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26.First Experiences With Another Guy

This probably isn't the most exciting story, but it's true. I met
Paul in a gay/bisexual chat room. I had been going there to "look
around" whenever I had the chance. I was 30 at the time and had been
married for about 5 years. I have two kids and a great wife, but I
was very frustrated sexually. I don't know why I started thinking
about being with other guys. Once I had access to the internet at
home I found myself looking at all different kinds of things, and
often thought about being with another man.
Paul is bisexual, my age, but not married. We chatted online and
emailed each other frequently. I came to the conclusion that he was
very discreet and also safe, which was extremely important to me.
After some time, we exchanged photos. He said I was cute and
although he didn't look like someone I would choose to be with, he
was good looking.
I was taking some college courses at the local university, where he
was a grad student. I finally got up the nerve to meet with him
after about a month of chatting and fantasizing. We decided to meet
at a local pub where we could just talk and get to know each other.
We each ordered a coke and talked for about an hour. We seemed to
hit it off pretty well and I felt pretty comfortable talking with
him, as nervous as I was.
He told me his sister was in town and was staying at his apartment.
His car was in the shop so he had taken the bus to meet me. He told
me if I wanted, I could give him a ride back to his place so if we
decided to meet again, I would know where he lived. I agreed, and
gave him a ride back home. When we got there, he said his sister
hadn't returned yet and invited me in for a minute. I knew where
this was going and could feel the butterflies pounding in my
We went into his apartment and after some small talk, he asked me if
I would like to go lay down on his bed, which we did. He said he was
going to get undressed and that I could if I wanted, but didn't have
too. So there he was lying naked next to me with a raging hard-on. I
just lay there nervous as could be, not knowing what to do. I was
wearing a short-sleeved button up shirt and shorts. I started to
undo the buttons on my shirt. He smiled and began to help me. Before
I knew it, I was also naked beside him.
He asked if I would like to try kissing him and I said "sure." He
rolled me over on top of him and we began kissing. I must say it was
the strangest thing I had ever experienced. Then he said I could
touch his cock if I wanted. I reached down and felt his hardness. My
cock wasn't even hard yet and I began to wonder what the hell I was
doing here. But he reached over and began stroking my cock and it
didn't take long for me to get hard. He then asked if I would like
to suck on his cock, which I did. Then he put mine in his mouth
causing a moan to escape from me. He kept sucking on me until I
couldn't take it any more and I exploded in his mouth. I had never
felt anything so wonderful before. We agreed that I wasn't quite
ready to do the same to him, so I laid beside him while he
masturbated until he came.
I got dressed rather quickly and wanted to leave before his sister
came home. We agreed to email each other and set up another meeting,
which we did…
It was some time before we decided to meet again. During this
period, I realized that I wanted to be more of a submissive. Paul
agreed with this, as he preferred a more dominant role. So, we set
up another meeting at his apartment and a scenario that we sort of
follow. I went to his place, knocked on the door, and he let me in.
As we had discussed, he sat on the couch and I stripped naked in
front of him. I then got on my knees and began to slowly undress
him. I peeled his shirt off over his head, unbuckled his pants and
slid them off too. He already had a huge bulge in his underwear,
which I rubbed and kissed and finally slid them off too. Then I
began sucking on his cock, which tasted soooo good. We got down on
the floor in a 69 position and resumed sucking. Unfortunately, it
was too much for me and I came very quickly. I continued to suck on
his cock and did this for quite some time.
It seemed he had much more control and could go for a long time
without cumming. Still in the 69 position, I felt him penetrate my
ass with one of his fingers. He kept working it in deeper and began
to finger me while I sucked on his cock. Even though I had cum and
lost my erection, this felt very good and I began to moan a little
and squirm around on top of him. He asked me if I was ready to be
fucked and I knew I was.
He led me to his bed where we laid down. He had me suck on him some
more and then he gave me a condom and told me to put it on his cock
and put some lube on it. He took me around to the other side of the
bed. He told me to spread my legs, bend over, and put my hands on
the bed. He got behind me and started working his cock into my ass.
He asked me if I was ok and I told him that it hurt. He said, "I
know, just be patient." After a minute the pain disappeared and
began thrusting harder. The feeling was so intense. I didn't know if
I wanted him to stop or keep going. It didn't take too long before
he was cumming and we both collapsed on the bed.
We met one more time before he moved from the area. This time we
decided to meet at my house. My wife was working and I was home
alone for the day. I didn't want the neighbors to see a strange car
parked in the driveway, so I met him in town where he left his car,
and brought him back to my house. We came in and went straight to
the bedroom, where we both quickly undressed and got in bed. There
was something strangely exciting about doing this in the bed where
my wife and I sleep. He had forgotten to bring his condoms and lube
and so we didn't do anal this time, even though I wanted to get
fucked again, bad.
After a lot of foreplay, he sucked on my cock until I exploded in
his mouth. I was moaning so loud-I couldn't believe how good he was
at sucking cock. Then it was his turn. I sucked on him for a while
before he started stroking his cock himself. Then he told me to open
my mouth and he came inside it. It really tasted good, and I sucked
every last drop from him. He told me I wasn't a "virgin" anymore.
Unfortunately, he had to relocate, but I'll never forget my first

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