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20.My Affair With A Straight Lover

I love to suck cock. It is the most sensual and wonderful thing to me. From the first time when I sucked cock at the age of 17. I was at a beach party and gave a blowjob to a drunk guy who I don’t think noticed I was a guy. I loved it. I knew this is what I wanted in my life. I just loved the smell and taste of his manhood. I understood completely at the moment of his orgasm that I was gay. And this excited me. After finishing, I ran to my car and drove to a secluded place and jerked my self off twice reliving the moment with his taste still on my lips.
In college, I frequented a certain restroom on campus and learned the joys of buttfucking, both receiving and giving. But the real reason I went was to give blowjobs. The smell, the taste, the groans of ecstasy. To look and see the different dicks that were out there was a wonderful experience. Until the day I was beat up by two thugs, that restroom was favorite spot of mine.
After I graduated, I moved in with an acquaintance from college. Martin was straight and thought I was too (although I wasn’t per se “in the closet”, I wasn’t out of it either). He was one of the most sexiest men I had ever met. And I knew many a night was going to be spent in my room jacking off while fantasizing about my lips around his cock.
When we moved in together, Martin had just come out of a bad relationship. So he didn’t date for awhile. He just stayed home and watched TV and played video games. Since I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible I stayed home too and was his video game playing partner. We found that we each had a passion for baseball and would spend many hours discussing the national pastime. I, of course, was falling in love. He was kind, funny and extremely good-looking. He worked out with weights three times a week so he had a very sexy chest and shoulders that denoted strength without those gross rippling muscles you see on bodybuilders. His legs were strong and defined. His handsome face was square without looking mean. And he had that brilliant smile. A million dollar smile.
I had to mute my sex life so that I could live with this god and not make him uncomfortable. I didn’t buy Playgirl, I didn’t get gay porn. I kept my realistic 8 inch dong well hidden. Worst of all, I had to listen to him talk of unsatisfying sex with his ex-girlfriend. She hated to give blowjobs. He would have to beg for one. I wanted to cry out that he wouldn’t need to ask me. I would gladly go down on him. This kind of talk would leave me straining to tell my feelings for him. Instead, every night in my bedroom I would fantasize about being held in his arms, kissing him all over his body, licking his balls and sucking him off to the best orgasm in his life.
After six months of this kind of living, Martin finally started to date and to soften the blow of losing him to some woman I started to indulge myself again. I bought gay porn, regularly visited gay sites on the Internet. I started to get careless with my stuff.
One night after a bad date, Martin came home and found one of my porn magazines sitting out on the coffee table. When I later came home, the first words out of his mouth was “Are you gay?” I was mortified. I didn’t know what to say. He seemed angry and I couldn’t face him. I ran to my room and shut the door. I cried in my room the rest of the night.
The next day I came out of my room unknowing what to expect. Martin was sitting in his easy chair watching a baseball game.
“Good morning” he said, barely looking at me.
“Are you angry with me?” I asked. I needed to know how he felt about knowing he was living with a gay man. I was surprised by his answer.
“No, no. Why should I be? I just wish you would have told me when you moved in.” He then smiled. “Is it true that gay men give better blowjobs than women?”
I was suddenly hard. I stammered out a yes and dropped to my knees in front of him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out the most beautiful cock in the world. I figured it was probably eight inches. I put my hand around his most exquisite member and used my tongue to flick the head a few times. I heard a slight groan. I slid my tongue down the shaft. His taste was pure heaven. I started suck and lick his balls. I felt a drop of pre-cum fall on my cheek. I wiped it off with my finger and put it in my mouth. The flavor was unbelievable. It was pure essence of man. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and slowly started to move in and out while stroking the base of his dick with my hand. I picked up the pace ever so slowly, using one hand to stroke and the other to massage his balls. Martin moaned his approval and put his hands on the back of my head. He started to thrust his pelvis and I could feel he was close to bursting and I quickened the pace.
He exploded with a yell. A rush of cum spewed into my mouth and I hungrily consumed it. I continued to stroke to get every drop of his bittersweet nectar. Finally my mouth released his cock and he sighed.
“That was fucking awesome!” Martin laughed.
“I take great pride in my blowjobs. And you don’t have to beg for them either.”
“Do you like to be buttfucked?” he asked with a big smile.
“Of course, and I’m tighter than any pussy.” I got up off my knees and went and retrieved some lube. I applied it to his dick as it started to harden again.
I bent over in front of him and invited him to fuck me. He stood up without a word and pressed his cock against my hole. I quivered in anticipation. He easily slid his dick into me and started to slowly thrust. I was in heaven. My fantasies were coming true. He placed his strong hands on my hips to better guide his tempo. His quickened his thrusting while I started to stroke my own cock to his rhythm. He pumped faster and I stroked faster. The feeling in my body was pure ecstasy. I felt so alive and felt I could go on forever. This god was fucking me and it was perfection.
Finally, Martin came inside me and it filled me with his warmth. That took me over the top and I shot my load onto the carpet. He pulled his dick out of me and we sat on the couch exhausted.
“That was awesome,” he said and then he reached over and kissed me full on the mouth. Our tongues intertwined and then so did our bodies. And then we fucked each other again.

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