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It was a Thursday evening and today had been a long day of traveling and work. At about 6
p.m. I went to get something to eat at a chain restaurant within walking distance from my
hotel. I finished dinner around 7 p.m. and I was walking back to my hotel when I noticed
a friendly looking Irish themed neighborhood bar. I’m not a big drinker but I thought
“why not.”

On the street near the door to the bar were a young man and girl panhandling for spare
change. As I started to open the door the girl said, “you know this is a gay bar.” I didn’t
know and my heart jumped into my throat but I said “I know” and I continued inside
wondering what I would find. I had recently “discovered” that I was gay after years of denial
and I was very inexperienced in the lifestyle.

Once inside I saw that it was about half full and mostly guys. It was just like any other
bar that I have been in. The only difference was that some of the guys were holding hands
and occasionally hugging and kissing one another. Instantly, I felt right at home. Being
new to the gay scene I was a bit nervous but it seemed so natural.

You have to know that I am an average guy in every way and I am quiet and shy until I get
to know people. I decided to take a table in the corner where I was by myself. I had one
drink and ordered a second drink and just relaxed. I was feeling comfortable in a room
full of strangers, which is very unusual for me. I was not looking for anything other than
relaxing and making an otherwise boring evening go by a little quicker

I was halfway thru my second drink and the bar was getting a little busier when a guy
about 10 years younger than I asked if he could sit at my table. I said “yes” and he ordered
a drink for himself. He said, “I noticed you here all by yourself and you looked like you
could use some company.” I said “that’s nice, my name is Michael” and wondered what I
could say (with me being so shy) to him to make conversation. He said his name was Adam and
he was good looking I’ll admit. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt, levis and sandals
and he was about 5’11” tall, average build with reddish hair like mine and he had a light
complexion. He said that he lived nearby but that he didn’t frequent bars very often.

In no time at all we hit it off nicely and had gotten to know each other and we found
that we even had similar jobs. We discussed just about everything, current events, the
weather, work and even politics. We had much in common and seemed to get along very well. It
was so nice not to spend another evening in my hotel by myself doing nothing worthwhile.

At about 10 p.m. the bar was now very busy and getting much louder with live music and
dancing. A lot of the guys were dancing together, something I was unaccustomed to seeing
(in my closet) and it was nice to be there. Since the bar was over-full Adam had to move
his chair closer to mine to make room for others. I liked having Adam close and I wanted to
dance with him but since I am a lousy dancer and shy I did not ask him to dance.

Adam and I were having to talk louder and louder until finally we were pretty much
shouting at each other just to be heard. Reluctantly I said, “Adam, it has been so nice talking
with you and I am so glad that you came over to my table. I could talk with you all
night, I don’t want to go but it is almost impossible to talk and I do have an early morning
tomorrow.” In truth, I did not want to leave Adam, I was enjoying the evening immensely
and I found that I was attracted to him. However, my more sensible side said it was time
for me to leave.

Adam said, “aw, I hate to see you go and we are getting along so well, but I do
understand.” Then he said, “where is your hotel?” I said it was three blocks from the bar and
that it was just a short walk. Adam said, “you don’t know the neighborhood. Since this is a
gay bar there is sometimes trouble for people leaving at night and it can be dangerous.”
I admit that I hadn’t thought about that, I was just enjoying myself.

Adam offered to walk me to my hotel and I accepted. It was an opportunity to extend the
evening and to enjoy his company a little longer. After a few minutes we had finished our
drinks, settled the bar tab and left the bar. It was a short walk to my hotel and he
insisted on walking me all the way to my room.

At the door to my room he said that he had enjoyed the evening more than any other
evening in a long time. We both agreed that it was a shame that I had to leave in the morning.
At the last minute and very much out of character for me I said, “Adam, why don’t you
come in and we can visit together a little longer.” He blushed but quickly agreed to come
in. I know that neither of us had thought much farther than just more conversation. But I
felt excited to have some time alone with Adam and I sensed that he felt the same way.

My room was not luxurious but it did have a small sitting area with a sofa and an
overstuffed chair. Adam came in and took a seat on the sofa and I sat next to him. Since the
half-size sofa only had room for two people we sat fairly close to each other. I could have
taken the chair but I decided that I could only be shy for so long and took the chance to
sit right next to Adam. I had some cola’s and some ice in the room and we each had one.

We talked for a few minutes and then Adam asked me why, at first, I seemed so shy in the
bar. I explained that I was a shy person naturally but that I was also very new to the
gay lifestyle, very inexperienced and I was still getting used to the idea. Actually, I was
scared at first being in my first gay bar too. We talked about that for a while and I
discovered that he had known he was gay since he was 11 years old. Adam said that he was out
only to those that it mattered to but otherwise; he was just like any other guy, gay or

It was so nice for me to be talking about the gay lifestyle with another live human being
who understood. I had not had that opportunity ever before. Since Adam and I had so much
in common it was actually easy to talk to him. He understood.

Adam asked me since I was new to the gay lifestyle what I thought about most about being
gay and especially about being with guys. I blushed and explained that what I thought
about a lot was simply being able to hug and hold hands with another guy that I was
attracted to and perhaps even kiss him. I needed and sometimes craved male companionship. I told
him that I had seen that in the bar tonight and I was extremely envious of those guys. It
seemed so right, so natural and I had wanted that for a long time. Adam smiled and said,
“Yes, that is so nice between guys who care for each other.” Adam also said that he had
not dated anyone for more than two years after his partner had left him. I told Adam that
I had surfed the Internet some and enjoyed seeing pages of guys who did seem to truly
care for one another. I need that myself and Adam agreed that was true for him too.

We talked for a little longer and by now it was after midnight. Adam got up from the sofa
to take a leak and even though we were enjoying each other, I figured that he would leave
soon. When he came back and sat down he sat a little closer to me although we already had
been sitting close before because of the small size of the sofa. When he sat down he
nonchalantly took my hand and held it in his lap. Nothing sexual, he just held my hand. It
felt wonderful! We seemed so connected and I gave his hand a friendly squeeze.

After a minute or so he said quietly, “Michael, would you like a hug?” I blushed again
and croaked out a “yes.” I knew now that this chance meeting might well go farther than
mere conversation. I was nervous now, but again, Adam seemed so right, whatever happened it
would be all right. Strangely for my typical shyness, I had become very relaxed and very
comfortable being with Adam.

Adam leaned over to his right and wrapped his arms around me and gave me a great hug. It
was a long hug and it felt so nice. I was intensely aware of his closeness and his body
seemed incredibly warm and comforting.

After hugging me he pulled back and looked into my eyes and I knew then that he wanted to
kiss me. I closed my eyes, he kissed me deeply and it was very nice. I had my arms around
him and he had his hands holding my head while kissing me. After that long kiss he looked
into my eyes again and gave a contented sigh. He then leaned back and closed his eyes and
put his head on my shoulder and one arm behind my neck and his hand rested on my chest.
The moment was electric for both of us and we both understood that we had turned the
corner…we both needed each other…physically…as well as mentally.

Adam was slowly moving his hand around my chest and lightly playing with my nipples
through my white sports shirt. He knew that I was inexperienced and probably a little scared.
Then he slipped his hand inside my shirt and played with my hairy chest. I was really
turned on now and I could tell that he was too because his Levis had a large bulge at the
crotch. Adam unbuttoned my shirt and said he loved hairy chests and he especially liked my
red hair. I smiled and put my hand over his. He kissed me again and he said that he knew
I was the shy type and then he apologized for going as far as he had and offered to stop.
We both knew that we didn’t want to stop. I said quietly, “no, it’s OK, I enjoy being
with you Adam. I want to be with you.” He smiled, rose up and took off my shirt and slipped
his own shirt over his head as well. I could see that he was average, not a body builder
but trim and his chest only had a small thatch of hair in the center of his chest and a
light trail of hair
showing between his naval and his pants. He was naturally smooth and I liked that.

Adam started kissing me and he moved from my mouth to my neck, nipples and abdomen. He
rested his head on my lower chest and lightly traced the heavier ...

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