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43.mumbai trains 2

Sujoy could not still believe that after he posted his maiden story in
(Indian encounter) and the next one "Mumbai trains", he got into serious correspondence with gay friends all over the world. Surprisingly this includes the "straight" Kerala friend Paul and "Bi" Mike, a philippino settled abroad.

But Shahid was a special one, developing a beautiful relationship
through mails. He, incidentally, happens to be a Muslim guy of 30 yr.
Shahid 6' tall and 85 kgs weight with his 6" cut cock became Sujoys
lover boy instantly as Sujoy is the biggest fan of cut cocks of virile
muslim guys. Sujoy with his ever horny 10" home grown cucumber started
making love through mails themselves, as both of them started writing
very juicy messages.

Shahid, who works in downtown Nariman Point area got more and more
frustrated as they had not even revealed their identities to each other.
Indian gays are so skeptical about coming out, even two hardcore gays
like Shahid and Sujoy never revealed their true identities to each other
though both of them long for each other.

Mails from Pete and Sathya from US some times give solace to Sujoy who
started feeling miserable even if does not receive at least one mail a
day from Shahid, the handsome muslim gay.

Shahid never knew that poor Sujoy is already married (today he will come
to know when he reads this story and perhaps will get a shock of his
life) and lead a miserable married life. Even while making love out of
compulsion of the society and compassion to the poor girl who married
him, totally oblivious to the fact that Sujoy is actually a gay, Sujoy
imagined himself as if he was entering a boy instead. Unlike his love
sessions with other men, love with his wife was a very brief affair as he
is unable to keep his cock erect for more time in the company of a girl.
So, as soon as he gets his 10" rod up facing the heaven, he lunges into
her without even caring for her feelings. What a duel life these Indian
gays lead?

Finally Sujoy and Shahid both gathered their courage and decided to meet
at Shahid's Nariman point office itself at 6pm on a Saturday, Shahid
only giving his office address through mail. The irony is one really can
not recognize the other without the signals they agreed to make to each

Sujoy was so nervous that he felt as if he was going for an encounter for
the first time in his life. He dressed himself in the Levis and a
transparent white shirt, which nicely showed off his very hairy chest and
which enhanced his handsome figure attracting the attention of girls and
boys alike. He put on the best perfume and cleaned all the holes in his
body so that Shahid can enjoy whichever hole he likes. What Shahid really
likes is still not really known to Sujoy. He took his train from Thane,
which is a suburb of Mumbai and headed towards Dadar as he has to change
over to western railway from central railway to go to Churchgate station,
from where he can take a cab and go to Shahid's office.

Though the train was less crowded, he could still see two guys discreetly
fondling each other. There was this tall and chubby guy who was sporting
an 8" medium thick cock which was a beauty with so much of loose skin
over it. He was sporting his hard-on while standing close on the
foot-board near the door and the other guy who was 5'5", also must be
of the same age of 27 like the other guy, was cleanly shaven and looking
cute like a girl. He stood near the other guy facing him like Sujoy was
doing in his first story. Because the compartment was less crowded, as
they were traveling against the peak hour crowd, this guy kept his laptop
hanging in such a way, none can see what was happening.

By this time the chubby guy's 8" was already throbbing to the feel of
the other guy's electric touch. He was given a hand job in such a way
that I could see the beautiful mushroom head of this guy one second and
the next second it was gone into the very loose foreskin of his giant
cock. The short guy so conscious of the lean crowd, was always surveying
the surroundings though his hand was playing the game of love to the
shaft of the tall guy. He divided his fingers into two groups, the thumb
on one side and all the other 4 fingers on the other side and slid it
through the sweaty pubes of the tall guy to the base of the shaft.

He started applying mild pressure which made the other guy going weak in
his knees and nearing his climate. The short guy was so busy in his
efforts to please his partner, he did not realize that the other one
became too hard to handle and started squirting out a huge load without
any warning and the short guy who was too terrified, collected the same
in his palm without knowing what to do. Any startled action from him will
attract the attention of someone else and hence he kept staring at the
load in his palm with a tinge of sadness. Sujoy, who by now was sporting
a terrific hard-on decided to go to the rescue of that poor chap. He
removed his hankie from his pocket and just put it on to the helpless
chap's palm. He looked at Sujoy with all the gratitude and wiped the
whole load into it. The fat guy was watching all these with a sheepish
grin. Sujoy was wondering how people at times are so unconcerned about

By this time he neared his station Dadar and was getting ready to get off
the train minus his handkie. When the train stopped and he was just
getting down, he saw a very handsome and fair guy of around 29 years,
around 6' getting into the compartment, dressed in a typical north
Indian style chudidhar which is a tight and thin pyjama and a long
embroideried kurta top. Their eyes met each other giving an instant
electric shock to both of them as their Gaydors informed them that the
other guy is a gay too. Sujoy was in dilemma as to what to do, whether to
get into the train and proceed with him or change over to the other
railway to meet Shahid as planned. The problem is Mumbai is that the
trains are crowded only towards city in the mornings and again only in
the reverse direction in the evening. Since this guy was traveling in the
train towards downtown which Sujoy left, it was thinly crowded for any
meaningful action. While Sujoy was thinking all these things, the
handsome dude suddenly got off the moving train onto the platform again.

As it is characteristic of Indian gays, Sujoy and the handsome dude did
not even smile to each other. Suddenly in the opposite platform a fully
crowded peak hour train, bound for Thane from where Sujoy boarded the
earlier train, came and the handsome dude jumped into the second last
compartment which is a gay meeting place. Sujoy was wondering what to do
as he has promised Shahid, the unknown lover boy that he will come and
meet him to develop a permanent romantic relationship. But ultimately the
lust won over the love and when the train was just about to leave Sujoy
also hopped into the same compartment and slowly neared the other guy who
by now has taken a position near the partition wall which separates the
seats from the gangway. As it turned out to be, the gay compartment that
day was really full with gay men which facilitated everyone's activities
giving some privacy as everyone tries to shield the other from prying
eyes of non-gay guys.

Sujoy stood behind the dude and his `by now' rock hard meat was poking
into the dude's crack through his clothes. The dude brought his left
hand to his back along the side of the partition wall and firmly caught
hold of Sujoy's beautiful meat and gasped in pleasant surprise to
realize its size which he could not believe. He opened the fly of Sujoy
and his fingers started mapping the contour of Sujoy's shaft and balls
through the clean white Jockey u wear Sujoy chose specially for an
encounter with Shahid. His fingers cupped the unusually small balls and
gave a mild squeeze, good enough to make his cock throb more. He raised
his hands a little and slid it through the elastic band of Sujoy's
Jockey and reached a dense bush of pubes. It was all wet with his sweat
and made his hand slid further to the rocklike hard-on. As usual it
started letting out copious quantity of slimy pre-cum which further slid
his hand to the base of the shaft. He could not believe as his hand could
not fully circle around the meat which is really like a home grown
cucumber. He reached further down and felt the silky nut sack and giggled
to himself comparing its size with the monster which towers over it.

He suddenly took out his hand and untied the knot of his own pyjama and
brought it down to his knees inside his long kurta tops, holding it with
the right hand so that it does not fall to the floor. When Sujoy
understood what was happening he tried to touch the skin of this dude by
encircling the waist of his partner with his left hand through the long
tops. He also gasped for a moment when he realized that this dude was not
at all wearing any u wear and he could straight away catch hold of a nice
6" cut cock of amazing thickness which was also spitting a large amount
of pre cum. Sujoy always is at a loss to understand as to how to
effectively pleasure a cut cock since he does not know how to move the
shaft up and down without the loose foreskin. He moved his hands down to
find a heavily hanging pair of big balls. As it is his to his liking, he
probed the base of the shaft through the sack from the bottom. The
handsome dude by now started sporting an iron rod like hard-on.

Sujoy, then moved his hand to the back of the guy to cup the buttocks and
was so pleased with the feel of the very fleshy ass which was the best he
had ever seen on a man till date. He then further moved down the naked
body of the dude along the sexy crack and stopped at the entrance of the
boy pussy and slightly moved his index finger into the boy pussy which
was very tight. The dude was by this time feeling heaven and closed his
ass cheeks tightly to arrest Sujoy's probing finger inside him as if he
wants it for ever inside.

The reason could be perhaps he was scared of Sujoy othrwise poking his
huge tool into him in the train itself as he was sure that his tight ass
has to be comfortably loosened up before taking such a monster into him.

Sujoy carefully withdrew his finger so that it did not hurt his partner.
He lifted the top of this dude and slid his cock between the thighs of
his partner. It started its journey through the insides of the thighs,
below the eager man pussy, below the heavy balls of the guy in ecstacy
and traveled still further and still at least half an inch ...

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