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38.trouble with brother

Oh my God, it's my bloody cousin Hari. What the bloody hell is he doing here. Now I'm really buggared. Quick into the toilet and hide in a cubicle.

That's it in here. Only those two guys in the corner. Been there all night. It's a wonder Security hasn't thrown them out.

No, I'm not interested. I just want to use the cubicle, O.K. My God can't even use the bog without someone wanting to join you. Nice smile though. perhaps another time. More important things to think about now.

What is he doing here ? Perhaps someone tipped him off and he's here looking for me. He'll tell his dad and he'll tell my dad and them I'm screwed. Two years I've come here and never once, not once have I met anyone I know. Most Asians avoid the place, of course, scared of being seen. Prefer the old cottage in the park. Can't stand the place myself, stinks of piss and stale bodies.

I did use it when I was a kid, well we all did. earned a few bob from the old guys who hung around there. Ten bob to touch our willies. Money for old rope or rather young rope. Hari used to go with me. he thought it was a great joke. I quite enjoyed watching some old guy touching Hari. Sometimes they would do more than touch. That gave me a really strange feeling inside and made my own willy as stiff as a rod.

Once a guy paid me and Hari to touch each other while he watched. Hari just did it but I had a hard job hiding the fact that I was enjoying myself.

We grew out of it, of course. Hari went mad on Judo and spent most evenings down the club. He seemed to enjoy the physical sports. I enjoyed swimming mostly because of the changing rooms where I could admire the bodies. I found black guys and white guys fascinating noting the different shading on different parts of their bodies, the way the hair formed patterns unique to each body and which changed under the showers as water formed the hair into new patterns.
I once met Hari at the Judo club. They had showers there too and Hari seemed to spend a long time in there after getting a sweat up wrestling with the other guys. It did make me wonder if he found the showers as fascinating as I did. But then I dismissed it from my mind.

It was through swimming, I met Mike. Mike was eighteen, same age as myself. He was in the polo team and had a classic swimmer's body. Swimming they say develops every muscle in the body. It certainly produces a beautiful shape which makes guys who go in for so called body building, look deformed.

Mike and me teamed up and went everywhere together and one night, Mike confessed to me that he wanted to touch me. It happened in his bedroom while his parents were out. We had watched a video and were just sitting on the bed. Five minutes later, we were kissing and wrestling with each other. It was frantic, like a champagne bottle being opened with foam spurting everywhere.

From then on things changed between us. We sought every opportunities to be alone together, mostly in his bedroom or mine, but sometimes in the bushes in the park or in a changing cubicle at the baths, very exciting and dangerous. It was Mike who introduced me to the Green Parrot. Outside it looked much like any other pub but inside it heaved with men with just one thing on their minds.

We started to go there every Saturday night and I soon found that guys like me and I liked them. I hardly saw Hari although he did stay over at our house sometimes and because there were not enough beds, mum shoved him in with me. 'I'm sure you two boys won't mind sharing' she said. It's pretty common in Indian houses this family thing. So sharing a bed at such times is pretty normal. Pushed up against Hari in a single bed, I couldn't help getting aroused. When I turned over and Hari was pressed against me, I could feel he was aroused as well.

I decided to be straight up about it. 'Hari', I said 'It's pretty obvious we both need to relieve ourselves'

Hari smiled. I could see his face in the light of the moon which filtered into the bedroom. 'Yeah, he said, I do feel randy and no chick in sight' I coughed. ' Yeah sure, what we need is two chicks'

Hari smiled again. 'I had a mate who was in the nick' he said 'No chicks, OK but lot's of randy guys. Only one thing for it'

I tried not to get excited and stay cool. 'You mean they used each other'

'Sure' he said, 'some played the role of chick and the others, well they took the man's part. Happens all the time, in prison. Once they leave they go back to the chicks. It's just nature'

I felt myself almost bursting 'You mean, it's nothing to do with being gay, just normal'

'Of course, men need things. go crazy if they don't get it. No chicks, use your mate. help each other out'

'Like we could ?

'Well I was thinking perhaps we could try it'.

'Who plays the chick.'

'We toss for it'

'What with ?'

'Well what do you suggest ?'

I felt his body now pressed really hard against me. In answer, I slipped down my underpants and reached for a tube of cream I kept on the bedside table. Without speaking I greased myself and then guided him inside me.

It was quick but good. Afterwards I panicked. Had I offered myself too easily. I was surpassed when Hari turned over, took the tube of cream, greased himself and guided me into him.

'Only fair' he said afterwards.

We slept without touching, two heterosexual men who had helped each other out as mates should. The problem is, I couldn't sleep. I knew Hari's body was there and I wanted more of it but I couldn't have it without admitting what I was. Hari would never understand.

We were forced to sleep together again a few times after that and every time we just smiled and repeated our performance. I had a feeling that Hari even arranged to have to stay the night but I dismissed the idea. Hari was too straight and had even talked of getting engaged to a girl from Wembley.

Now he was here in the Green Parrot, and I was hiding in the cubicle of the toilets. I heard someone come in and go into the next cubicle. The door closed. Next thing I noticed was something coming through a hole drilled in the partition between the cubicles. I could not believe it but I recognised it as belonging to Hari. My cousin, my oh so straight cousin Hari was sticking his erect organ through the hole in a toilet wall inviting a total stranger to do with it as he wished.

I'll whack it one, teach him a lesson. No I won't, let's have a bit of fun. See how you like this lover boy. I ran my tongue along the whole length and heard soft moans from the other side of the wall. Then I took the whole thing in my mouth and gave the best blow job I had ever given. When it was over, I came out of the cubicle and waited for Hari to emerge from the other cubicle

The look on his face would have sunk a battleship. He was scared, shit scared. How could he explain what he was doing in a place like this, the notorious haunt, as the police always put it, of practising homo sexuals. He recovered a little.

'Fancy seeing you here' he said in a choking voice. 'didn't know you played for the other side'

'No' I said, 'I play for the same side as you. All that codswallop about prisoners doing it because there were no chicks, just an excuse wasn't it ?'

Hari nodded. 'You going to tell anyone ?'

'Tell anyone, why would I. We are both in the same boat and now we know it'

'Great blow job' he smiled Always fancied one from you'

''Well now we can have even more fun when you stop over, can't we' I replied sarcastically, 'Come on you old tart, I'll buy you a pint.

Hari and I are best of mates now. We're planning to move to a flat of our own soon. And Mike, well I introduced him to Hari and now the three of us get on really well if you know what I mean. Funny old world, really .

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