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48.the unexpected 1

we called each other daily. i was in haryana and he
was in mumbai.
but distance never mattered and our hearts moved
closer and closer, only thing we had far apart were
our bodies which were burning for lust and love.
so i made a plan to meet him and went to mumbai. on
the way the apprehensions and lust togather were
making me feel i landed at chhatterpati
shivaji airport and came out of the plane the salinity
of the coastal metropolitan was the first thing which
struck me as i belong to haryana and this kind of air
which is heavy with humidity and a different smell was
something i liked first. there at the airport as i was
taking my luggage i saw few very handsome men and
because i was all alone and total stranger and naughty
by nature i winked at all the boys and men whoever
were good looking and came into my sight. one gentle
man was naughty like me and he returned my gesture
with a flying kiss and came near me and told me wanna
enjoy with me. i was scared shitless and just picked
my bags and ran away. after i came out of the building
took a taxi to my hotel and after reaching the hotel i
took a shower and went to bed for i was tired because
of three in afternoon i woke up and asked
sid what he was doing. he said he was in the office
and i asked him if wanna meet him. he said sure but
how as we were so far apart. i told him that i was in
mumbai and that too near his office.he came rushing to
my hotel and i was there waiting for him with open
arms after we met first time and exchange of
pleasentaries.i asked him what he would like to have.
he said you. i started laughing and asked him to come
into my arms and we hugged and started kissing and
then smooching and soon our tongues were playing in
each others mouth.sometimes they played with each
other and then they wrestled, and then sid started
sucking my lower lip.we started feeling each other's
body and our dicks were getting rubbed to each other .
my hands moved to sid's ass and took his beefcakes in
my palms and squeezed them and he started kissing me
so hard that he sucked my breath out of my mouth. and
we seperated and he removed my shirt and i removed his
shirt and then we started feeling each other's nipples
and they responded to our lusty touch, as they got
hard and erected sid moved his mouth to my waxed
fleshy chest and started sucking on them and cotinued
sucking till my knees gave way and i fell on the bed
with sid on me who was happily sucking my nipples and
moved his mouth from one nipple to another then back
and moved his tongue down to my navel and then down.
he caught hold of my dick through my pyjamas and said
,''man really u r huge and asked me to let him have
his time with me and he took out two ropes from his
breifcase and tied my hands to the bed post and, and
then he switched off the lights and shut the curtains
and there was just a dim light in the room and he
removed my pyjamas with my help as i had to lift my
hips to let him remove my pyjamas and i was hard hot
and was going nuts lying there with my hands tied and
only in a seethrough fishnet bikini briefs which were
unable to hold my ragging manhood and a tent was
formed but my lover soon returned and started bitting
my dick from the net material of my undies.and then
with my willingness he removed my undies and held my
dick in his palm.he could not hold my dick in his palm
as it was very thick and my precum oozed out of my
dick whick he licked off with his tongue. and then he
moved his tongue on my dickhead and the sensation
rushed to my head. he started sucking my dick with
gusto. the sensation was driving me crazy, i wanted
him to let go of my dick but i was tied up and could
not free my self. i started kicking my legs but he sat
on my legs andagain resumed the sucking. once he was
sucking and then he was licking the head and soon came
back to sucking and soon he shifted again to licking.
his expert tongue was doing wonders with my dick and i
was unable to escape as i was in full control of my
lover. as i was nearing the explosion i warned him.he
moved away and removed his remaining cloths and fed
his dick in my mouth which i too started sucking. and
he took my dick in his mouth and the 69 began. i
started moving my hips and started fucking his mouth
and then he started fucking my mouth and then the
monent came when i came in gushes ,he had removed his
lips and caught my cum in a towel and when he was
about to cum he removed his dick from my mouth and sat
on my dick and jerked to cum which landed on my chest
and after cumming he fell on my chest and his semen
was getting massaged on our chests as we started
kissing again and then he freed me and we did sex till
10 pm when the time came for his departure to his home
and after i slept off after having dinner, my mind
kept on playing the whole incident in my mind as
dreams and result was i woke up in the morning with a
thundering erection which i wanted to jerk off but
help came from unexpected quarters.

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