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Multimedia gallery

44.stripper's mistake

"Strip-o-Gram," a voice at the door said, and knocked loudly. Ramesh pulled
himself out of the armchair and opened the door. Before he could say anything, a muscular man wearing a fake policeman's uniform handed him a slip of paper, pushed past him, and set a boom box down. He pressed play and loud dance music pulsed through the room.
Ramesh stood by the door, astonished, as the man began bumping and grinding. He pulled off his shirt, exposing his broad, tanned, hairless chest, and winked at Ramesh, thrusting his pelvis at him. Ramesh coughed nervously, but he felt his cock start rising as the man reached for his fly and pulled off his pants. Underneath, he was wearing only a tiny red g-string, which barely contained an enormous bulge.
Tearing his eyes away from the stripper's dancing, Ramesh opened the slip of paper. "Happy Birthday, Manju. Love, Sanjay." Ramesh glanced up at the stripper.
"Uh," he began, "this isn't..." but the man couldn't hear him over the music. Ramesh decided just to let him finish. He closed the door and sat down in the armchair. The stripper moved closer, still dancing. Ramesh could see the other man's cock stiffening, and he shifted in the chair, feeling his own prick pressing against his pants. Ramesh watched as the stripper hooked his thumbs in his g-string, and then held his breath until he released the tabs. The stripper's enormous erection sprang free, bobbing up and down as he danced.
The song came to an end, but the stripper kept moving, his balls and cock
jogging up and down as he moved closer, straddling the arms of Ramesh's chair.
"Happy Birthday," he said. His voice was deep, but Ramesh was hardly listening, transfixed by the huge cock that was now merely inches from his face. The stripper's balls and pubic hair were shaved clean, making his cock appear even larger.
"Is this, um, part of the strip-o-gram?" Ramesh asked, clearing his throat
again. His dick was throbbing inside his pants.
The stripper grinned and shook his head. "Nope. You look like you could use
a little relief." He reached down and squeezed Ramesh's cock. Ramesh groaned and closed his eyes. "That's what I thought."
Wrapping one hand around his own prick and jerking it, the stripper unzipped
Ramesh's pants, freeing his dick, which was significantly smaller, but just as stiff. "Stroke mine," the stripper said, and Ramesh reached out, taking the
other man's wide shaft in his hand. It felt huge and hot in his palm, and he
eagerly slipped his fist up and down. The man went to work on Ramesh's cock in return, and soon they were pumping together in rhythm.
"That feels so good," the stripper groaned, pushing his hips forward.
"Squeeze my balls while you stroke it." Ramesh moved his free hand to the stripper's pendulous balls, pumping up and down on the man's stick as he squeezed his balls rhythmically in his hand. "Oooh, yeah, that's hot," the man groaned.
As Ramesh watched, a pearl of pre-cum emerged from the slit at the tip of the stripper's cock. He leaned forward and tentatively tasted it, aware of the
deep intake of breath the man made when Ramesh's tongue touched his prick. "You can suck it," he said.
Ramesh sucked the head softly, still moving his hand over the wide shaft and heavy balls. The yielding flesh of the other man's dick felt strange in his
mouth, but it was also making him very hot, and he felt his balls tightening,
getting ready to come. As though he were reading Ramesh's mind, the man started moving with shorter, quick strokes, and soon Ramesh was exploding in a flood of hot cum all over his hand.
The stripper pulled his hand up and rubbed Ramesh's cum on his chest,
concentrating on his own pleasure, and soon he warned Ramesh, "I'm gonna come." Ramesh pulled back and the stripper's cock pulsed, shooting wads of warm semen into the air.
"Damn, that was hot," the stripper grinned, climbing off the chair and
getting dressed again.
"I have to tell you something," Ramesh said.
"What's that?"
Ramesh looked at the piece of paper in his hand and then grinned, crumpling it up and throwing it into a corner. "Nevermind." Manju was going to have to find another stripper to give her a birthday surprise.

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