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35.first time experience

This is a true story of me camping with a friend. I had recently had a breakup with a girl friend that I had been dating for a while. I was really in the dumps and my friend Josh said why don't we go camping in the woods for the weekend? I said sure that it sounded like a good idea to get away. I was kind of relieved that his idea was to camping because in the back of my mind I really needed a change of scenary because there was this big party that all of our friends would be at. And I wasn't ready to be social like tThat just yet. So I told Josh let's get our stuff together and he said great and would pick me up friday after noon. Well friday rolled around and I was so ready to get the hell out of town. No weird run ins with people that knew about us breaking up and no weird phone calls. All I could think about was the mountain air and getting drumk off my ass to forget all the drama. Well as I went through checking my gear to be sure I was bringing everything that was needed for my weekend getaway I hear Josh honking the horn in his truck. I raced out of the house and seeing him in his truck with a great big smile. He was joking to me about if I brought everything that I needed. I laughed and said well I am always a boyscout and I like to be prepared. So off we went deep into the mountains. We went to this place called the 3 sisters a group of mountains that had 7 elevated lakes. One of which we liked to go to had a white sandy bottom and warmed up easily in the sun. That was our camping spot. We parked the truck and began hiking up the mountain. After a few hours we finally made our destination. We found a spot near a tree line that faced the lake. We set up camp, our tent and gathered fire wood. By now it was getting closer to dinner time. So we started a fire as the sun started to get lower in the horizon. As we ate we chatted about just getting drunk later. We had packed up a case of beer each and he brought some whiskey also but at the moment knew nothing about it. We started drinking and soon we were getting buzzed and our conversation slowly turned to sex. I told Josh about the last time I had sex (none for 4 months) and about being horny. He pulls out the whiskey bottle and we then started taking drinks from it. Shortly after that I was really drunk and begining to slur words. Josh started talking about sex again. I told him that I didnt want to talk about sex, I wanted to have sex. He then suggested that we go skinny dipping. I figured after getting all sweaty from the hike that a refreshing dip in the water sounded good. So we stripped our clothes off. I did notice that Josh watched me strip but I just smiled thinking nothing of it. We then raced to the waters edge and jumped in. It was cool but definitely refreshing. We soon started playing around in the water splashing and wrestling in the shore of the lake. A few times I could feel his cock and balls brush up against me. And I was sure even in my drunkin state that he was brushing up against my cock also. Soon we began to tire and breathe heavy from all the horseplay. We were standing there and he pulled me close and kissed me full on the mouth. I was kind of shocked at first but I did not resist. Of course this just gave him the green light thinking that I wanted this too. I guess he had planned this and I never really saw it coming. Now here I was drunk horny and my friend coming on to me! The kiss was so hot that I explored his mouth back. We kissed for along time as our hands explored each others bodies. I could feel our cocks harding between us as we kissed each other deeply. We finally broke our kiss and Josh began to kiss my neck and then my nipples. Then he quickly got on his knees in the shallow water and mud of the shore and took my cock into his mouth. I was in heaven. At that moment all I knew was that I wanted this and it didn't matter that Josh was a man and not a woman. All I knew was I was horny and I wanted sex! Soon I was breathing heavy and my balls were boiling and Josh was bringing me to an orgasm. I was so horny by now that I had a hold of his head and was literally fucking his mouth with my cock. I told Josh I was really close to cumming and he went wild sucking my cock! I couldn't wait any longer and slammed my cock deep in his throat and came like crazy. He went crazy sucking all of my juices down. I was in a coma like state after that. As he continue to lick me clean he moved to my ass and as I leaned over he rimmed me. I had never had any ones tongue past my balls before so this was all new to me. I slumped down on all fours on the muddy shore as he tongue fucked me from behind. Soon I was hard and was so horny that I was grinding my ass back onto that hot tongue of Josh. I had been curious about other mens cocks but never really thought about anal sex with a man much less anal with a woman at that point of my life. But with Josh's hot tongue I was like a bitch in heat and wanted him. Soon I was loud and verbal and was begging for him to put his cock in me. He began to stroke my dick as he continued to rim me. By now I was riding his tongue pleading for him to bang my ass. Then with out warning he sat up and positioned himself and rammed his cock deep inside me. Funny thing was it really didn't hurt but I could feel a faint burn of him streching my ass open with his cock. I am sure the whiskey helped with that. He held me there for a minute and kissed me on the back of the neck and then whispered in my ear that he had been thinking about this moment for a very long time. I had no idea that he was gay or had been bi. I never had thoughts about doing what we were doing but I was finding out that I was liking what we were doing alot! Josh began to slide in short strokes in and out and soon he was banging my ass as he held my hips so he could control how and when he entered my ass with his cock. I was so horny with desire now that I wanted his cock to cum in my ass. I started riding his cock for all I was worth. Soon I could hear his breathing increasing and telling me how hot my ass felt on his cock. I could feel his cock growing inside me and then he pulled my hips towards him hard as he thrust himself as deep as he could possibly go inside me and erupted with warm spurts of cum in my ass. At that moment I also came in spurts without any help from anyone. I was like wow Josh that was hot, as I felt his cum running down my leg. Needless to say we played all weekend and a good part of the summer. And without a doubt one of the best camping trips I have ever been on.

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