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36.the rough cop

An evening that seems to begin to be spent alone, with nothing better to do, deciding to watch an adult gay film. I start to comfort myself, relaxing on the couch, enjoying myself for about an half hour or more, then being interrupted by a knock at the door. Quickly, pulling my hand from my pants, pressing the " pause " button and zipping up making my way over to the door.

Upon opening the door, an officer is present. A very muscular built officer in an all black uniform, name tag reading " Jim ", a mustache connecting to a goatee, standing about 5'9", looking at me through a pair of black shades.. he begins to speak.. " Excuse me, sir. I got a call of complaints of what neighbors are complaining to have been hearing 2 men in a struggle, do you have any idea of what they might be speaking of?". A chill seems to have run down my spine upon hearing this beautiful mans voice erupt from his soft lips. Cheeks turning red, as he begins to answer the question " .. uhh.. No, sir. I haven't heard anything"... responding in a low tone. An awkward silence seems to taken the conversation.. Noticing officer take a peak into his household, his attention taken in what would be the direction of the television... My cheeks growing more red in embarrassment. The officer speaks again.. " May I come in?".. " Uhh, sure.." as I nod for him to come in.

Shutting the door as he makes his way in, the officer begins to take off his hat, making his shaved bald head come into view. Taking a look at his, what seems to be perfect ass. The officers attention still on the T.V and then finally back to me as a smirk forms on his lips. Finally asking the officer, after a brief moment of silence " So, what can I do you for officer?".. the Officer replies.. " You may call me Jim..".. He heads his way toward me, as I back up as he does, my back landing against the back of the front door, putting his muscular hairy trailed right arm over my left shoulder against the door. His breath illuminating over my face as he stares at me while taking off his dark shades, his bright blue eyes are revealed.

The tention getting high as I can hardly contain myself, my erection trying to burst its way through the zipper of my pants. His blue eyes stare into my hazel lighten eyes, when I start to feel left hand slowly making its way up my leg to my crotch. His left hand finally reaching an gripping my hard tucked away cock, a grunt comes from my mouth as he does so. Then pressing his muscular body into mine as he locks me between the door an him, making sure I don't escape. He then motions his lips against mine, feeling the brush of his mustache an goatee rub on the upper and bottom parts of my lips as I return the kiss as much as he is giving it. His right hand then pulling the back of my hair releasing me from his lips, while his other hand pulls my stiffened manhood from its barrier, he begins to slide his fingertips across my cock and then gripping it as he begins to stroke.

Moans are released from me as Jim's hands explore my body. I take my hands and place them on his black uniform shirt as I begin to unbutton it, revealing his haired filled chest. I press my right hand on his chest as I begin to slide it across the tips of his hairs, further and further down reaching his happy trail and then the reaching his belt, beginning to undo it. His hand still stroking my cock, while his lips are gently pressing upon my neck. The belt buckle undone, then starting to unzip his pants, where his jock strap is present, rubbing my hand on top of it, feeling his rock hard cock. I grip his jock strap and pull it down to see his monster appear. Then I begin to descend, placing my lips on his chest as I begin to kiss it, reaching his nipples. I begin to bite them, not enough for it to hurt, but just enough for it to be enjoyable. I hear heavy breaths come from his mouth as I return to descending while kissing chest, then slowly down to his happy trail, I feel the palms of his hands being placed on the top of my head when I finally make it to his shaved monster.

I start to kiss the shaft of his cock, going more and more for the head of it. I begin to lick his cock up and down the shaft, then playing with the head with my tonger. He big hands grip my hair tighter as he shoves his dick into my mouth, feeling the head of the penis sliding up and down the top my my tongue. Tasting the pre-cum as the head of his dick hits the back of my throat. My hands motion up the back of his legs to his ass, gripping it, while he continues to face fuck me. I slowly open my eyes and look up, watching Jim enjoy this as much as I am. He looks down at me, are eyes meeting, he smiles as he continues to fuck my face, harder and harder, his moans begin to echo the room. His hands pushing my head into his crouch area as I begin to deep throat, feeling his wet cock rest upon my tongue. His shriveled balls against the bottom of my lips, I take my left hand off his ass as I begin to stroke myself, his hands releasing the grip as my mouth slowly slides up and down his cock, sucking, harder and harder. He pulls my head back with his muscular hands as my lips slip off the head of his big hardened dick. His left hand moving from the back of my head, down to my neck and then under my chin as he begins to pull, motioning for me to stand up straight.

We begin kiss again, our tongues wrestling within eachothers mouths, while gripping eachother hardened dicks. He lets go of my cock and reaches for his handcuff's, then taking my hands, putting them behind my back and cuffing them together. He motions me over toward the couch, bending me over the arm rest, he then pulls down my pants all the way, where my virgin ass lies. I feel his cock, slide up and down in between my asshole, teasing me. Placing his hands on my hips, then gripping his cock with his left hand straightening his cock out, aiming right for my tight asshole. I can feel the head of his dick trying to squeeze through, I let out a few moans as he continues to push deeper and deeper into my anal passage. His big cock slowly moving deeper and deeper, as I moan more an more. I feel his balls touch the edge off my asshole as he finally gets all the way in. He then begins to motion his cock in an out of my asshole, going a tad bit more faster when re-entering his cock. He keeps going, his left hand grabbing my hip and gripping my dick with his left, beginning to stroke it as hard as he can. His balls smacking the bottom of my asshole while I continue to moan in pleasure with him, everytime. He then pulls out his dick out of my newly fucked asshole, grabbing the chain on the cuff's, pulling me up, then laying me down on the couch.

Then he starts to stroke his rock hard dick, while I do the same with mine, he rubs it across my face, then moves it into my mouth as he begins to face fuck me again. His cock smacking the back of my throat with each thrust he gives, his moans getting louder and louder, grabbing my hair once again gripping it, while my mouth is wrapped around his cum filled dick, sliding up and down the shaft of it. His cock stiffens more and more when he says " Here I come... ".. His penis head bursts out with cum into to my mouth, as he continues to thrust, while more and more cum shoots down my throat, I tighten my lips around his dick while his cum continues to drip down into my throat, as I suck every last drop of cum that comes out of him. He takes his cock of my mouth, and strokes it a few more times to make sure his juice is all out.

Still bound in handcups, we sucks lips again, he grabs my cock, stroking it, harder and harder. He moves his head downs to my cock, then gently placing his lips on my head, sucking the on it, making it wetter and wetter. Stroking while he continues to suck, then removing his hand from my penis as he begins to suck me harder and harder, then deepthroathing my cock, his lips drag up and down, up and down. He slides his right hand under and gripping my ass, he slides his fingertips down up and down my asshole, he plays with my asshole with his index and middle fingers, then shoving them in my asshole. My cock stiffens more and more in his mouth, as he motions his lips up and down my shaft, when I can hardly contain myself anymore. I shoot into his mouth, I can feel him sucking the cum out of my hardened dick, as I cum more and more. He keeps sucking, and sucking until I am finally done.

He takes my cock out of his mouth, letting his tongue play with the head a little bit more. He finishes. He lifts me up again, to remove the hand cuff's. We both zip up, and straighten ourselves out. He looks at my as a smile appears in between the goattee and mustache, Slipping his shades on, we share one last kiss. But, before leaving, he reaches into his pocket pulling out his card, and placing it in my hand. Lowering his glass a bit, he winks at me, then turning around to make his leave through the door.

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