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32.indian cock

There I was, sitting in one of my sophomore classes, minding my own
business. I was scanning the faces of the kids in my class when my eyes
fell upon a particular boy. His name was Varni Shah. He'd been in the
class all year, but I'd never noticed him before. This was probably
partly due to the fact that he was Indian (NOT Native American). However
now (mid-April) I noticed that he was pretty good-looking and had a
nice-looking body. The next few weeks, I continued to notice him. I had
never had any cock before, no less Indian cock. But suddenly I really
wanted this guy.
He was a year younger than me, so that one class (an elective) was
the only one we had together. Finally, I was given the opportunity to
spend some quality time with Varni. Our teacher gave us a group project
and, by the grace of god, I was chosen to work with Varni. We had never
really talked before, but got along pretty well when we worked on the
project in class. Finally, we decided we would have to spend time out of
class on it. We got together at his house one school night.
I rang Varni's doorbell and he answered after a short delay. He was
wearing a tank top and shorts and looked pretty good.We went up to his
room to work on our project. I kept staring at him as we discussed what
to do. I had never felt such a strong sexual desire for someone before.
The way Varni was sitting, I could see up his shorts. However, his dark
skin and shorts prevented me from seeing what I wanted. I had resolved
not to try and start anything because I was too scared of rejection.
Luckily, I didn't have to. During a long period of silence, Varni
started rubbing himself. I just watched. I don't think he even noticed
what he was doing. He started getting really hard. I said, "If you're
horny, we can jerk off." he suddenly came out of his haze and said," I'm
sorry, I didn't even realize what I was doing. I'm so embarrassed."
Here, of course, was my chance. I said, "Don't worry about it. I do it
too, just like everyone else. As a matter of fact, I'd like to do it
right now."
"Really?" Varni asked.
"You frigging bet. I'm almost popping out of my pants," I said.
I decided to take charge at this point. I asked him if he wanted to
do each other. Luckily, he said "Sure!"
So I reached down to the bulge that I'd been feasting my eyes on all
night and rubbed it. Wow, did it feel great, and that was through the
fabric. Then I put my hands down his shorts and felt the real cause of
the bulge. I pulled his shorts and boxers down so I could finally see it.
I can't even explain it to you. Around 7.5" of thick, brown cock,
sticking straight out.
I quickly started to take my clothes off and Varni followed. Soon,
he was totally naked and I had just boxers on. I couldn't stand it any
longer. I went down on him. I needed to suck on his long, brown piece of
meat. And I did. I took about five inches into my throat and started
sucking. It was so good. He started moaning and begging me to keep
going. I rubbed my hands in his dark black pubic hair (there was a lot)
and on his muscular chest. He just enjoyed the fellatio while I did the
work. As I started to taste precum, I stopped sucking and sat up. Varni
looked at me and put his hand onto my crotch. he started reubbing through
my boxers. Then, his chocolate hands pulled my boxers down. He started
jerking my rock hard cock immediately, up and down, up and down. His
other hand plyed with my big balls. I saw Varni lick his lips and the
next thing I knew, his mouth was on my dick. Watching him bob up and down
on my meat was awesome, seeing his back muscles expand and contract. He
looked up at me and said, "This is awesome!" I couldn't have put it
better myself.
As much as I hated myself for it, I said, "Varni, we really do have
to do our project." He looked up and said, " I won't do this project
until we swallow each others jizz."
With that i said, " Give me your fat, brown, hairy cock, then." He
stood up and I got onto my knees. He shoved his cock into my mouth and I
just started sucking away. I played with his balls and pubic hair, then
slowly moved my hand to his ass. As I started to slide a finger in , he
said, "No, wait until next time for that." I was intrigued of course, and
stopped. I sucked his big brown balls a little, then went back to the
monster. Finally, I felt it contracting and he said, "Here I come." He
shot a lot of spew into my mouth, and I wasn't ready for it all. Some of
it spilled out the sides of my mouth, but I got most of it.
Varni said, "Never ever have I felt that good." Then he opened his
mouth and said "Put it in." Who was I to argue? In it went. Varni sucked
and sucked and blew. I was in heaven. He kept massaging my pubic hair
and I was almost over the edge. Finally, I felt it coming. And I did,
for what seemed like hours, right into Varni's hot mouth. He swallowed
every last drop.
We put on our clothes and recuperated for a few minutes. Then we did
our project (don't ask how). Before I left, Varni said, "My parents won't
be home Friday night. Sleep over?" I told him I'd ask my parents. I
knew that I'd do anything to be in that room on Friday night.

Sorry that my first foray into the world of story writing was so
haphazard. It was late and I wasn't in the right frame of mind.
Hopefully this next installment will be more fulfilling.

Warning: You know. You have to be 18 and all to read thi and all those
other good rules that everyone else adheres to.

Indian Cock: PART II

I've always been good at stretching the truth. Of course, convincing
my mother that I wanted to spend the night at the house of someone I
hardly knew was a pretty tough assignment. However, I told her that Varni
and I had an in-depth assignment to complete and we knew it would take
long enough so that coming home afterwards would be fruitless. She
capitulated without much of a struggle and I was set. Friday finally came
and I went to Varni's at 8:00.
His parents were just getting ready to leave when I got there.
Apparently they were going out to a late movie with another couple and
spending the night at their house. That left Varni and I with the run of
the house, as his 13 year-old brother was sleeping at a friend's house.
We chatted with them for a while, but they finally left. Varni and I
watched from the window as they pulled out of the driveway. When they
were gone, we looked at each other and he said, "Well, I guess we're all
We just hung around, looking at stuff in Varni's room for a while.
You know you act when something good is about to happen, like you try and
prolong the beginning as long as possible even though you want it really
badly? I think that's what was happening with us because we didn't get
started for a long time. Finally Varni said, "So what do you want to do
know?" I said, "Let's play a game or watch t.v." Varni suggested that we
shoot hoops in his driveway. I was hoping he didn't have second thoughts.
I knew I wasn't. We played basketball for a little while, but got bored
and went inside.
That's when Varni finally broke the ice and said, "Let's play truth
or dare." Once again, we went through that prolonging phase for a while,
as both of us chose truths. Varni asked me how many girls I had been with
(two, just kissing). We asked back and forth. Finally, I chose dare.
Varni dared me to strip down to my boxers, which I did. He chose dare and
I told him to get naked. He did and I was hard immediately. To this day,
I don't know why Varni's cock, balls, and body in general got me so hard.
He then dared me to take my boxers off too. I did and he tried to lunge
for me, but I restrained him and said that I wanted to keep playing the
game. So Varni chose dare and I had to think for a minute. I couldn't
decide what I wanted first. Finally I said, "Stick your hairy rod down my
throat." Once again, I was in heaven as I had a perfect, long, hard,
Indain cock in my mouth. As I sucked, Varni reached down and started
playing with mine and I knew our game of truth or dare was over.
Slowly, Varni swirled around so that he could suck my cock too. Our
first 69 gave me feelings I had never felt before. The taste, the smell,
the ass...all I could have asked for. As I slurped on the long, brown
rod, I started feeling Varni's ass cheeks. Just like the rest of him,
they were perfect. I started to finger his hole, which produced immediate
moaning. It was then that I knew I'd do anything this boy wanted. We
stopped 69ing because both of us were nearly cumming and we didn't want to
yet. I looked at him and said, "Anything you want is yours."
Varni replied with, "Well, what I want most of all is my cock up your
ass." I paused a long time bfore answering and Varni said, "Is that a
no?" I stood up, turned around, bent over, and spread my ass cheeks, then
said, "What do you think?" He got out the vaseline and lubed up his long,
hairy dick while I watched. Then I bent over again and he started
penetrating. As I'd heard, it hurt a little, but the thought of that
perfect brown cock made it worth while. Varni moaned a little each time
he slid in farther. Finally, he was all the way in. I could tell because
I felt his dense pubic bush rubbing against my ass. He slowly withdrew
and then rammed it in again. As I got used to it, it felt better and
better. Just knowing that Varni's cock was inside of me almost brought me
to climax. His moans were wonderful, as each thrust brought about another
one. Finally, he started going faster and faster and told me he was about
to cum. So he pulled out and let me try.
Once I was lubed up, I started going at Varni's perfect brown ass. I
got inside pretty easily (and wondered why) and started going at it for
all I was worth. Varni told me to go until I was done. So I pumped away
at his ass, feeling his thick cock every once in awhile to keep him hard.
I finally felt it coming and went at it even harder. When I came, it was
the greatest sensation of my life. I spasmed repeatedly, and gallons of
my cum went into Varni's ass. I just left my cock in there for a while
after I was done, enjoying the moist feeling. Varni said it was great,
and I then remembered his cock. Before he knew ...

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