an apartment complex. I had a mediocre job, and had no friends or social life at all. I worked, came home and other than run my necessary errands that was my life.

There was nothing about me that was above the average. I was twenty-three years old, five foot ten, 170 pounds, and I thought there was nothing about me that would cause me to be attractive. I was quiet and was a difficult person to get to know. I had known and accepted the fact that I was gay, but had had very limited number of sexual experiences.

There was a man my age that lived in the apartment complex that I kept seeing and running into. Sometimes when coming in from the parking lot I would see him coming out of the apartment complex dressed in his shorts and running shoes. He would be going across the street to a city park to jog and exercise. One time I ran into him at the local grocery store. We would pass each other going to and from the laundry room.

One day we were both in the parking lot and headed to our apartments. He stopped me and introduced himself. His name was Robin Roberts. I told him that my name was Lewis. He mentioned that we kept seeing each other and he wanted to meet me. I never thought any more about it. I just assumed that he was being friendly.

Robin had everything going for him. He had a great physique, stood about six foot tall, and had beautiful facial features and smile, but had somewhat a boyish, innocent looking face. He had broad shoulders, slim waist, and to me he had the most glorious muscular legs and firm butt that I had ever seen on a man. Most of the times that I had seen Robin, he would be wearing short running shorts with slits up the sides, and the majority of the times he would not have a shirt on unless he was going to the grocery store or somewhere in public and then he would wear a tank top or sleeveless T-shirt. Robin reeked in sex appeal but did not seem to be conscious of the fact.

The parking lot had assigned parking spaces, and Robin’s parking space was directly outside my window. I had observed his apartment number on the curb in front of his parking space and knew that Robin’s apartment was on the second floor above me.

It had been several days after Robin and I had introduced ourselves. It was a Friday evening, and I was sitting in my den only clad in my under shorts watching the six o’clock news on TV. I was near the window and could look outside down on the parking lot. I noticed Robin drive up and parked his car in his assigned space. I could see into the car and Robin was wearing his usual running shorts. I returned my attention to the news on TV. Several minutes later I looked out of the window again. Robin was still seated behind the steering wheel and was looking up at me. I waved to him and he waved back. Again I started watching the TV.

I kept having the sensation that I was being watch. I looked out of the window again and saw that Robin had pushed the drivers seat back as far as it would go, and he was still sitting in his car looking up at me while he was jacking himself off. I could not believe what I was seeing. I did a double take and he just sat there grinning at me while he was stroking on his big fat cock. I immediately got a hard-on, and did something that I would have never thought that I would do in a million years. I started stroking my cock while we watched each other. I stood up and motioned to him to come to my apartment. He reached in the back seat of his car and got a bath towel. As he got out of his car, he covered up his crotch with the towel trying to hide his erection. He took off running on his way to my apartment.

When he got inside my apartment, he put his arm around my shoulder and told me “Hi”. He walked me to my bedroom, kicked off his shoes and took off his shorts and then pulled off my under shorts. He slapped me on my rear and told me to get on the bed. He jumped on the bed with me and began to suck on my cock. I was still in a state of shock over everything happening so fast and could not believe that the best-looking man that I had ever seen was giving me, of all people, head.

Out of curiosity, I reached for his cock and got a hold of it and began stroking it while he continued to suck on my erection. He had a huge cock or at least it felt huge to me. It felt like it was eight inches long and fairly big around. It was at least an inch longer than mine.

I tried to move so I could suck his big tool while he suck on mine. He realized what I was trying to do and moved so he was straddling me with his big member hanging directly over my face. I got it in my mouth and began giving him head in the same manner that he was sucking on mine. I had deep throated him several times when he reached down and grasped his cock with his hand preventing me from sucking more that three or four inches at a time. I gathered that he was getting close and did not want to cum so fast. He continued to give my cock and balls his undivided attention. It was he that was making sounds showing that he was receiving pleasure while sucking me off. I was the one that was receiving the most pleasure, but I was not the one making any of the sounds.

I was feeling so great and I guess that I was showing how I was feeling. I instinctually began to speed up the rhythm of sucking the few inches of his cock that he was allowing me to suck. He must have sensed that I was close to an ejaculation. He began to both increase his rhythm and deep throating me repeatedly over and over until I started spewing my cum into his mouth a throat. When I started to cum, he let go of his hold on his cock letting me deep throat him. A few minutes later he began to groan. He pushed his cock down my throat and began to shoot off while his cock was entirely in my mouth and throat. He was increasing his volume of sound that sounded like he was in agony instead of heights of pleasure.

Very shortly after he shot off, he got off of the bed, put on his shoes and shorts, and started towards the door. Then he turned around and got on the bed with me.

He put his hand on my chest and looked me in the eye for several moments, and then said, “Lewis, I am not through with you yet, but I have to go. May I return in an hour or so? Do you have any plans for the weekend? It may take me all weekend for me to satisfy you the way I want to?”

I replied, “Sure! You can come back anytime you want to, and I have no plans for the weekend.”

Robin let himself out and locked the door behind him. I jumped up and started picking things up and straighten up the apartment. I was not expecting company and I generally did my house cleaning on Saturday. I changed the sheets and pillowcases on my bed and had the apartment in fairly good order when Robin returned close to two hours later. Robin was carrying a small overnight bag when he did return. I thought that it was a bit strange, but I did not say or ask anything. He took his bag and set it down beside the bed.

Then he came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders, looked at me, and said, “Without a doubt you are the hottest and sexiest man that I have ever met. I have wanted to have sex with you from the first time I ever saw you. I was afraid that you were not gay. Earlier tonight when I saw you in your window, I decided that I just had to find out. I know that it was dumb to expose myself out there in my car, but that was the only way I could figure out if you were gay and if you would have sex with me.”

“Robin, have you ever been hit on the head or suffered any brain damage? I think that you are bull shitting me. Else, you are fucking crazy. With your looks you could have any gay that you want. I certainly can not compete with all the other gay men that would gladly have sex with you.”

He replied, “Now, just who is bull shitting who? I think that this weekend just might be a weekend that both of us will always remember. I am so horny that my cock is hard and want get soft. Do you think that you might help me with my problem?”

I put my arm around him and we went into my bedroom. I helped him get his shoes and shorts off. I stroked his cock several times and was about to go down on him, but he backed away from me and helped me stand up. He undressed me and motioned for me to get on the bed. While I was getting on the bed, he reached down to the bag that he had brought with him. He got out two cockrings and several condoms and a tube of KY jelly and put them on the bed. He asked me if I had ever wore a cockring before? I told him that I hadn’t. He put one on himself and asked me if I wanted him to put one on me. I told him that I would try it. He put the cockring on me and told me that he wanted me to fuck him. I was not expecting that. I thought that he wanted to fuck me. I told him that I would fuck him if that were what he wanted. He lay down on his side and motioned for me to lie down beside him.

He put his arm around me, and said; “Before we start perhaps I should explain something about myself. You probably have never met any one like me before. I have a mouth and an asshole that are my male pussies. I want you to fuck both of them just as hard as you would like. I will let you know if you get too rough. Another thing is that it does not take much to get me to shoot off. I can shoot off a number of times before I am through for several hours. Even if I shoot off, I want to continue to have sex with you until you can no longer get a hard. The termination of our having sex will be up to you. I am willing to suck your cock or have you fuck me for twenty-four straight hours if you can last that long. When I am with someone that gets me hot I am a human sex machine. You surpass anyone that I have ever been with in getting me hot….Now, I want you to get on top of me and fuck me in the mouth.”

I got on top of him so I could both fuck his face and suck his magnificent cock at the same time. I took him at his word and I pushed my cock as far down his throat as I could and left it there for sometime while I sucked on his cock. He put his arms around my hips and kept gripping and releasing the cheeks of my butt. I took a hold of the cheeks of his butt and tried to get his cock as far down my throat as I had mine in his. Then I slowly started fucking his mouth I could feel my balls slamming against his nose and could feel his breath on them. As the pleasure increased so did the speed of my fucking motions.

I got carried away and was fucking him not even thinking about where my cock was nor was I concerned about his comfort. I was only selfishly thinking about the sensation and feelings that I was experiencing. My dick had never been so hard, and I contributed it to the cockring that he had put on me plus the fact that I had never suck on a cock that was as hard and long as his. He was producing more precum than anyone that I had ever known ...

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